Luv Mural in Progress

This has to be very new. It’s in the alley close to home, and I walk by often.

It says Mural In Progress.

I’m thinking that Luv Sumone hasn’t had time to finish it, and the taggers can’t control themselves.

As you can see the alley is a taggers heaven.

I’ll be watching this one!

Pics taken by Resa – April 7, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Another accidental double exposure. I will figure out how to do them intentionally, I hope!

34 thoughts on “Luv Mural in Progress

    1. It’s amazing how artists do that, especially on old crumbling walls. I really like this piece. I hope the artist isn’t defeated by the taggers. I intend to go every other day for awhile, to see what happens. XO ❤

      1. I hope not too, how can they do that to so much beauty! We have a law here about vandalizing walls, it has to be art if one is going to write on them.
        When I saw those eyes I thought of the gorgeous eyes Gigi draws. Awesome. XO

  1. Timothy Price

    What an interesting mural. I like the “Mural in Progress” tag among the other tags. The tagging and wires work well with the mural.

    1. It is very realistic, especially for wall art. And now that I have photographed it, it is a photo. LOL! I know, I’m being cheeky. 😀 Love you! xoxoxo

      1. Hahah… You are, but then, if you weren’t being ‘cheeky’ I might wonder if you weren’t feeling well…
        Lol – such is Resa… 😂😂😂
        Love You, too!!!!

  2. Beautiful work ! It’s a shame that the tags, other than the signature, ruin it. Tags look awful. Maybe spray paint should be taxed out of reach of the yobs. Love from myself and Natascha xoxoxo ❤

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  4. What amazing artwork Resa..
    I have been searching for your Graffiti Blog, as your avitar links to your gown blog.. And the Universe heard me after being in the reader almost all day… I finally come across a post.
    I do not think people realise the artistic talent that goes into producing such art as this.. Its wonderful..
    And thank you for sharing so many wonders Resa..

    I have not enough time to comment upon them all, but Be sure I am scrolling through them and liking them… not just pressing like..

    Love and well wishes for your Sunday.. ❤
    Much love Sue ❤

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