The Pollinators

This sweet mural by Nick Sweetman, is an awareness tribute,

… to some of the most important pollinators on our planet.

The mural turns 3 corners. I will do my best to show it left to right. The above shot was taken from across the street. Cars, vans, trucks and busses dominated 19 of the 20 shots I took.

I used pano for this. It captures the zig-zag of the 3 walls.

I did a sideways pano for the above pic.

Spring is 4 weeks away!

The car wasn’t much of a problem,

.. and I grabbed a couple of window reflection shots.

Pics taken by Resa – February 18, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

UP Magic – Three

This is the last post of the Nick Sweetman mural.

It’s the other side, and it’s much shorter than across the road.

Here’s the entrance to the underpass. I’m walking south, now, on the east side of the street.

OMG, look at that terrifyingly cute otter! (I think it’s an otter) Again, even though a cloudy day, the sun burns into the underpass.

The very adorable otter with its native spirit depiction.

After all that excitement, there is an owl.

What a beauty!

Okay, next we have, an Ibis? At first, when I was in the underpass, I got very excited to see an ostrich and its chick. I see now, I was completely off track.

OMG, this chick is sooo cute, it could be a Chicklet!

What’s that big furry thing in the foreground?

Wow, it’s a fox. Hope he doesn’t turn around and see all those birds!

Pics taken by Resa – November 12, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Click on pic on see Nick’s IG site

What made across the street a longer post, is the wall beyond the underpass.

UP Magic – Two

I exit the underpass, leave the blue and red birds behind, and look back.

After the exit, is a couple of turtles.

The pic above was taken from across the road. The one below is from right at the head. (he’s so cute!)

Then there’s the swan. Le Gasp!

Followed by a green egret. (I think it’s an egret)



I just couldn’t get enough of these birds. The above & below pics were taken from across the road.

Hey! Look! Nick is in the upper left corner of the shot below.

He was working on the fishes, and would be done in 2 more days.

Shots of Nick are taken with his permission.

There are several symbols throughout the mural. @nelly_onehundred  painted the symbols. Below is a sun.

A mosquito is an insect, not a symbol.

Then I can see the end of this side of the underpass.

However, first I must capture this butterfly.

Then there’s a bee.

Bee and flower love. SAVE THE BEES!

Pics taken by Resa – November 12, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Nick Sweetman

click on pic & visit his IG

Turtle paw

Fish symbol

Detail of Egret’s tail


Underpass Magic – One

Thanks to Nick Sweetman for making this drab underpass into a thing of beauty!

Let me begin where I entered, on the east side, walking north.

There is a railing to protect us from the thundering traffic.

Of course that makes it hard to shoot large images. You can’t get far enough back.

Also, there are many light issues in underpasses. Even on a cloudy day, the burn of the sun can be seen.

I am presenting the images in order.

This, I guess possum, is so cute!

He is right there as you emerge from the underpass.

Just look at all the art still ahead!

There is the other side of the underpass, as well. I was able to take a few more direct shots from the other side.

Even if the railing was in the way,

I didn’t have to get as creative with the shots, such as the next 2.

This could only be taken from the other side. Unfortunately, the buffalo & moose were behind cement pillars. I suppose they needed those to hold the overpass up.

Pics taken by Resa – November 12, 2018,

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Nick Sweetman – Click on the pic of him painting and go to his Instagram site!

We had a quick chat on the day. He still had 2 days of painting to go.

The next post has a swan, a butterfly, a mosquito and more!

Ocean Life

No one can paint crustaceans & other sea life like Nick Sweetman

Artist: Nick Sweetman/ w/ Tensoe 2
Artist: Nick Sweetman/ w/ Tensoe 2
Artist: Nick Sweetman/ w/ Tensoe 2
Artist: Nick Sweetman/ w/ Tensoe 2
Artist: Nick Sweetman/ w/ Tensoe 2
Artist: Nick Sweetman/ w/ Tensoe 2

The Jeep? Okay, she’s not a sea creature, but unfortunately, she finds them tasty. She insisted on being in this blog post. Of course she is the most glamorous cat on earth at this moment, along with her BF, Emmy.

Pics taken by Resa – February 15, 2018

Toronto, Cananda

The Artists:

Bees – Their 11th Hour

Without bees, there may be no time left for life.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

Butterflies, hummingbirds & wind also pollinate, but bees do the lions’ share. Click on the next 2 images, & see bees working in all their glory.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

At first, when I saw this mural on Queen East, I thought “Gorgeous”!

Artist: Nick Sweetman 

Immediately thereupon, I wondered why the artist had a clock set at 11:00, & gears in the mural with the bees?

Artist: Nick Sweetman

Then it hit me!

Bees, & all pollinators are dying off due to pesticides & herbicides. It is their 11th hour. After discussing this with Marina Kanavaki, she made up her April’s clock read 11:00 for this post.

Artwork by: Marina Kanavaki

 On Art Towards A Happy Day Marina spreads the importance of all life on the planet. If you click on her clock, bees will fly you to its original “Diamond Four” artwork.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

So, let’s view this mural’s details from left to right.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

Hello! Don’t bee afraid of me! I’m pollinating for you!

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

There was a shadow growing across the smaller right side of the mural.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

I feel it is nature adding her own poetry. (blows up nicely)

Artist: Nick Sweetman

When I looked across the street, I saw that the clock & a bee were reflected in the windows of a library.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

I see time & the bee, melting …. fading away.

Artist: Nick Sweetman

I think that I shall never see, a mural pretty as a bee! (TY, Joyce Kilmer!)

Artist: Nick Sweetman

Pics taken by Resa – March 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Click on the S6 Logo & the bees will fly you to Marina’s boutique. I’ve bought tights, a clock, travel mugs & make-up bags, all with Marina’s art on them. The quality is very good. Keep an eye out for discounts & free shipping!

More bee reflections.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman