Flower Power Box

Toronto is going all out, hiring many artists to paint power boxes.

Artist: Jon McTavish

This one grabbed me, big time!

Artist: Jon McTavish

At first, the closer I got the better it looked.

Artist: Jon McTavish

Then the farther I got, the better it looked.

Artist: Jon McTavish

I walked away, and realized the other side was just as fabulous!

Artist: Jon McTavish
Artist: Jon McTavish
Artist: Jon McTavish

Pics taken by Resa – June 29, 2017

Toronto Canada

The artist:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ HAPPY CANADA DAY ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

38 thoughts on “Flower Power Box

    1. Yes, actually, here in Canada we can do many, many things. You can too, and it is very positive!
      Just look at our Prime Minister! He is the best looking leader on the world stage. Not sure what the last bit means, again it seems very positive!

      1. He does come across as an awesome dude, he’s been cropping up in our newspapers. Our Prime Minister in England is an unmitigated disaster, so it’s nice to see someone can be genuine and get it right. Gee… this got political all of a sudden.

  1. Wow ! What a great find dear Resa ! An enormous amount of work went into producing such a wonderful box. It’s fabulous !
    Happy Canada Day and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do my friend.
    Love and hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Yay! It’s Canada Day, so I’ve put on a white burnoose, and I’m drinking red wine! Perfect, eh? Much love to you, Ralph! xoxo ❤
      (I've made 80 flowers so far, and the bodice is slowly coming along)

      1. Yay ! My friend Resa is celebrating ! Yay !
        Wow ! What a lot of work. I am sure that the end result will be stunning. I just can’t wait to see the gown.
        Love and hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

            1. Yes, we should panic, slowly…. softly! Natascha could help you panic, in a positive way. The cats, hers and yours, will be all fluffed up & hissy with pancakes!
              Whew! That’s a stack of pancakes!
              Much love xoxo
              What…. panics, not pancakes!

              1. Sonic is pancaked on the floor beside me, Samantha is pancaked on the headrest of the sofa and as it is coming up to 2 AM here in Spain I think it is about time I pancaked on my bed. Good night my friend and do have a lovely Canada Day. Yay ! xoxoxo ❤

  2. This is two fabulous posts in one, Resa!! First the flowers and then the Canada Day art 🙂 Happy Canada Day, sweet you!! Some power boxes are painted here too, along with communal mailboxes. It’s a magnificent way to beautify these otherwise ho-hum fixtures in our Canadian cities, in my opinion. Love you ❤

    1. Agree, and I add, I would paint all grey, energy sucking cement buildings and sad old wood and all the boxes. Old brick is a hard call. We have a 130 yr. old building, and the brick (we had it naturally cleaned, not sand blasted) is earnest and dignified.
      Hey, if you get chances, shoot the boxes where you are. I’ll post them in 1 article…. OR
      No pressure to or not!!!! I love you! ❤

      1. Will photograph them when I go for walks, Resa, and then send you the results this summer 🙂 Hugs!! I hope you had a nice Canada Day too. The weather here is fantastic, not overly hot with a bit of wind. Hope you’re having good summer weather too

  3. Arletta Ellington

    Good thing you took those different perspectives. Helped open my eyes! And I love the fact that you give credit to the artist whenever possible.

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