The Pollinators

This sweet mural by Nick Sweetman, is an awareness tribute,

… to some of the most important pollinators on our planet.

The mural turns 3 corners. I will do my best to show it left to right. The above shot was taken from across the street. Cars, vans, trucks and busses dominated 19 of the 20 shots I took.

I used pano for this. It captures the zig-zag of the 3 walls.

I did a sideways pano for the above pic.

Spring is 4 weeks away!

The car wasn’t much of a problem,

.. and I grabbed a couple of window reflection shots.

Pics taken by Resa – February 18, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

66 thoughts on “The Pollinators

  1. OMG that is GORGEOUS. The colors are wonderful and the work is truly detailed and amazing. The bees are perfect. You did a great job getting the shots. Love this one. Warm and fuzzy with lovely flowers.

    1. This was such a joy to find. It was DARK & stupid cold yesterday, and this was a ray of spring’s sunshine for me.
      Music under my bed tonight!!!!!!!!! ❦x❦o

        1. I can hardly wait. I know these guys tonight!
          They’ll be playing a lot of R&B..Rolling Stones, Born to be Wild, Wild Thing, Alice Cooper, Dylan, Zeppelin etc.
          Lots of fun to draw by! xoxo

  2. Timothy Price

    OMG! Those murals are fantastically gorgeous. I love how the Sweetman includes native bees, blue and black, with honey bees and bumble bees. We have a lot of native bees. They are much better pollinators than your run of the mill honey bees.

    1. You have everything down there! I hardly see any bees. I did see a few Monarchs this summer, though.
      I’ve always liked bees. They are wonderful to watch.
      Hornets and wasps freak me out, a bit. I suppose they pollinate as well.

      1. Considering he’s got the raving hump with the world at large and himself in particular at the moment I thought his post a worthy one. You’ll find him under the name ‘Zoolon’ and you, quite rightly, get a mention. George is unique. I’ve 4 offspring…3 by a first marriage when I was far too young to handle sprogs…I love them all equally…yet this one, so brilliant at the things he’s good at, like me, so hopeless at the rest is the one I wonder ‘what if’ that chance comes along, what could he be. Maybe, we’ll never know. Regards, TTOF otherwise known as The Tired Old Fool

        1. OMG!
          Zoolon! George!
          I follow him. He’s fab! His music is wonderful. George is a very talented person.
          You must be thrilled he’s your son…Son Of TOF! It’s almost like Thor … Son of Odin!
          Hey Son Of Odin = SON.

          1. I know what OMG means! Remarkable, ’tis the only one I remember. Son of Odin works unless or because ‘ODIN’ reads ‘Old Daft Ignoramus Nutter’. There you have it. I’ll take Son of ODIN. Regards, ODIN

              1. As a veggie, I live upon tofu, especially the Japanese one. It crumbles not and is devine. My only concern regarding tofu is the soya from which it’s born is prone to enact the process of turning male to female gender in fish. Good fortune has made me human not fish, hence a sex change is not on the cards, yet the worry persists…more so when dear, meat eating Shirl threatens to buy me frilly underwear. Regards, TDOTOKATOF

  3. Kudos to the artist and to you for grabbing those wonderful shots. Such striking art against the grey sky and the slush and the vehicles. BTW, I love the reflection shots a lot – they have a comic book feel to them I think. Thanks for sharing :)X

    1. Thank you, TVTA!
      It was quite the wonderful ordeal, but I got the shots!
      Yes, the reflections are always a fave of mine. I agree comic book all the way!

      SO, I weeded out the doubles, and have packaged the cards into envelopes. The envelopes need to be adhered to a cardboard. I have the envelope. Once I adhere the cards, I’m taking the envelope w/ cards in it to the Post Office, where I will have it tested to see if it fits through the “slot”. I think it will.
      If it fits,I will then require an address to send them. 😀 x

        1. I do have Paypal!
          So everything is glued down. I need an address to send them! You can send the address to my email connected to this WP account. (Just check comments I made for email address)

  4. Artists are the ones who give us the call to action. Living sustainably means that we are committed to cherishing and respective our world . I love this thought: “The question is…whether we shall, by whatever means, succeed in reconstituting the natural world as the true terrain of politics, rehabilitating the personal experience of human beings as the initial measure of things, placing morality above politics and responsibility above our desires, in making human community meaningful, in returning content to human speech, in reconstituting, as the focus of all social action, the autonomous, integral, and dignified human “I,”… Vaclav Havel, Open Letters

    1. Oh! I like that quote! Although, truthfully I don’t know this book, or author.
      I’m working on an article on “sustainability” re: clothing/textiles for an online magazine.
      It’s a tough row to hoe.
      I want to be a dignified human!

      1. I have been interested in learning more about Václav Havel, having recently looked into some of his sustainability quotes. He was at the forefront of sustainable living. This is from Wikipedia: Václav Havel was a Czech statesman, writer and former dissident who served as the last President of Czechoslovakia from 1989 until the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992 and then as the first President of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. As a writer of Czech literature, he is known for his plays, essays, and memoirs. Havel’s political philosophy was one of anti-consumerism, humanitarianism, environmentalism, civil activism, and direct democracy. He supported the Czech Green Party from 2004 until his death. He received numerous accolades during his lifetime including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Gandhi Peace Prize, the Philadelphia Liberty Medal, the Order of Canada, the Four Freedoms Award, the Ambassador of Conscience Award, and the Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award. The 2012–2013 academic year at the College of Europe was named in his honour. He is considered by some to be one of the most important intellectuals of the 20th century. The international airport in Prague was renamed to Václav Havel Airport Prague in 2012.

    1. Janet, I’m not surprised you like this mural’s homage to nature. Many of your posts are nature’s babies.
      I’m so happy you saw this mural, and that it brought you a modicum of joy! x

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    1. I’m great! I got caught up in a request for a costume presentation for a film. It’s the first one I’ve been interested in for about 2 years, so I did it.
      Hope you are well, as well can be, under the circumstances. 💋💋🌹💋💋

  6. Gorgeous Resa! Love these street art works. Great vibes and colors, and truly worthy protagonists. Thanks for this Resa!! Hope you are well, thanks again for your sweet, kind, and thoughtful comments:) Means so much!!! Big smooches 💖💖💖

  7. Its rare to see murals of Bees and this art is incredible beautiful along with the message.

    Resa, missed you my friend. I am back! and I’ve been also writing micropoems for our next collaboration. Hopefully I hear from you soon. 🙂

    1. Agree! Nick is an artist with messages!
      I needed to take a break from Art Gowns. I hope you like my new post here!
      I await your micro poems. 😀

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