Welcome Rugs

In Little Italy, an artist has painted welcome rugs right on the sidewalk.

They are mandala – like.

She explains her concept at the end of the post.

I adore these painted rugs!

Pics taken by Resa – October 12, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

83 thoughts on “Welcome Rugs

    1. I feel the same way you do.
      Growing up there were always homemade rag rugs around the house. Nothing went to waste.
      Some of the patterns in the rugs were amazing, considering it was all rags.

  1. Hi Resa, yes sadly some people just don’t see what is right under their noses…literally, but it is their loss I guess. At least you did the artwork justice and showcased it for us here to see. They remind me of the Star Wars mandala images my two good friends Kiri (of starwarsanon) and Mei-Mei (JediByKnight) colour in on their “FanArt Friday” feature. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Agree!
      These designs are universal, in a design, feel and geometric way.
      Seminole and Miccosukee sounds amazing.
      There are many N. American First Nations arts coming into the forefront. They speak.

      1. The girls still wear their Beautiful tribal multicolored dresses here. Most live out along “ the Trail” and at least yearly we ride the bike out there to the crafts show. It’s really beautiful , gorgeous aquamarine jewelry and jade , and rugs and tapestry in the designs you’ve got here. They are the only ones who can legally own gambling casinos in Florida and pay no taxes and own their land. They are quite wealthy but most still live their culture and stay apart from the general population.

  2. Rosie the mischievous puppy dog ate our rather tasty lounge rug…along with three pairs of Shirl’s knickers and two pairs of my slippers plus countless socks and empty boxes. I want one of these rugs to replace it. Regards, TOF

    1. TOF!
      Not sure how to remove a block of cement and ship it! However, t’would be a challenge for Rosie’s chewing.
      The only other thing I can think of is that you and Shirl become nudists, and just create a pile of belongings for Rosie’s joy!

      1. She ate the best part of my mobile phone just the other day…and vomited…and has now secured the lounge as her own. My hideously expensive Latvian cheese went missing. I only knew she was the culprit when she returned me the empty case. Furthermore, as to ‘nude’ she tiptoed behind me as I exited the shower the other morning as I was in the process of bending over, drying my toes…I shall not, for the sake of decency, say on more on that subject. Shirl has similar tales she won’t tell. Odd that we love the little monster. Regards, TOF

  3. The community is a home… I love the message behind the rugs! And the designs are so intricate ~ They must have taken a while to create. I admire the dedication of the artist to the project!

    1. It’s a fab project! There are a lot of artists showing their talents in the streets of Toronto!
      Over the last year, the only gallery that was open, was out on the street!

  4. I don’t have welcome rugs. I have welcome hugs. However, at an old flat I lived in there doormat used to say, “Not You Again!” on it. That was there before I moved in and I just kept it. Because.

    1. Actually, they are painted right on the sidewalk.
      Horror of all horrors, people were standing on them…oblivious of the art!
      I’m still recovering from the unawareness.
      Be still my braided rug!

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