A Crustacean & Sharks in Newcastle

Today, an Australian treat from Carolyn Page of ABC of Sprit Talk

Photo © Carolyn Page

“Look at the little crustacean. He has dollar notes in his shell..!!”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“and the little fish has dollar signs painted on it…  I only discovered these when I zoomed in….  Don’t know the connection there; but think it’s worth a mention.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

This shark seems quite dapper in his elegant bow tie.

Photo © carolyn Page
Photo © Carolyn Page

His shark pal sports a fancy jacket!

Photo © Carolyn Page
Photo © Carolyn Page

⭐ Thank you, Carolyn

Pics taken by Carolyn Page – 2016

Newcastle, Australia

“Just a little background on Newcastle:”

“Newcastle is a harbour city in the Australian state of New South Wales. Its plentiful beaches are linked by the Bathers Way, a coastal walk stretching between Nobbys Beach and Merewether Beach. The walk provides access to Bogey Hole, a convict-built ocean bath from the colonial period. Also on the path is the 1880s Fort Scratchley, a historic site and a viewpoint for spotting migrating whales.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

Although there are no whales on these boxes, Carolyn says:

“I’ve seen the migrating whales a couples of times. They are absolutely majestic! I especially love it when a mother and babe glide effortlessly, and seemingly slowly through the water. A brilliant sight.”

60 thoughts on “A Crustacean & Sharks in Newcastle

  1. This is incredible art, Resa! The details here are delightful, the bubbles and jellyfish tendrils, and so many other great details. And the subjects are true depictions, with a whimsical addition of clothing (love the bow tie) and facial expressions. Many thanks to Carolyn Page, and you, for sharing this fun Australian art.

    1. It really is wonderful to get pics of street art from over the world! Glad to hear that there is reality to go along with the whimsy! This has been a very fun post! 😀

  2. Daww a shark in a jumper! Immediately it makes them so much more cuddly. I love sharks but, generally, I prefer to steer well clear of them. If one is packing a jumper and some skinny jeans, you know it will have some interesting insights on coffee. Innit.

  3. I love this box. Well done Carolyn ! A great find !

    The fish with the dollar signs are piranha which makes sense as the whole painting represents the traders in the money markets.

    Love to you both. Ralph xoxoxo ❤ ❤

    1. Hey Ralph… 🙂

      There were four power boxes in all; but, one box image didn’t turn out especially ‘clear’ so I sent only three to Resa. What a great post she made of them…

      Well aren’t you clever! I think you are right; they sure look like the piranha I googled.

      Love right back at ya! ❤

  4. Carolee Croft

    These are so cute! I wonder if the crab with all the money is a reference to Mr. Crabbs from Spongebob. Apparently the creator of the show had studied marine animals and he got the idea for the crab character because crabs are such hoarders.

    1. They are very cute! Your question is very interesting. So, now it’s revealed… you are a Spongebob fan! Working on your guest post, and I can’t remember if you are from Sao Paulo, or are down there working?

      1. Carolee Croft

        Yes, now you know my shameful secret lol. I do love Spongebob. I’m actually from British Columbia, Canada, I’m only here in Brazil because of my boyfriend’s work, and I’m just keeping him company. Fortunately I can do my writing from anywhere in the world.

        1. Okay! Lucky you! I think you have 3 books. I will do a spotlight on you at the end of the guest post, where i will highlight your books. If you have more than 3, please correct me! xo

          1. Carolee Croft

            Thanks, that’s really nice of you, Resa. I’ve actually got 4-5 if you count the Uniform Desire anthology which includes one short story of mine. I hope it’s not too naughty for your audience. Some of these are a bit risque, so please feel free to post only the ones you’re comfortable with. There’s a link to all my books here, it’s only missing Belinda’s Revenge, which is fine because that cover needs a makeover.
            Sorry my site is so disorganized right now. xoxo

  5. The three boxes are really beautiful, I love these elegant sharks with vest and bow tie, I think there is a lot of style in this ocean …
    A nice post Resa & Carolyn, congratulations !!

    1. Thank You, Belen; it’s great to be a part of such a wonderfully uplifting blog like Resa’s!
      And yes, I have to agree with you… It would seem the Australian waters are full of very suave and well dressed marine life! (wink, wink) 🙂

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Sidran; they are bold, beautiful and trendy! In fact, the ‘trend’ toward street art for many city centres here in Australia is growing more and more. As long as it’s quality artwork, I’m all for it.. 🙂

    2. You’re welcome, Sidran! It’s a lot of fun collecting street art, although when I stared about 5 years ago it was still largely considered vandalism. Things have changed!

        1. Yes, I have posted some kids’ art. However it is always supervised by an adult. When I have time I’ll look for some, and send you some links.
          The most recent one was Ukulele Lady, which was painted by pre-teens and young teens who have had one or both parents pass away from drug addiction. (under supervision of an artist.)

    1. I so agree with you, Ste J, it (the ocean) can be so many different hues; powerful and majestic, calm and welcoming. Certainly to be respected whatever mood she is in! And yes, the colours, used by the artists, are fantastic! 🙂

  6. Yahooo, wonderful to see Carolyn’s contribution here! I wonder if the dollar signs are to represent how people make money from the ocean (an anti-fishing statement, perhaps)? I love the bowtie shark!! 🙂

    1. Yes, Christy, your interpretation is a very sound one! It is great to have Carolyn’s pics featured here. I adore the bow tie shark! If all sharks wore bow ties, they wouldn’t be so scary! 😀 😀

    2. Hi Christy!
      It would be lovely to step into the mind of the artist; I’d love to know their reason behind those dollar signs. I’ll have to have another look next time I’m in the city to see if I can decipher a signature. It’s such a dilemma. I believe I’ll call the RTA in Newcastle and see if anyone can help me find/locate the artist/s. I’m quite intrigued now! Stay tuned… 🙂
      And I agree, Christy; the ‘bowtie shark’ is so cute and cuddly looking; he certainly gets a smile from passers by! 🙂

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