28 thoughts on “Kurly Girlz

    1. I agree, and this has been such a fab alley. (Even if there is no cat art) LOL!
      I know I kid around.
      I get to walk through this alley a few times a week. I’ve taken to making calls, reading, and organizing notes in this alley. I seems I can think quite clearly in here.

  1. That certainly livens up an, otherwise, dark and stark part of the alley! I can see how you’d enjoy being surrounded by this art, Resa. It would certainly be bold, yet soothing to your creative side. Ahhhhhhh… 🙂

    1. Just don’t get hit by a train! I want you to know, I’ve been hoping to find a piece of Street Art based on a piece of cheese. I’ve no luck, yet, but I’m not giving up! Dammit!

  2. They are beautiful with their flowing hair ~ I wonder if their eyes are all closed as part of a political statement or something like that? Regardless, it’s a lovely piece of art ❤

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