Pigeons for Gigi

I thought of Gigi – Rethinking Life when I found these pigeons on a power box.

I adore pigeons, and know Gi does, too!

Coo coo coo, yes they poo!

Coo coo coo, so do you!

Pics taken by Resa – June 23, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

There was a hard to get at pigeon on the side by the mailbox, and one on the other side beside a telephone pole.

91 thoughts on “Pigeons for Gigi

  1. Timothy Price

    I love the power box pigeons. More power to them. Pigeon Power! I had a pigeon when I was young that took up with our Tom Turkey. The pigeon loved that turkey, followed it around, and strutted like the turkey. It was adorable. I would love to find the photos we took of the pigeon strutting with the Tom, but who knows were those photos are now. That was over 50 years ago.

    1. Yes, Pigeon Power!
      Your pigeon & turkey story is adorable!
      It’s difficult finding old pics. About 3 years ago I buckled down and organized all the old, older and oldest photos. I chucked a lot that were unnecessary repeats. I can find many now easily, still I can end up searching for something. I have 11 – 3 ring binders 2 -4 ” wide.
      I have a pet turkey story… it’s a sad funny… black humour kind of thing.
      I thought I’d written it out on my Queen’s end Blog https://queensend.wordpress.com/ …. the one I started for writing. It’s not there. If I find some turkey street art, I’ll put it on GLAM. I thought maybe I’d be a writer; wrote 4 screenplays and 2 books. Tim, I’m all over the place.
      I have 1 for gowns, 1 for street art & one for writing.
      I’m glad you made me think of it because going back for a look, I like some of the entries, and remembered I had transferred some to GLAM.
      My intention was to transfer more, then delete Queen’s end. Yet, there is so much. Anyway, I’ll keep the blog alive until I’ve gotten a grip.
      I had changed the name from Graffiti Lux and Murals – to – Graffiti Lux Art and More for that purpose.
      Uch… long comment!!!

      1. Timothy Price

        I remember your story about your pet turkey that disappeared because of a phantom skunk and it ended up on the dinner table. That was not a good thing to do to you and your turkey.

    2. I would have loved to see those photos, Tim. Strutting like a turkey!! There is so much we don’t know about how other creatures communicate. They seem to know our language, but I have failed several bird language courses. Are we really the most advanced creature that walks this earth?

  2. Oh, Resa, I can never thank you enough for this wonderful gift. I do love Pigeons so very much and this is such fabulous artwork. I just love them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love and hugs to you and the fuzzy ones. ❤ Did I say thank you? 🙂

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  4. This is gorgeous, this artist really appreciates the beauty of the Pidgeon! Gigi loves creatures big and small and this is so perfect for her. You’re a sweet Meece! 🐭have some cheese and wine 🍷🧀xoxoxo

    1. xoxoxo
      I thought of Gi immediately! (the rose, I thought of you!) Let’s all love the creatures!
      I’m having wine… so hope you are too!
      🐭🍷🧀🐭 xoxoxo

  5. I have to say both Shirl and I are very fond of the humble pigeon. My son ever titled his instrumental piece, ‘The Pigeon’s are Switzerland’ simply because, unlike the seagulls, crows etc. pigeons seek peace not war. However, we worry for them. I do hope it isn’t a global thing, for more and more of them don’t bother to fly that often these days…their preference a little stroll hither and yon. There’s one particular pigeon…Shirl named him ‘Brian’…who, on a daily basis walks across the main road, thankfully stopping the cars, into town. We live in hope they don’t go the way of the dodo in the fullness of time. Splendid post, as ever, young Resa. Regards TOF – herewith the ‘pigeon’ number said son has recently posted on YouTube

    1. Brian is a perfect name for a pigeon! Love it!
      Yeah the pigeons walk a lot around here, too! Nonetheless we have SCADS of pigeons.
      TOF, I really like George’s work. I’ve been meaning to visit his blog for days!
      I know he did a piece for The Snow White Tigress, and I will use it when I review the book.
      I’m 2/3 into the adventure now.
      So many neat blogs to visit. So little time.
      I enjoyed The Pigeons are Switzerland, and I subscribed to his Youtube Channel!

      1. I’ve concluded that Brian is an academic pigeon, well read and smart. Did you know that following Brexit racing pigeons are nolonger allowed to race from Europe to the UK…yet another reason why we should have stayed put in the EU. Whatever, and with pride, I shall inform young Lurkio that you liked his ‘stuff’. Regards, TOF

        1. Say hellocoo to Brian for me!
          George gave me permission to use the video of The Snow White Tiger w/ his music, in the review. Will send you a mail soonish, as I have 2 or 3 interview questions that will help me and readers understand certain things better.
          Although I enjoyed the Blue-Eyed Cat, (your imagination is boundless) I believe this story is important, especially now in the face of rising sentiments to authoritarianism & totalitarianism.
          I want this review to be my best one, ever. (not saying a lot)
          Nonetheless, I’ll do my best.
          1.5 chapters to go.

          1. How very kind you are, young Resa. To find worth in the real world from fiction has always meant a lot to me. As such you’ll understand how chuffed you made me feel. My sincere thanks. ‘Tis raining outside, yet I think I’ll pop along to Brian’s corner of the street and tell him he has a fan from Canada. Regards, TCOF

  6. Oh, Resa these are gorgeous pigeons! What a beautiful find and so Gigi!!!
    I loooooooooooooove them!
    Love to you, hugs and o-so many kisses!!!!!

    1. Well, you & I know how much Gigi loves all creatures. So, yes, this is perfect for her.
      I agree the art is fab.
      Looks like a storm tonight. There will probably be Thunder. I’ll say “hi” for you!

      1. Yes, we do.
        It’s raining now and will all day.. Thunder might make an appearance on Monday till Wednesday.
        And yes, do say ‘hi’ for me!

  7. Hi Resa, for the past 20 years I have lived in a tower block and I regularly get Pigeon visitors to my balcony. So much so that on three occasions I have had nests appear. The pigeon family had eggs which hatched and they returned the next year as well (including the young chicks – we identified them from their wing markings). My landlords don’t really approve of birds on their buildings but it didn’t seem right to destroy a nest site. Anyhoo, these pigeons you have photographed seem to have a permanent home and plenty of character – just like their real life counterparts. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. I have also had a seagull land on my balcony rail and it was rather amusing watching it trying to balance on the rail with it’s webbed feet. It was at least 18in tall and was so close you could see the holes in it’s beak.

  8. I just read that pigeons are incredibly complex and intelligent animals. They can recognise each letter of the human alphabet, differentiate between photographs, and even distinguish different humans within a photograph. A wonderful mural and a great collection of photos for our friends, the pigeons.

    1. They are our friends.
      When I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico there was this park on an outcrop into the ocean. It was pigeon haven.
      For a dollar we could buy a bag of corn meal. We, and all who went there, would sprinkle the meal on our heads, arms and hands. The pigeons would come and feed on us. Lol.
      Their warm delicate bodies were soothing, and the feeling of the gentle pecks, as they ate was better than any massage I’ve ever had.
      Somewhere I might still have a pic of me covered in pigeons. We kept going back for more. Wish we had a place like that here!

      1. We used to be able to feed the pigeons at Granville Island, but that has been stopped a few years ago. The pigeons behave and find food elsewhere but those amazing and smart seagulls swoop in and make a dive for any one who is eating outside. They have speed and determination – that fish and chips belongs to them. LOL

  9. Gray Dawster

    Pigeons are often misunderstood but they are definitely not poo 😲

    They flew hundreds of miles delivering messages back and forth in times of need, yes they will have dropped a few pigeon parcels of their own making along the way but what fascinating birds they really are.

    Wow, lovely examples shown here Resa and hey, once again thank you for getting yourself into those extremely awkward photographic angled shots, I’m sure that we all appreciate your awesomeness.

    Keep Safe.

    Andro x

    1. I adore pigeons, so I understand that you do.
      What a misunderstood & hated bird. And there’s always only 1 reason….their poo!
      You stay safe, too!
      That virus is very clever!

      1. Gray Dawster

        Yes it’s mutating more than Mick Jagger’s lip movements but hopefully we will be able to keep safe and return to some kind of normalcy 👌🙂

        Keep Safe.

        Andro x x

              1. OMG… they look older. Still as pruned out as he is, Keith is still hot!
                Maybe if they gained some weight they could fluff their faces out a bit! 😀

              2. Gray Dawster

                Those rock stars have burnt the candle at both ends for years and so look incredibly old. Thank you for checking him out and letting us know his true age, I wonder what he will look like in another seventy-seven years? No, don’t even go there 🙂 lol


              1. Gray Dawster

                Wow seventy-seven, well he looks a lot older and you’re right it’s that ever thinning frame that you mention that makes it seem that way.

                Perhaps adding some bulk would help shake off a few years, well maybe? 🙂 lol

                Andro x x

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