63 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Timothy Price

    It’s interestingly strange in that the self on the left is like the Ego, reluctant with head straight up, her eyes open, with tightly pursed lips, but in control. The self on the right is like the Id, who seems more relaxed her eyes closed, following her instinctual desires. It’s like it’s hard for the Ego to fully love oneself yet easy for the Id to follow her instincts. I can’t say if the artist intended that or not, but that’s how I see it. It would probably be much more difficult to paint, but I would think if both Ego and Id came together as her Super-ego, both selves would have their heads tilted, fully engaged in the kiss. If they were fully engaged in the kiss, I believe the image would be much more satisfying to look at.

    1. Excellent comment, Tim!
      I loved the initial message. However, there is something about the kiss not being equal on both sides that bothers me.
      I haven’t thought about Ego, Id or Super-ego for so long, none of that came into my mind.
      I just wondered why the kiss was different on each side.
      This is a fab answer, whatever the artist meant. However, the artist has been around for a long time, and I can believe theer is more than less in the message.

    1. Yes, Barbie is stereotypical. Still, I have made an Art Gown for her out of a 1940’s Schiaparelli tie.
      I agree, in spite of dollecorations, the message gets through! 🧐

            1. True! I haven’t bought water in years. The tap water is pretty good here, especially if filtered. Of course then the filter goes in land fill. I have my reusable water bottle. However, everything else is wrapped in plastic. Okay, paper bags are back at some stores, but change is happening very slowly.

  2. On the plus side it’s well done and the letters work nicely framing the image, on the other side I don’t really agree with the content of the type. Beautiful capture! Sending love and hugs… from Hera too! 🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰

    1. IKR! + or –
      It’s been a conundrum whether I should post or not.
      In the end, all art is free speech, and I am not a god or censor.
      I agree with the framing of the art.
      So glad you got to see this odd piece!
      ❤ x ❤ o ❤ x ❤ o ❤ x ❤ o ❤ x ❤ o

      1. I don’t think everyone knows who they are, knows their other self, but this drawing kind of looks as if the one on the left doesn’t really know the one on the right, or doesn’t like her, or care.

  3. Hyperion

    I do see the same general expression as others commented. I don’t know that the artist intended anything other than the message, which taken alone is a positive message. I wander around the interwebs enough to say, it seems this message is generally aimed at women. That makes me wonder if their is an undercurrent of struggle with how women are perceived versus how they feel about themselves. One does have to live happily in their own skin before they can love another or it becomes a sort of self abandonment that doesn’t allow for long term happiness. I appreciate the art for art’s sake. Perhaps that we all might think hard on the meaning and have dialog regarding the possible meanings is a triumph for any artist.

    1. I agree!
      The artist may not have intended more than the message, which is positive.
      Aimed at women… yes, in the manner you have described, in the sense of how they are perceived. Perception, by men and by women themselves, is dogmatic.
      I think there is something to be said, & explored here, about why a woman is not in the U.S. race for president.

      1. Hyperion

        Yes, it does say something about us when a woman as qualified as any man with a real and actionable plan for her country can’t get past the invisible Barrier put in place by those who claim most to embrace positive progressive ideology. I call that hyprocrisy.

        1. Hyperion

          Whoops! I’m not sure what hyprocrisy is but hypocrisy is what I meant. America has some serious soul searching to do and we need to do it soon.

            1. Hyperion

              I believe the old hegemony of men only is a misguided form of ignorance that dooms us unnecessarily. The world has already proven time and again that women lead nations well in tougher times than now. It seems equality for women is the last barrier to fall, but it will fall because there are good people that believe this holdover from an era of unreasonable repression must end if we are to survive into the future with a better understanding of the freedom and equality we espoused so grandly.

            1. Hyperion

              True Resa. I am worried for our future. I meet young people every day with such great promise for the future and willing to do their part. They deserve that chance.

    1. I agree, basically. I’ve gone through many thoughts about this piece. I even thought about not posting it. I’m glad I did post it. There have been some very interesting comments.

  4. Great discussion! I’m looking at it from a different perspective. Past (closed eyes) and Future (opened eyes). While the figure is female and the title is loving oneself, I am reminded more of the Janus mythology: “Janus was the god of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology, and presided over passages, doors, gates and endings, as well as in transitional periods such as from war to peace. He was usually depicted as having two faces looking at opposite ways, one towards the past and the other towards the future.” (https://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Roman/Janus/janus.html). We go through many changes and transitions throughout our lives. Sometimes it is is difficult to remember (closed eyes) but we must always persevere (opened eyes)

    1. Nice one, Rebecca! Love this interpretation.
      I’m very pleased with the discussion this bit of art has produced.
      There are so many interpretations, and each is valid in its own right. I don’t know the artist, so I can’t ask. Lol! I’m just thinking of all the art in the world, and very few artists around (unless they are contemporary) to explain what they meant, if anything.

  5. Hi gorgeous! Interesting art! Mm, would I kiss myself like that, if I could? Probably NOT lol. BUT, I do like the message and also the choice of colors here… quite distinct in a way, and to me, this piece has like a kinda barbie-doll and bubblegum meets pop art-vibe… Thanks for posting this, hope you are well lovely! Big besotes xoxoxo

    1. It is a good message, and it is also a Barbie bubble gum, and a pop art vibe, I agree. My next post will be totally Pop Art! Not sure if I would kiss myself, but I have kissed many a woman. A kiss is a true token of affection, and doesn’t need to go further. BIG besotes!

      1. Hola y salut, so cool, I gotta check out that Pop Art post tomorrow. You are right, a kiss IS a true token of affection! As a little kid in kindergarden, I actually used to wanna kiss ALL the other kids LOL Until I got told that not everyone likes that. I was like ??? Lol. BIG besotes back querida Resa! xoxoxoxo

  6. I had to stop reading the comments as they were influencing what I first saw!
    So… to me, the one on the left feels fake, hard and almost domineering while the one on the right feels more natural and soft. She would be the one more loving…

      1. I love the exchange this has generated (Now that I have commented, I’ll go back and read the others!)
        And no… plus, they are not all that pretty. Well, one is, not the other.

        1. LOL! I get what you are saying. It has generated discussion. A lot of street art is just neat to look at, but some of it holds deeper meanings.

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