Face the Muisca

In the alley of 18, from the same artist as Pussycat Eyes

Artist: Daniela Rochas

I made a category – Alley 18. It’s on my sidebar. Click on the pic to visit the 18 pieces that are all painted by women! This is the 4th post.

Artist: Daniela Rochas
Artist: Daniela Rochas
Artist: Daniela Rochas
Artist: Daniela Rochas

Pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist on Instagram:

Artist: Daniela Rochas

14 thoughts on “Face the Muisca

  1. Good to see I haven’t missed any!!! 🙂
    Couldn’t help but be uplifted by this colourful alley, Resa.
    It always amazes me how the artist keeps ‘perspective’ when painting on such a large scale. I guess the same can be said for any artistry. Your ‘art gowns’ for example, or any creative pursuit. Quite fascinating really… 🙂

    1. I agree! It’s not just the scale that amazes me, sometimes the brick or stucco adds extra challenges, and they still make it work! 😀 Your pics will be my next post! 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Christy!
      Most are this colorful, but there are a few different ones. I keep going back to bask in the beauty of all this alley art created by women. I’m not a big deal art critic, but I have gained knowledge and opinion of street art. There is a difference! ❤

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