Uber Dogs

Not the first dog, as I walk off the bridge, but what a beauty.

Artist: Uber 5000

This mural is too, long for 1 pic, or even 1 post, so I put the mural in order, left to right. When you walk off the Queen St. bridge at River, find a skateboarding dog!

Artist: Uber 5000

He follows a White & Black dog.

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

A Black & White dog meets the White & Black dog.

Artist: Uber 5000

Very cool. Chick & Rabbit approve.

Artist: Uber 5000

Then there’s this big cute goofy guy.

Artist: Uber 5000

Another sweetie with his blue squirrel friend.

Artist: Uber 5000

Pics taken by Resa – November 12, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Unmistakably Uber 5000

Artist: Uber 5000

Above Chick is 1st as one passes the last of the railing on the Queen E. bridge to River. This long wall belongs to the Humane Society.

Artist: Uber 5000mm

…then a Ladybug..

Artist: Uber 5000

… then 2 little dogs….

… then this friendly guy (from my header) ends the brige. The next dog, is Skateboarding dog.

Artist: Uber 5000

Second part of this mural in next post.

30 thoughts on “Uber Dogs

  1. Carolee Croft

    Thank you for all the dogs! This artist definitely has a unique style. The blue squirrel is so cool, it even has a little wrist watch 🙂

    1. Maybe he’s laughing at us? 😀 Uber 5000 has been doing those chicks for years. One of my very early posts on GLaM has 2 of the chicks behind bars. You laughed!

    1. Well, the hamster is coming…. but I think you ID’d it as a rat. 😀 I have been doing best effort to find a hamster mural, or at least a street art bit.

      1. nutsfortreasure

        not sure why wp is what it is my email is folsommillstudio@gmail.com and I am on facebook at the same name. That was a good point I have painted 100 since last time I posted to the art one lol Yes my old girl is now 12 1/2 😦 I am gut wrenched over not having enough time left with my girl and traveling partner.

        1. Ahh, 12 1/2 is a long puppy life! I’d tell you to kiss her and love her, but I’m sure you already are!
          Will check out your main blog for paintings. The works you posted on the art blog were all fabulous! 😀

          1. nutsfortreasure

            xo gave her extra kisses thanks for compliments on the art I want to get better and better playing at it will be a very long process though but hey I am only 61 🙂

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