Pop Art Mural

This mural is  painted over paste-ups.

The first part was easy enough to capture, as I could step back. As it goes along the ramp, there is less and less space. It’s tighter than many alleys, and it is a high story above my head.

So, I’ll do my best to impart the feel and flow, starting left to right.

Who is that woman below?

Above you can see the paste-up disintegrating.

Dali meets Warhol!

Pics taken by Resa – March 9, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist:



75 thoughts on “Pop Art Mural

    1. IKR! It’s in a fancy part of the city. I can barely afford a coffee there. So, they paid the artists, well, and got to have a hand on how they want the area to look.
      I found a couple of pieces in an alley the day before, and I like them both better than this.

  1. Massive wall of pop art! Love seeing paste ups!
    I think the mystery woman is Kate Moss.
    Love how the nurse is wearing a mask – very topical (see my poem this Thursday coming!).
    Good to see Stormtroopers are keeping hope they might shoot straight 🙂
    Great pics, Resa X

    1. Okay, that’s tomorrow for the poem!
      It’s a fun and entertaining mural. Will check out pics of Kate Moss.
      The pics are not bad, considering the challenge of taking them! Thank you, TVTA! X

    1. Dear TOF,

      I can see you hearing ‘The Sound of Silence’ . It is from the same era as this mural purports to be. Ah, now I am hearing Sounds of Silence. I’m sure to be hearing it all day, in my mind, over and over. Thanks a lot TOF!

      1. It dawned on me that the then young Paul Simon when penning the lyric for Sound of Silence wrote it about the death of Kennedy. Given the art you captured on camera included both Kennedy and Ms Monroe (his then lover) then, albeit subliminally, that is the likely cause of it…just like with you…has been playing in my head for the last 24 hours! Perhaps this day I should name myself The Old Nuisance…Regards, TON

  2. This one is very different Resa. Not sure if it is the famous faces from our past, but it has a 60s psychadelic feel to it.

    On a different note; I started collecting photos of murals here on the island. Not sure how you would like me to handle it. I will let you know when I have more.


    1. How cool! I’m looking forward to seeing the art you collect. One idea is you can send them in and I’ll do a Lonely guest post. OR, you can do a post, and I’ll reblog it.

      This mural has a huge pop art feel and look to it, and that was the 60’s! You are right on! (Couldn’t resist using a late 60’s expression)
      Hope you are relaxing, taking it easy. xoxo

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  4. I almost stopped at Marilyn! What an incredible icon. I didn’t think it could improve, and yet, the ideas, times, original artists and cultures kept popping! Great shots, Resa.
    I agree with Dracul Van Helsing. The mystery woman appears to be a very young Brigitte Bardot.

    1. I googled Brigitte Bardot. She sure looks different, as she aged.. forward, not backwards.
      It could be her… very likely is, considering the time periods of others in the mural..Marilyn, Elvis, Hitchcock.. xoxoxo

  5. I love this, so full of life and pop culture. I am glad an above commentor knew who the mystery woman was, I couldn’t think of her name despite her being very familiar. Kate Moss should have been easy to remember. There is so much going on in this mural that it must be a pleasure for those who walk past on their way to work.

    1. Hello Ste J!

      I hope you are still in the UK, with Chrissy and the baby girl, during this insane virus time.
      The mural is a joy to visit. Also, it is surrounded by other amazing works of art. It seems 60’s pop culture is POPular, again!

  6. Mr Brainwash first popped up in Banksy’s film years ago. I always suspected Mr Brainwash was just a character in the film and that the artwork was created by Banksy and Shepard Fairey (and maybe others). I might be the only person who supports this theory but I thought I’d share 🙂
    Best wishes
    Mr C

    1. IKR! It’s a really fab find. It’s in a popular public place, so I’m glad I got it(and a few others) when I did. Covid 19 seems to ramp up, daily. I’ll still go out for art, but I’ll stick to the alley, where I am usually almost always alone.
      Much love to you and yours in Athens!!!

      1. Unfortunately the thing is ramping up here too and when we thought we were doing well… so now the motto is “I’m staying home” with everything closed [except super markets and pharmacies]. Let’s hope this helps. So you be careful and stay on ‘lonely’ alleys and lets pray for some sunshine, and that this thing vanishes as quickly as it spread! Love to you all and xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Hi Resa, another fabulous artwork and a really interesting choice of icons and the different pics of them blended together. I find it sort of poetic in a way that as you progress along and view the earlier parts (I assume they are earlier) that they are peeling off as if showing the age of the mural. And as a fully fledged Jedi I can say that the Star Wars Stormtrooper is very lifelike…I have met a few on my adventures! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ahh, so that’s where the Stormtrooper comes from!!!
      Well, I did the best I could to reveal the entire look and feel of this very long mural, and I’m happy you appreciate it.
      Even though I’ve never watched a Star Wars, I know you are a fully fledged Jedi!

    1. It is quite the mural. It’s in a rich part of the city, so the businesses could afford pricey artists to do large pieces. I’m so happy to have documented it!

  8. Can you confirm there will be Pop Tarts with this blog post feature? I know ‘olly didn’t raise this issue, but as a concerned Manc I just have to know. I mean… what about pies?

    Best regards and have a super weekend, madam! You are super awesome. I think we need to exchange obscenities more often. And be super safe, too. You know, if you need hygiene advice – obviously, I can mansplain my POV and leg it over to Canada regardless of the Marmite ban!

    1. NO Pop Tarts! That’s junk food.
      We could have some Top Parts on hand, but I’m not sure for what?
      Pies… I only eat the ones I bake (yummmmm) and I don’t share my pies. So, is there any other idiocy I can help you out with?

      You have a super weekend, too! Hygiene advice? I spent my whole day disinfecting yesterday. I plan more today.
      Although, if you want, leg it over here and mansplain; Marmite.

      1. Top parts? Like what? A windshield wiper?

        You should totally do a post about your baked pies, that’d be epic. Oh… you don’t share them… well… charming!

        I tend to excel at idiocy, you can leave that up to me. Just WASH your HANDS! And get some Marmite. And drink wine as well, why not? Wine and time spent with cats. Excellence!

        1. Yes… a windshield wiper works!
          If I was in the UK, I would bake you some type of Marmite pie w/ wholewheat crust that melts in your mouth!
          I’d have to discuss further ingredients..’ veggies, likely!
          Oooo wine and cats! Purrfect!
          My hands are raw from washing. Everything seems so germ ridden and filthy.

  9. Its looking great. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art, Resa.
    Let me apologize for the late revisit here, but with upcoming spring a lot of hillbillies have their awakining, and my desk looks like a big trash can. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, and (try to) stay far away from the virus. Best wishes, Michael

    1. We must all stay far away from the virus!!!
      Crazy, right.
      No worries about late visits! It’s just nice to see you around! have a fab weekend!

  10. Dear Resa, I freaking love this! Perfect beauties like Kate Moss (right?) meet geniuses meet soul-invigorating colors and textures… sigh… this is like medicine for me!! Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing this street-art-piece of perfection. Me encanta! Mil besotes xoxoxo

    1. It is a very entertaining mural. I’m so happy you like it! It’s in a busy public area, so I’m glad I shot it when I did. There were a few other fab murals there. Things are heating up because of the virus, so I’ll be avoiding busy public places. I will still enjoy my time in the empty alleys searching for more un-commissioned art! Mil besotes xoxoxoMil besotes xoxoxo

    1. It sure is a big piece of pop art! Sidran, I will hunt safely. I’m not going to popular places (like where I shot this), but I’m sticking to the thinly travelled alleys! You stay safe, too!!!

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