Red, White & Blue Girl

Here’s an odd bit I found on the side of a building.

The front & side of the building quietly announce coffee and dressmaking.

I’m unsure of what this image has to do with either, if any at all. I like it a lot!

Pics taken by Resa –  April 3, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Artist – Unknown at this time

37 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue Girl

    1. I really like it, too. I found a very neat piece in the alley today. It’s getting tags before it’s even finished. Yet, the taggers had some respect. The alleys behind me are being attacked by a new generation of teenage minded/no art/ no respect people. I want to say boys… but who knows these days. What a mess out there. Think I’ll take pics of it!

  1. I must agree Resa, this lady ( I am not sure if she is of this earth) is filled with exhilaration and the power to conquer and she is dressed for the task. Wonderful art, thank you for catching these and sharing it dear Resa ❤

  2. There is more to this story – a mythology? I am fascinated by the positioning, the hands and feet, the headdress. Would love to know more about the artist. Please keep us posted if you find more. Always an adventure when you step out your door.

  3. I’m wondering, Resa, what the object is to her right – it has the letters ‘SHO’ upon it and look somewhat like a cockpit of a flying vehicle?
    Very strange indeed. I’d love to know more..

  4. This one is a curiosity. A naked woman before a place for dressmaking. Was that on purpose?
    The eyes appear seem futuristic. The black hand. Is that meant to be a glove or does it say something else. This one is an odd image that asks so many questions.

    1. Lol! We all miss posts. 😀 This is not a job for me. It’s a joy. There is not a routine or schedule. I see that I’m a happy haphazard blogger. 😀

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