3 días en Vigo

It’s a wonderful thing. Our friend, Belén, ceramicist extraordinaire from Vigo, Spain was written up in a travel magazine. I am very happy for her! Let’s all go to Vigo!

Arcilla y fuego

El estudio de Cerámica Belén Soto se hace un hueco entre las recomendaciones de Travelmag

Foto de Vigo en Travelmag Travelmag – 3 days in Vigo

Desde la web de viajes Travel Magazine han decidido incluir una amable reseña de mi estudio de cerámica entre las recomendaciones de su artículo 3 days in Vigo, en el nos acercan a los lugares mas interesantes, desde un criterio que comparto totalmente, para un viajero en mi preciosa ciudad.

Foto de Vigo en Travelmag Travelmag – 3 days in Vigo

Se trata de un viaje corto, perfecto para un fin de semana y en el nos ofrecen una agenda con lugares entrañables para visitar, establecimientos en los que dormir y degustar nuestra cocina atlántica y tiendas con un estilo propio. El estudio aparece en la sección Shopping.

Foto de Vigo en Travelmag Travelmag – 3 days in Vigo

Adoro mi ciudad, soy una enamorada de Vigo y tengo que confesar que el artículo de la periodista Andrea…

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27 thoughts on “3 días en Vigo

    1. Thank you very much Gigi, this has been a nice surprise for me, it’s a month of many gifts and I have received this with great joy!!
      I wish you enjoy this walk through my beautiful and beloved city.

  1. Timothy Price

    Congratulations to Belén. Very nice ceramics. Vigo is a beautiful city. Carlos Nuñez, Gaitero (Piper) extraordinaire, is from Vigo. We saw Carlos in concert more than once when we lived in Madrid, and we visited Vigo a couple of times, as well. Look Carlos up on YouTube, you might enjoy his music.

    1. Thank you very much Timothy, you are really very kind!! … well, if you have lived in Madrid, maybe I can say ¡Muchas gracias!
      Carlos Nuñez is a sensational musician, I totally agree with you, before I could see him sometimes, when he was walking along the beach in Vigo, now he is almost the whole year touring the world, he has managed to bring the sound of his bagpipe to a lot of countries, I love their music!!!

      1. Timothy Price

        Hi Belén. Carlos came to Albuquerque, NM, USA a few years ago. We went to see him, of course. We visited with him after the concert. He is so nice nice. He invited us to visit him if we ever make it back to Vigo. I was looking at your ceramics. Very beautiful and often really cute creations.

          1. Timothy Price

            We do intend to get back to Spain one of these days. We were in France in 2013 and this past July, but we haven’t made it back to Spain. We’ll be sure to go to Vigo. We’d love to meet you and see your ceramics in person.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing it dear Resa, December is always a month of great and beautiful surprises for me, this year they have started arriving very soon 🙂
    A big hug for you, and my wish that everyone enjoy this walk through Vigo!!

    1. Yes, it is a wonderful month filled with surprises. 😀 Big hugs back, and I am hoping for a wonderful surprise in January. (and I don’t mean a taxes refund) xoxo

    1. Me, too! My N says he will take me there any time I want to go. Okay, so now I only have to get over my fear of flying over the ocean & leaving my babies (cats) with a sitter. I think leaving my cats is the more difficult of the 2. Every day another worry!

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