Only The Lonely

This post is dedicated to Drew, The Lonely Author!

Lonely, as I like to call him, has been resting up in the Dominican Republic.  After a couple of heart attacks, he now awaits surgery.

Restless, I went for an alley walk (no problem keeping social distance in the alleys) and was rewarded with 3 fab garage doors. The moment I laid eyes on this painting, I thought of Lonely.

I have no idea what he looks like, but I know how he feels to me. Lonely is an incurable romantic, and that fact is reflected in his well written & passionate poetry. The colours in this art are like all of the colours, from the various moods, in his poems.

I don’t know what the artist meant by the bleeding purple heart, but that’s Lonely, to me. His heart leads his way. It seems like this image, was painted especially for him.

So join me in wishing Lonely a big GET WELL SOON! After all, he needs to get back to his series “Inspiring Woman Of WordPress”. He was only 2 dedications into the series, when he became ill. I am grateful to have been one of the two.

I picked this song out for you, Lonely. I hope you like it!


Pics taken by Resa – March 19, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

an imperfect flower (For All Women) is the poem Lonely dedicated to me. If you click on the pic below, you can read it. Lonely said he would be doing a health update post soon! I’m keeping my eyes open for it!

163 thoughts on “Only The Lonely

            1. Yes, I want to wake up, too!
              The whole PPE thing is a big issue up here, too, but the government has stockpiles across the country. They stockpile for issues like C-19, but they never thought there would be one this bad.
              They say we have 70-75 % of what we will need, and they are on it.
              We’ll see if masks, etc. appear.
              It seems like we’ve been mostly isolating, only out for food & needs, nothing else open, etc. for a week now. It feels like a month.
              When I see new images of Wuhan, people are getting out again, but EVERYONE wears a mask. It is against the law not to wear one.
              Yet, here we don’t need to?
              I’m making my own mask, today. It will be washable , and Have a replacible filter made out of a Swiffer duster.

    1. Mr Lonely is grateful for Resa’s inspiring post.
      Thank you for your lovely wishes.
      I see Resa just posted a medicine woman.
      She looks, powerful, brave, and determined. If she were a redhead it would be you.

  1. Is not the purple heart an American medal for those injured in battle? Perhaps the artist used that concept as a visual metaphor? I’m generally wrong, but that might be the case. Regards, TOF

    1. Dear TOF,
      True, the Purple Heart Is an American military award (injured or dead). I’m not sure what the artist meant, and it is bleeding, so there’s more to it. Yes, a metaphor.
      LOL, I Googled Purple Heart, and Purple Heart emoji came up. The American military award was the second half of the meaning. Up front is; can symbolize a sensitive, understanding and compassionate love.
      All signs point to Lonely!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I agree and thought it was a good time to send some courage and determination his way…. and {{{hugs}}}, too.
      And {{{hugs}}} to you!

  2. Reblogged this on The Lonely Author and commented:
    A very touching gesture from a treasured friend. Thank you Resa. You have no idea how you have caressed my heart and soul. Bless you for your kindness. I will always remember the beauty of your heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..

    1. OMG!
      Dear Lonely,
      This post means a lot to me. I’m thrilled you like it!
      I suppose we are both purple hearts, in a way.
      We are purple heart friends!

    1. LOL! Yeah,Lonely’s okay! 😉
      I’m very glad you like this get well tribute to Lonely.
      It was a joy to make, and everyone’s comments are quite heartwarming!
      Take care!
      – streak of love’s light

  3. See? Your heart is huge! Sending best wishes to Lonely and this mural is wonderful indeed.
    Of course I had the song in my head upon reading the title…

    1. Thank you, dear Thunder!
      I bet that song is still in your head! I’ve been hearing it in mine for days!
      It really is a Lonely mural! I was inspired to do this post the moment I saw it.

    1. How nice that you came over here from Lonely’s! I just wanted to show my support, and it seems that in doing so, I get to see many other supporters!
      Thank you, and stay well!

        1. Huh! There should be a follow button..thing on the lower right hand corner.
          That’s how I followed your blog.
          Also, there is a “Follow by email” button/tab thing on my side bar.
          You have to scroll down a bit. It’s under a pic of me (from the back) shooting an ape on a wall.
          Thank you!

          1. I’ve now tried Both the suggested methods and each time my e-mail address has been rejected. This is not the only blog where this has happened. I’ll try again another day – I do like your work.

            1. Cool! WP goes through glitches. It might just go away.
              Ah… I should check SPAM! You never know who might be in there. I try to check every 2 weeks.
              Have a great and safe Sunday!

    1. Aww, it’s the least I can do for Lonely. He needs some heart right now, and it’s easy to wrap one’s heart around some art and music.
      Thank you!

  4. I like it very much,dear Resa!!really you have dedicated wonderfully this painting to Andrwes-a most lovely friend of you.Weldone,my dear!! Bless you with my heart🌹

      1. Yeah.dear Resa!! Let’s all hope Drew gets well soon.he is your friend and for me too but most lovely friends for all.May God bless him🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇

  5. Oh, Resa this is such a wonderfully thoughtful post and such a beautiful find! I wish him a swift recovery and sending my thoughts too along with the beauty you share!
    Get well SOON, Drew! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and wishes. Sorry, for the lastness of my message. I had a rough weekend and had to limit my blogging time.

      Again, thank you for your wonderful message. Grateful for your kind thoughts.
      And Resa, blessed me with a magnificent post that I will always trwasure.

      Be well

  6. This tribute is wonderful, Resa, especially at such a trying time for our dear friend. He is a staple in the blogging community, as are you… Hearts align, hearts strong xx

    1. Hearts align, hearts strong! I like that, especially for Lonely, in this situation! xx

      Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging long enough to be considered a staple. (like you)
      Where do the years go? xx

  7. Bless you for this post for Drew, Resa! I was not aware he needed surgery so he is now in my prayers! This post is perfect for him!! You are an inspiration as he is. Thank you so much for taking the time dedicating such a lovely post for this man. Much love to you! xo

    1. It’s been a joy helping to support Lonely, at this time. We all wish him the best,and cheer him on!
      I intend to do a post in support of our front line workers, later today.
      Then I want to do a support post for grocery store workers and food supply chain workers.
      I have murals for both of these.
      Public transport workers, Pharmacists etc… looking through my insane archives of unpublished street art and murals, as well as published.
      Anyway, my new Art Gown is moving slowly, as my time is taken up sanitizing, or otherwise dealing with the dread virus.
      Nonetheless, it’s turtling along.
      Don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have the fabrics (all second hand) for the Art Gown after this one, the one dedicated to Amy Rose.
      Take care, sweet friend! xoxo

      1. I’m helping an owner of the hair salon I go to who I’ve known forever how to come up with a system that is fair to get those of us who need their hair done as to who goes first etc. when she reopens. I’m dreading the thought of my hair not touched in 3 months time. Scarves and ingenious methods of hiding my roots I have to come up and I will. I have extremely dark roots compared to my blonde hair now. Anyways, I’m good at those things so I offered my help. I also received a letter from our Governor that went out to all RN’s asking us to come back to work. No thank you! Sorry. Not with what is going on and not with the immune system I have. So I do what I can behind the scenes safely. My hat is off to all of those people on the front lines!!! xoxoxo

      2. PS I did not deliberately overlook how you are working on “my gown”. Sorry, Resa. Between trying to get a 3-month supply for everything needed in this house without overlooking anything (myself, hubby, and 8 cats, some who are pretty sick!), I’ve been bone weary. This “not knowing” where this insanity is going leaves my guts twisted at times. Once you get the sanitizing out of the way, I’m sure you will zip right through your creation. Love you!! xo

    2. Aaaaw. You are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words. Happy you think the post was perfect for me. I so agree with you.

      As for Resa. She is truly inspiring and giving. A wonderful artist and person.
      Smooches for both of you.

        1. I’m well! Hope you are, too! I found an old song/poem by Leonard Cohen. I just posted it! It applies to the garbage we are living through.

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