Sophia ?

Found this in little Italy.

High up and on heavy brick, it looks best from a distance.

Zooming in.

A different angle.

Standing as close as possible and looking up foreshortens the face – chin up. Still, Sophia?

Pics taken by Resa – October 12, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

137 thoughts on “Sophia ?

      1. I knew what you meant! There are many type-o’s in comments. No worry!
        Yes, Little Italy is in Toronto. Here you will find many Italian restaurants, grocery shops, sports bars, clothing shops and more.
        This is the area where the Italian immigrants settled in when they came to Canada.
        We also have 2 Chinatowns, Greektown, Little Portugal, Little India, Koreatown and more.
        I live in the old Polish area.
        Canada is very multicultural. ❤

    1. Thank you, Thunder!
      Yes, I was mesmerized when I saw this. I was in a car driving by. I returned several days later, and found other treasures.
      Oh… 10000 Thunder steps! About 6 blocks from home, I began counting steps. (curiosity) What a schmelekie! I kept losing track. Around 3,000, my right foot began a blister at the heel. (New sneaks). Around 4500, it went numb, and the left heel began chafing.
      Fortunately, I found some art, and stopped my faulty counting.
      In theend, I had to hop on a street car because my feet were falling off.
      Next trip out…. new sneaks!
      These ones are only good for outings 1 hour or less.
      Footwear is an important part of a happy walk! xoxo

      1. So wonderful.
        And how could you not be?
        Oh dear… definitely must take care of your footsies. I am feeling your pain.
        Proper footwear is not an option!

    1. Ahh, thank you for the link, dahling!
      It is def her alright! I adore that the artist added the green, white and red scarf!
      Finding art is a thrill!!!

            1. I’ve told him about the Star Trek cards… awhile back. He knows I’ll send them.
              My Norm did the soundtrack for a Robo Cop mini-series, years ago. I’m sending him the CD. Also an interview with William Shatner from Emmy Magazine.
              I’ve got to write a note to him this weekend!

  1. She does look like Sophia Loren, Resa, and the artist does her justice. I love the red and green of the Italian flag being the only bright colors amid the black, white, and gray.

    1. It is Sophia! Marina found the pic it was taken from. The artist had the genius to add the red, green and white scarf.
      OMG! Street Art can be amazing exciting!

  2. Hi Resa, the more of your posts I see the more I’m starting to feel I want to move to Canada….there just isn’t any art like this in my neighbourhood. The most I get is people going round “tagging” their names and small stencilled political messages. But this image is once again amazing and totally Sophia. Kudos to Marina Kanavaki for finding the reference photo to show us. Thanks as always.

    1. I was thrilled to my bones when I found this.
      We have tagging here, too. At least we have more art than scribbling!
      So glad you got to see it, Tyeth!

    1. You are welcome! I was shaking when I found this.
      Of the 3 things that raise my temperature, great street art is one.
      Sex doesn’t count, as it’s built in! lol

    1. Dahling Meece,
      I was beside myself when I found this. Such a beauty available for all to see right on the street.
      I love street art faces. Of course, portraits take a certain talent.
      There’s an insane gorgeous piece being done around the corner. The bucket lift is still there, blocking most of it.
      AND… the new Art Gown is 90% done. I’m just finishing the bodice. The tail pieces are all done (just need pressing).
      It should be done in a week-10days!
      Soo excited! xoxoxo

        1. LOLOL!
          When you said that…I thought YES!
          I am a busy Meece, like Cinderella’s Meece. Remember when the birds and meece made her a gown out of scraps they found around the house? That’s what I do!
          I make gowns out of scraps.
          You’ve got me onto something! I’ve been looking for a by-line. Let me think???? xoxoxoxo

    1. Fab suggestion.
      However, someone submitted a link to the photo it was taken from.
      I agree with the Anna Magnani thought, because as I took pics closer and closer, I was actually looking up, not at. As I shot up, the face became foreshortened causing distortion. That distortion made me think Anna, as well!
      Thank you, Nannus!

            1. Thank you! I ran for 25 years, 4 hours sleep a night.
              Now…. not! It’s my time for me … drawing, Art Gowns, street art, and watching Tremors! LOL!!!
              It just happened to be on this morning. Breakfast in bed pulled it all together!

                1. I like many of us out here. You know, when the virus is not an issue anymore, I’d like to have a “Bed In”.
                  Not exactly like John & Yoko, more fun, less meaning.
                  We’d need a LARGE space and a full compliment of king size beds.
                  Fun PJ’s and uncombed hair, no make-up!
                  Big screens playing B horrors and Noirs. And lots of food (pizza, perogies, gourmet french fries, cabbage rolls, pasta, veggie nachos, sour cream and salsa and I’m going to make dinner now! Ta!

                  1. Oh my goodness you are a genius Resa. Yeah, just give me my breakfast in bed and let me be. Just chilling.

                    This is truly genius, I wasn’t lying. A “Bed In”.

                    Gold, Resa . . not just genius, GOLD!

                    1. Okay… from 1 nut to another; I have had people (not more than 2 at a time, and who know me) over for dinner….on the bed.
                      I set the bed. N & I sit back on our pillows. The guest(s) get a comfy chair butted up against the bed….movies play.
                      The food is laid out, on the bed. (the cats, hungrily, watch)
                      Stiff at first, then folks really loosen up.
                      I draw/paint in bed, make calls, plan, sew, read, swear, stir batter… everything!
                      The only thing I don’t do in bed is blog.
                      I have an office for that.
                      I love my bed!

                    2. Thank you! It would be great! An entire arena filled with King beds… giant monitors, food & everyone chillin’.
                      Hey, maybe we could get a band?

            1. Thank you! I’m a true slouch when it comes to Twitter! It seems blogging takes all my spare time. I try to catch up on Twitter every so often! Forget Instagram.
              Thank goodness I have NO FB account. Never had one.

    1. She is magnificent, in more ways than 1.
      When I started out in film, I had a good friend who was an underdog.
      We both worked in the wardrobe department. She was a HARD & earnest worker, but it took her many tries to get the hang of things. Wardrobe members were often cruel to her, and in spite of the seniority system, constantly creating problems to get rid of her.
      She got a seniority position on a MOW/ or mini-series, that starred Sophia.
      Sophia witnessed some …. situations, and knew that my friend was being treated unjustly.
      When my friend got fired, Sophia was outraged, and insisted my friend become her personal wardrobe person on set.
      Much to everyone’s chagrin, Sophia held her high in regard. She treated my friend like her own friend.
      Sophia is a class act!

      1. Oh Resa! What a wonderful, life-affirming and profoundly moving story. You are absolutely right – Sophia is a class act! How is it possible to be cruel to others, especially when those who inflict cruelty would never want to be treated in that fashion? Kindness is a powerful strength and Sophia, it seems, had an abundance of kindness. Thank you for making my day pure sunshine. Hugs

  3. Another great mural find. And who else to look over Little Italy?

    We probably already discussed this, but did you see the movie she starred in on Netflix about a year ago? She was in her mid-80s when she made it. The Life Ahead–it was directed by her son.

            1. Eddie has a foundation that restores old films. He’s quite dedicated. Pre Covid he did a Noir festival in theatres every year.
              His pre talk and follow ups after the films are amazing. He is wow knowledgeable.
              He has fab guests, time to time.
              It is my fave tv happening! (with breakfast in bed!)

  4. A dazzling tribute to a living legend. It was interesting to see its making in the artist’s Instagram, it also has pics of Sophia Loren visiting this place. Amazing find, Resa.

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