Drake & Rough Trade – En Graffe

Billboard has named DRAKE; the “Artist of the Decade”

I chose this song by Drake, because it was outta the gate the year after I worked with him, on “Degrassi the Next Generation”. He was a decent person, with respects and good work ethics.



This 80’s  Canadian band was fronted by Carol Pope & Kevin Staples.

Perhaps they were like a New Wave version of Alice Cooper?  You know rough, in an oddly sexy way.

They seem somewhere between Rock, Punk and New Wave; and I like them lots!

So cool, Carole Pope and Dusty Springfield had an affair! http://www.laventure.net/tourist/anti-diva.htm

It was difficult to pick a fave song. They had a lot of good ones.

Pics taken by Resa – January 2020 & February 2019

Toronto, Canada

64 thoughts on “Drake & Rough Trade – En Graffe

  1. Timothy Price

    I’m not familiar with Drake. Decent likeness from the photo on the video. When I got down to Carol Pope & Kevin Staples I thought they were images of Joan Jett and Elton John at first glance. I had not heard of Rough Trade either. I like their punkish sound.

    1. Yeah, Drake is a rapper. So, if you don’t listen to rap, you wouldn’t know him. I have some young nieces & nephews who listen to rap (not that I’ve seen them for a year and half) and my assistants for the last 8 years before Covid had rap stations on all day.

      Drake leads the music world in streams – just over 50 billion.
      He has sold 260 million certified units, surpassing Elvis, Eminem and Michael Jackson.
      Elvis comes in 2nd at 191 million.

      Rough Trade is very cool!

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx back at ya!

      Yeah, it’s a thing here to paint Canadian music personalities on power boxes. I’ve posted a few, and have more. Most people wouldn’t realize Drake is Canadian, as he is so massive in the global theatre.

      Rough Trade are barely known outside of Canada. I think they’re great!

    1. Lol! You are the second person to say Kevin looks like Elton John. When I saw art, I recognized Carole immediately. Kevin… it was only logical that’s who he is.

      Drake has over 260 million $ in sales. He currently holds the record in the male category, withe Elvis in the #2 spot, then Eminem, then Michael Jackson.

      Drake has passed over 50 billion streams on Spotify.

      1. I agree. The young lady has ‘attitude’ a thing that didn’t exist back in the old, old days and vital, not just to the art of music, but women’s cause also. In addition, ‘tis a fine song indeed. Regards TOF

  2. It’s an all Canadian post! I’m not a huge fan of Drake and guess what? Staples DOES look like Elton John on this one!

    Fun post, Sorceress!

    1. I’m only so-so on rap, but I do like Future.

      It’s the hat! I don’t recall Staples ever wearing a hat like that. Then again, what do I know.
      It’s a neat song, and I like Carole’s nasty persona.
      Thanks Thunder!

    1. I totally adore Carole Pope!
      All touch and no contact – a strong message.
      She is unique, and elevates women.
      Can you believe I worked with Drake a year before he was Drake?

        1. It was an exhausting walk! I need new sneakers!!!!!! There was a… confrontation in the centre of where I wanted to go.
          The Police were evicting a homeless Camp Covid tent city.
          Everyone had been served a couple of weeks ago. It cited that it was unhealthy (no showers, lice, bbugs, Covid and the Fire Department had to show up several times in the winter due to fires started by people trying to stay warm, then the fires spread.
          The city offers accommodation, 3 squares, SHOWERS, laundry, Covid vaccinations & tests and councilors to help them find housing, and more.
          However, these homeless want none of that. They want to live in the park.
          This is not cool for the tax paying families in the area.
          There were regular police, riot police, Police vehicles like crazy. They had Police Buses, that are bigger than any buses I’ve ever seen and helicopters. The press was everywhere.
          Then you had people who want the tent city gone away, fighting with folks who support the tent city.
          In spite of all the insanity…I GOT PICS!!!!!
          Will send a couple in mail! 🐭🐭🥰

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