The Pollinators

This sweet mural by Nick Sweetman, is an awareness tribute,

… to some of the most important pollinators on our planet.

The mural turns 3 corners. I will do my best to show it left to right. The above shot was taken from across the street. Cars, vans, trucks and busses dominated 19 of the 20 shots I took.

I used pano for this. It captures the zig-zag of the 3 walls.

I did a sideways pano for the above pic.

Spring is 4 weeks away!

The car wasn’t much of a problem,

.. and I grabbed a couple of window reflection shots.

Pics taken by Resa – February 18, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

Rhinos’ Playdate

This post is a loving tribute  to all Rhinos.


Gigi made Rhinos for Holly, Beth and Resa. Aren’t they beautiful? They each got to name their own Rhino.

They decided their Rhinos should meet for a playdate in a Flower Fairy Garden.

Of course, where there are flowers, there are butterflies. Hello, Butterfly Boa Lady here! Like me, the Rhinos will be adored by all butterflies.

 Runway belongs to Holly.

Rosy belongs to Resa.

Resa horned in with a little fun with Beth’s fun.

Roland belongs to Beth.

Resa scouted the garden, to make sure there were more than enough flowers for the Rhino’s, and that there would be plenty left for fairies and butterflies.

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Resa photographed this beautiful Rhino & Waterbirds mural in 2014. It’s since been demolished, but if you click on the pic, you can visit the post

Thank you for for taking the time to enjoy our Rhinos Playdate Scrapbook!

Georgiann – Rethinking Life for the gorgeous drawings of Runway, Rosy & Roland

Holly – House of Heart for the beautiful opening poem

Beth – i didn’t have my glasses on for the sweet poems for  Roland, Runway & Rosy

The Butterfly Boa Lady Artist:

Mural, garage door art & Flower Fairy Garden pics © Resa

Toronto, Canada

St. Claire Gardens – Pt.2

Picking it up on this gorgeous peony

Then come the roses with writing.

A bad old truck was blocking this piece, big time. There were no reflections due the colour of the truck and a hardy coat of dirt. However, the bird is the best part.

Pics taken by Resa – March 20, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

The Artists:

This is how the alley finished.

St. Clair Gardens – pt.1

In a grubby alley is painted a gorgeous garden.

I’m working left to right through the alley.

Back of the first building

Corners to the second building

Using sideways pano

Back of the second building

Pics taken by Resa – March 20, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Not sure how Mike Kennedy passed, but he was young. You’ve seen many of his collaborative projects on this blog. The artists did a wonderful tribute painting to his memory.I will post that in the future.

Perhaps he felt my joy taking these pics, and sent a ray of shine. It’s been very grey and dark since late December.


Mini-Mural Destroyed in 5 Days



I watched the artist paint this mini-mural on a corrugated roll-up door, over a 4 day period.

He was older, not one of the younger artists that I am familiar with.

The butterflies were my faves.

However, I adored all of it.

Flowers, hummingbirds and all round beauty were 1 block away for me to enjoy everyday.

I took pics of it 2 days after it was finished.

4 days after that, I took my niece to see it. It had been destroyed.

Pics taken by Resa – September 30 & October 6, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Los Corcelles de Neptuno ☆ The Horses of Neptune

Ralph from Bluefish Way has submitted this hypnotic mural.

Photo @ Ralph Willer
It’s a Greek Mythological Mural made out of ceramic tiles based on a painting by Walter Crane.
Photo © Ralph Willer
 For the Paseo Maritimo in Sabinillas, it is made of over 2,500 tiles.
Photo © Ralph Willer
Photo © Ralph Willer

It was executed by a local Manilva ceramic artist: Conchi Ferrer & her team.

Photo © Ralph Willer
Photo © Ralph Willer

Ralph has sent us an extraordinary mural. I feel so lucky!

Artist: Walter Crane - Photo © Ralph Willer
Artist: Walter Crane – Photo © Ralph Willer

Pics taken by Ralph Willer  – August 24, 2016

Sabinillas, Spain



Photo © Ralph Willer
Photo © Ralph Willer

⭐ FYI: I’m working on a wrap-up post for the Cambridge Street Art Festival, but needed a break! ⭐

Surrealist Mural in San Juan, P.R.

Humongous thank you’s to Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone for submitting this fab mural.

SurM #1
Photo © Maria Firpi
“Having multiple meanings, it could be about the past lives of  Spanish and African American Heritage influences on the island. If you notice the mural is signed by two figures from the past who according to the mural have died.
SurM #2
Photo © Maria Firpi
 “The mural is open to multiple interpretations but seems to emphasize on the colonial influences of the past. There is a white man sinking in the water, but there is also an African American man who is heading towards the water also. The  wooden branches tied together seem to represent part of the Spanish colonial vessels who traveled west to colonize the islands of the Caribbean and brought both the Spanish and African culture, symbolized by the multiple shells which can also suggest the presence of the Caribbean Taino Indians already inhabiting the island
SurM #4
Photo © Maria Firpi
“The white man is portrayed as sinking in the water, yet the African American sinks also”
SurM #5
Photo © Maria Firpi
“Hands also seem to represent the acceptance of fate, although, as said earlier, this is open to interpretation”.
SurM #6
Photo © Maria Firpi
“Flowers can symbolize the aspect of transition and transmission of culture, since they carry seeds which could germinate in distant places, and spread cultural influences, if that were to be the interpretation”.
SurM #7
Photo © Maria Firpi
“This has been one of the most surreal murals I have ever seen seen. However, its symbolism seems to highly relevant to the Puerto Rican people and its cultural heritage.”
SurM #9
Photo © Maria Firpi
“Shells and flowers may have multiple meanings”.
SurM #3
Photo © Maria Firpi

Pics taken by Maria I Firpi Mazur – 2016

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Not only did Maria send us these amazing photos, but she penned the words! I am very grateful.