Ali – The Legend Lives On

It’s been 55 years since this fight.

I don’t even know who won?

I figure it was Ali.

I just looked it up! It was Ali.

“He’s the toughest guy I ever fought”, said Ali of Chuvalo after the fight.

Pics taken by Resa – June 11, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

Legends never die. In Toronto they become street art.

86 thoughts on “Ali – The Legend Lives On

  1. Hi Resa, another great Ali mural (I love these, I recall your previous post regarding his image I commented on). This one shows off his open stance and iconic white shorts with black stripe really well…but I may have received a few blows to my head in the past but doesn’t 1966 puts this fight 55 years ago?🤔 Thanks as always for sharing.

  2. What a wild bit of history Resa. Ali fought all comers, in all arenas. He was the ultimate showman, on top of being one of the greatest, if not the greatest boxer of all time.

    1. Thank you, Diana!
      It was great to find this. It’s near my hood, and it was not there 2-3 weeks ago.
      Things are loosening up around here, and I’ve got 2 shots.
      Toronto…. they call it the lockdown capitol of the world.

    1. Ahh, Simon and Garfunkel! I guess I never really listened to the words (except for Lie la lie, lie la lie la lie la lie)
      🤭🤔 I thought the boxer was about a dog. Ohh TOF! 🙃😕

      1. Imagine that, ‘In the corner stands a poodle and a water dog bred to retrieve game and fowl from rivers and lakes by his trade…’ Sing that, Garfunkel, make a rhyme out it, Simon. Best wishes, TOF

  3. I can only continue the verses from Mater Mike Steeden:
    And he carries the reminders
    Of every glove that laid him down
    OR cut him ’til he cried out
    In his anger and his shame
    “I am leaving, I am leaving”
    But the fighter still remains …
    That is a good catch, his eyes are talking to us. 😉🤗💖

    1. Nice!!!
      I didn’t recognize the lyrics, but googled them.
      Adore the music of Simon and Garfunkel.
      I don’t know if they wrote those words about Ali, but they sure fit!
      Thank you for this!!!!!!!

    1. I would think it was. They are still studying those 15 rounds. They say it was brutal and beautiful all at once!
      Better in the ring, than in a theatre of war!

    1. Thank you! Lots of fab artists in Toronto.
      There is a lot of art I haven’t been able to get to, due to lockdown & stay at home.
      This could be changing soon!

    1. Thank you!
      It’s true, in Toronto they wind up on a wall. Music legends are very popular. I think this is my 3rd Ali wall art I posted. Sports figures are also popular.
      Big walk tomorrow. Hope I find something.
      Garage doors are being painted all over the city. The alleys beckon me.
      Was at your site! Very cool!

  4. Indeed, the legend lives on! Another great Ali mural as a composition [letters & Ali]!

    1. I’m still not venturing out of my area, so I was happy to find this new piece. It wasn’t there 2-3 weeks ago.
      I got my second vaccination! YAYAY!
      If things go well, in 2 more weeks, they will lift more restrictions here. My vaccination will be fully kicked in. Then I will wander to another part of the city.
      There is tons of art I haven’t been able to get to!
      🎨💓💉 😷🎨💓💉 😷🎨💓💉 😷🎨💓💉 😷🎨💓💉 😷🎨💓💉 😷
      Okay, first some housework, then Anmar News!!!

    1. I was very happy to find this. It’s in my walking area, but it wasn’t there 3 weeks ago.
      Now with restrictions relaxing, the artists can paint.
      Big walk tomorrow! xo 🐭🐭 xo

                    1. Let’s tell Cindy Lauper!
                      Maybe she’ll have Meece in her next Broadway Musical, “Kinky Boots”2, The Meece’s Peeces”!

    1. Yes, Chuvalo did great! I would think losing to Ali would be an honour of sorts, the real honour to be high enough on the ladder to even get to fight him.
      They say it was such a brutal and dramatic fight that the 15 rounds they went are still being analyzed/trying to be made sense of today.

  5. Resa, not only a great fighter, but one of the fastest wits in an interview. His lines are legendary. Holly said one of his most famous ones. Another I recall is “I am the man of the hour, I am too sweet to be sour.” Or, another is “I am so quick, I can hit the light switch and be in bed before it gets dark.” Keith

    1. I’ve seen some old ones on the classic sports TV channel. They even played some of his fights when he was Cassius Clay. He’s amazing.

  6. I remember when Muhammad Ali was named Cassius Clay. What a remarkable boxer, activist, entertainer, poet and philanthropist. I loved the discussions between Howard Costello and Muhammad Ali. They were a dynamic duo, remembered as the 1960’s power couple. Yes, the legend does indeed live on. Another mural treasure, Resa. You always find the best! Hugs and more hugs!

  7. Gray Dawster

    Legends are made and written about and enjoyed but adding graffiti art for the same purpose adds impact to the man. I love this one Resa. Ali was certainly a force to be reckoned with in the ring 🙂👌

    Thank you for sharing your passion for graffiti Art my lovely friend.

    Andro x 😘

    1. I love finding art in the street! Best…. is I have to do a lot of walking.
      Of course the poundemic had me in “stay at home orders” for months. Then a sprained ankle kept me almost non-moving for quite awhile, but I’m up and at it again!!!!!
      Weekend is coming up. Have a good one! xo

    1. What’s crazy… I found another Ali mural yesterday. Some people just can’t get over him! LOL…just commenting on your post now. Got called away! Hugs!

  8. I remember that fight. It was quite a good one. Ali usually finished them off quickly, but George Chuvalo wouldn’t go down. Very nice mural.

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