Cutest Raccoon Ever

OMG! I stumbled upon an entertainment plaza made entirely out of shipping containers.

There’s shops for everything, small kiosks, restaurants and a beer hall+, park areas and more. The place has electricity and all the amenities.

There is art on everything! This project is still not finished.

Love this raccoon. Apparently, Toronto is the world’s Raccoon Capital!

Pics taken by Resa – September 2, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist is unknown at this time.

Heading out to look for street art! See y’all later!

65 thoughts on “Cutest Raccoon Ever

    1. Yeah, it’s a store made out of shipping containers. It’s part of an entertainment shopping area made out of shipping containers…restaurants, shops, tavern, park area and more. It’s still in progress of being built, and it’s covered in street art!

                1. Not tonight! I did the one this morning. Although, I snapped some fab art today, it was insane out in Toronto this afternoon. I should have known better. There was a Blue Jays game, A U of T students – to – be promo fair that attracted … it seemed like thousands, a Free Hong Kong demonstration… at least 1,000 strong and whatever else. I just ned to eat, drink some wine and catch up blogging! ❦❦
                  Are you posting tonight?

                  1. Yeah, I commenbted on the racoon. I was hoping there would be a gown. a man can wish can’t he?
                    Sounds like it was wild. Be careful whe . you are out there.
                    Yes, a poem will post tonight, at 10:30 PM. I will even give you the title.
                    “the theory of you and me.”

                    Eat and enjoy some wine. I am going out with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. We will probably go to a sports bar and watch whatever game is on.

                    1. That all sounds cool! A sports bar? are you in Miami?
                      Yeah… it was wild out there! Where does all this humanity come from. The planet is over crowded. I’ll stop here, about that!
                      Yes, please dream about gowns, dear Lonely! The new Art Gown is coming along! It will still be at least a month in the making. I’m thinking even 2 months.
                      I sew them together by hand. Not many appreciate that, or even understand what that entails. However, it’s all part of the integrity behind the AG’s.
                      A productive part of today is that I picked up a silver/ grey dupioni silk dress from a friend of mine. I had originally made it for Vanessa Williams in a film I designed the costumes for.
                      Anyway, I’m going to chop it up to make certain bits for the new Art Gown (based on the Tango)
                      Have fun!

                    2. Mmm… hard to say. 6 weeks more? I make them 100% by hand… no machine sewing, so that takes a lot of time. Plus, I sort of make it up, as I go along. I have an idea, and a general direction.
                      Not everything works, so I have to try something else. It’s like writing a poem, or painting a canvas.
                      Anyway, I’d guess I’m 1/8th of the way into the tunnel…no light ahead, no light behind.

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a beautiful, colorful and super cute raccoon. We have a shipping container mall, but there were no murals on it last time I drove by, which has been a long time.

    1. I did have fun, TY, Holly!
      Yet, it was mayhem. I went into an area just before a Blue Jays game started, there was a U of T …. thingmabobber for THOUSANDS of potential students, and a “Free Hong Kong” march, with at least 1,000 marchers and more goings on!
      Nonetheless,I did get some fab shots of a very cool mural, a silver/grey dress made of dupioni silk (met my gf and she returned it to me, it might be part of the tango dress)) and a spool of dark burgundy thread. I ran out of that colour, and need it to continue on the Art Gown.
      All in all, exhausting, yet, productive! xo

  2. Ah…. gorgeous racoon!!!!! So colorful! This racoon could be a startuper! …don’t ask, I’ve been designing this years’ Startup Forum and everything looks like that!!!! It’s the fragmented image… 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Ahh, I like the fragmented image! Whatever you paint is always fabulous! I so adore your art!
      Seems like you just finished the last Startup Forum!
      ❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o – H – ❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x

      1. Ahhhhhh…… you are so sweet!!!!!! Likewise, my sweet friend!!!! and yes, it was just one year ago!!!!! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo from Hera too xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. What an interesting concept for an entertainment area. On a smaller scale, there is a restaurant/pub out of shipping containers where we winter … but this on is much larger scale … and who knows what art will appear here in the future. Cheers to the racoon … good find, Resa!

  4. Love raccoons. (Though they’re terrible scavengers) Come to think of it there are raccoons on one photo I just posted. A young woman dressed with baguettes. I’m pretty sure my daughter took it in Toronto. You may have seen it.

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