Random Faces

These are some random faces I really like.

The sun can mess up the shot, or have an interesting effect.

The next pic is sent to us from Alex Morris.

Subism Collective (UK) – This huge mural was painted in 2011 in collaboration with Red Bull by four artists (Deus, N4t4, Philth and Ventsa) from the Derby-based digital creative agency “Subism”. This earth, wind, fire, and water-themed illustration is known as a landmark in the Northern Quarter!

It’s a fabulous mural from Manchester, U.K. Thank you, Alex!

Elicsr in Graffiti Alley.

The drawing below is from Chris Franklin. If you click on it, it will take you another quite wonderful drawing of his.

Back in the alley.

Pics taken by Resa (unless otherwise credited) – 2019 -2020

Toronto, Canada



70 thoughts on “Random Faces

  1. I’m told that faces are the hardest thing to paint, yet over the sea in Canada you have a positive gold mine of such takes…and large ones in street art form. I am envious, to say the very least. Thoroughly enjoyable post, young Resa. Regards, TOF

      1. You may have inadvertently inspired my son George. Seeking a free breakfast in Folkestone and getting over yet another common cold…a gal in the street had sneezed in his face thus infecting him…he was moaning that his musical creativity had died of the nothingness and as for blogging he was at a total loss. I suggested he take a stroll around with his new phone and take some photos of street art just like Resa from Toronto does. Admittedly street art here is not in the same league as yours but it at least had him out and about in fresh air searching while I took a second coffee and watched fat people getting fatter and small children drowning in puddles. I’m curious to know what he found. Hopefully a blog will follow. Have a fine day, TOF

        1. I’m curious too! Good Luck… Son of TOF!

          RE; people getting fatter… I am shocked. The difference in Canada from 10 years ago to today is astounding! Yet, others starve.
          I just don’t get the world and life.
          I am so grateful that I find art, see art, make art and that twice a week there is music under my bed. have a fab day!

          1. Obesity is rampant in these parts. Whereas Shirl and I love people watching when taking coffee outside of a French cafe, ‘tis a thing we dread in the UK. I honestly believe that many here have no conception of what they’ve done to themselves. Panache is a rare thing, yet panache is the source of ‘human’ art. All rather sad. Regards, TOF

  2. Very very interesting faces… especially the first one [both faces]. Funny thing is in the first shot, I imagined the pipe on her left to be a sword and the light creates a wonderful effect!
    hugs and xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    from H xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I agree about the light. It worked well.
      Ahh, the sword as a pipe! LOL! Lots of fun in the alleys.
      Okay…cat racket… gotta check this out!
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo H xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Yeah, IKR! I just have so much build up of small pieces, that I thought I would put them all in a post.
      It was SUPPOSEDLY +4 today. I travelled 45 minutes north to a mural, and froze my butt off, got splashed by a van, but my sneakers are okay. Only my tights got soaked.. Yeah, plus 4, but -4 in the wind, which was relentless. xoxo

      1. Dear Resa, awww YES! I NEED to create actually. LOVE that you said that!!! Thank you my sweet friend. I am happy you are well, I am a bit peopled out – so will go in creative mode on the weekend and turn off my devices. This non-stop availability nowadays is quite something isn´t it. LOVE all your beautiful posts!!! Thank you!! xoxoxo

              1. I feel ya!!! So happy I got to spent the first 20 years of my life with minimal technology around… intense how it can take over. I love being free, too!! 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful comments and care Resa, will answer them next week. Love ya!! xoxoxo

  3. Your post reminded me of a poem by Louise Bogan “Song for the last Act”, which starts out: “Now that I have your face by heart, I look Less at its features than its darkening frame….”

    1. Did you see I linked your pic to your newest drawing (which is really great!)?
      I see my pal Holly went over for a look. She is very amazing, and writes the most beautiful poetry you will ever read!

  4. These faces are pretty random! Almost as random as my face. The mysterious Mr. Wapojif.

    The Subism Collective one, it’s actually quite easy to just walk past that without noticing it. The location in Manchester, and the rain, makes it all rather easy. It’s often a bit drab in t’ city. But hey ho, I live right near the thing now. A 10 minute walk away.

    Muchos honoured for the inclusion! Peace and vegetables.

      1. We’re currently facing Storm Dennis (he’s a thoroughly angry chap), so wandering around taking pictures isn’t a good idea. Once he’s gone I’ll have a gander.

        Yes, MUCH better flat. And… it’s QUIET! OMG. Very happy. But they don’t allow pets at all. Boo.

          1. Yeah, tis fab! I’ll deffo get some pictures soon though, I’m enjoying just walking into Manchester after work each night. You seem to do a lot of walking, non? Oot and abooot in Toronto, which I get the impression is a much bigger city than Manchester. Whatever. I ain’t jealous.

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