Steve McQueen – Bullitt

Okay, I’ve always had  crush on Steve McQueen.

I cut this artist some slack, as he painted this on seriously rough stucco wall. Below is the poster the painting is a rendition of. There are many Bullitt posters, but I didn’t see the exact one the artist painted.

You can buy various size repros of the poster, starting at $25.00. However, I saw an original (1968 – mint condition) theatre size poster for sale in the U.K. £4,500.00.

MANY say the car chase in Bullitt is the greatest car chase ever filmed. I agree. It’s real. No CGI! Steve McQueen was credited with the driving during the chase sequence. Actually it was shared with Bud Ekins, one of Hollywood’s best stunt drivers.

The chase kicks in at 3 minutes, but dial it back to the beginning for the full effect of this 10 minute masterpiece.

In 2020, the green Mustang sold at auction for 3.4 million dollars.

Pics taken by Resa – October, 2012

Winnipeg, Canada

The Artist:

Chris R. Easton

67 thoughts on “Steve McQueen – Bullitt

  1. Timothy Price

    I really liked Steve McQueen and I love Bullitt. Classic everything in that movie. I have to agree it has one of the greatest car chases of all times. It looks like the artist did really well given the surfaces he had to deal with.

    1. I’ve always liked this mural.
      Love S.M.!!!!!!
      You are right, classic everything in this movie, including Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset.
      Can you believe the car sold for 3.4 mil last year?
      Apparently SM kept trying to buy it, but Warner Brothers sold it to someone at WB. That person would never give it up to McQueen.

      1. Timothy Price

        I always felt sad for SM over that. He really loved motorsports and should have had that Mustang. There’s an old movie about motorcycle racing called “On Any Sunday”. I loved that movie when I was a young, wild motorcyclist. SM is caught racing incognito it the movie. His motorcycle scene in “The Great Escape” is fantastic and moving. I often marvel at what collectors will pay for things. There is a person who restored a Dodge Challenger he found in Arizona that he believes is the one used in Bullitt. He discovered holes for camera mounts and other clues when restoring the car. He’s only asking $1 million for the Charger.

        1. Agree! He should have had that Mustang. It almost seems mean spirited that he couldn’t have it.
          I just watched theTrailer for “On Any Sunday”.
          There is a shot of 3 guys riding over a hill, and one of the guys helmets has “McQueen” on it.
          He was so cool!
          “The Great Escape” scene with McQueen on the motorcycle is fantastic. The part where he reaches some kind of fence, and they kill him breaks my heart.
          So many great actors in that film. I was beside myself when CBS sent me to California to meet Charles Bronson. He approved me to Design the Costumes for “Family of Cops lll”.
          Truly a most memorable experience.
          Good Luck getting a million for the Charger!

          1. Timothy Price

            Bronson was another great character. And you got to meet him. You are just one cool cat. I told Shey our cats think our coolness is questionable, but you are the apitomy of cat cool. I’ve never been a fan of Dodge Chargers and Challengers. Mustangs are preferrable, but I like sports cars and almost all motorcycles.

            1. Bronson was a machine gunner from choppers in WWll. He is no lightweight! When I visited him, I had just finished a movie (trilogy) about the Vietnam War. I had a Paratrooper pin on my purse. That was when he told me about the war.
              Agree….Mustangs are preferable… BIG TIME!!!

    1. I understand. It was always dark and handsome for me, then along came Steve McQueen.
      Besides that, who’s cooler today? Tough to be cooler than McQueen.

  2. Great shot of this quintessential streetwise ladies man! I have loved Steve McQueen from the first time I saw him in “Love With the Proper Stranger” with Natalie Wood. The best love story ever I’m my opinion. I’m delighted to see this and would love an original poster. £4500.00 is a tad over my art budget. Thanks for sharing this with us dear Meeces.

    1. Meeces!

      “Love With the Proper Stranger” … I don’t know if I’ve seen it. Love Natalie!
      This is a must see for me.
      Steve McQueen’s blue eyes are captivating, but like you, I don’t have the $$$$$$$ for the poster!

      – Peeces!

            1. OBOY! I need to get through all the shows I need to watch for Emmy nominations first. OMG>>> Nominating begins tomorrow! They end June 28.
              F^&$— they fired up the EVAC outside my window. I gotta go hide!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Yes, no CGI in the car chase. It’s all real.
      When I started in film, there was no CGI, it came soon after. I did a lot of action movies in the beginning. I loved working with the stunt men. They are a special breed.

        1. I had the best career!
          I was already fussy about the jobs I took pre Covid. Now, by the time I feel comfortable working so close with so many, I’ll be 10 times as fussy. I say I’m semi-retired, and am moving on with my art!!!

  3. Props to the artist, when you take everything into account.

    And props to you Resa, for your love of all things McQueen. I own the movie and yes, it is by far the best chase sequence in movie history.

    1. Right on! We may never see something like that chase again. Oh sure, there will be car chases, but with digital shooting and CGI it has become a different reality, more akin to a video game. Phantasmagoria has replaced true excitement.

        1. LOL!!! It’s done by actually driving the car, and doing the stunts for real.
          Although I’m sure if Steve was around, he would help the CGI guys make it look more real & exciting.
          I chuckle when I think of working with the old style stunt guys.
          Shawn… omg, I remember his name, the stunt co-ordinator on one of my earlier films was designing car stunts for the film. It starred Rowdy Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks. Of course they did their own fight stunts.
          The main car stunt ripped through an encampment under an underpass. It was night and there were a bunch flaming barrels. The car had to clear the barrels, then twist in the air, hit the ground, and roll several times.
          Shawn refused to assign another stunt man to do it. Said he would do it himself. We tried to talk him out of it. He had a broken arm from his last car stunt. However, he kept pounding his cast on the table until he won.
          The stunt was amazing exciting to watch in real life!!!

            1. LOL!
              I keep trying to write them down, but then it’s like forcing myself to relive my adventures, my life.
              Then, I get into a conversation w/ someone, and I spew one out.
              I need a porch, a rocking chair and an audience!

    1. The Windmills etc…. Noel Harrison? Huh! Is it Harrison’s version, or just the song, itself?
      Hey what about Stings version, 1999? xx TOF oo

      1. It was Harrison, an actor at heart, who sung the movie version, young Resa. Even after all the years gone by I still remember the first time I’d heard said song. Stripping it of music I just couldn’t stop reading the words…more a poem than a lyric…and thinking this is ‘far out’. A story of love lost, yet with no blame thrown hither and yon, remarkable in its time. Regards, TOF

  4. A fantastic film, an amazing action scene and awesome actor. I spent many hours playing a Playstation game called “Driver” where you had various tasks to carry out as a Getaway/Delivery Driver and I drifted into pretending I was in the film driving. I even used some of the maneuvers.
    Back to the mural though, I think it is kinda clever painting it on the surface the artist did because it gives the “poster” a textured feel….almost like a real, wrinkled paper cinema poster pasted onto a wall. The detail on the car is incredible. Thanks for the memory trip of screeching tyres around the streets of San Francisco (oh wait that was Michael Douglas🤣)

    1. I love “Driver”! I played that game for months.
      Didn’t the song “Express Yourself” play the whole while you were in the garage upgrading the car?
      I try to avoid playing vid games, now. They take up a lot of my creative time. Also, I feel they are dumbed down from originals. My peak was playing Veronica X in 24 minutes with NO saves!

      I found Silent Hill 2 to be stress relieving. I made the blood purple, armed myself with the chainsaw and hacked away. The whole time I was thinking of the director and producer I was working with at the time.

      Love Streets Of San Francisco! I’m a big Michael Douglas fan!

      Agree, the stucco does add something to the poster! 😀

      1. I’m afraid it’s that long since I played Driver I don’t remember the music in the garage…I do recall the answering machine though. And I had fun one day using an “Invincibility” cheat code once and played “Survival Mode” – I think there was about 200 police cars following me at the end (it was more like The Blues Brothers than Driver!)
        And remind me not to get on your bad side ok!

  5. Oh, I love the Bullitt and Steve McQueen and that green Mustang! Obviously, so did the artist who did this mural. He obviously wanted to pay tribute to the Mustang …maybe a little more than Steve McQueen! 😉 LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    ps Hera says she’d love to be co-driver in those car chases! woof!

    1. Lol! Hera in a car full of sponges chase!
      I had another look at the painted poster. Yes, he did pay tribute to the Mustang.
      I see it now. That might be why he didn’t copy the poster per se, the Mustang is all blurry from speeding. xoxoxo

      1. 😉
        Meantime, I’m trying to explain to Hera that there’s no way she could be in that Mustang with Steve McQueen [I believe it’s more the name for her: Hera: Queen, Steve McQueen!!!!!]…. but she won’t listen!🦊🐾🏎 🏁🐾🦊

  6. Classic describes everything about this post, Resa: the movie, the actor, the car chase, the Mustang! Wow! A small chunk of change! And I think the artist did a great job! Thanks for sharing! 💕

  7. A classic all around, Resa, and I think the artist did well considering his “canvas.” The car was bought in 1974 for $3,500 and sold for a bit more:

    “A dull green 1968 Ford Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen in the movie “Bullitt” just became the most valuable Ford Mustang ever sold at auction. It went for $3.7 million, including auction fees, at the annual Mecum collector car auction in Kissimmee, Florida. ”

    I wish my investments appreciated so much!

    1. On top of it all, whoever owns it, didn’t buy it for driving. They might take it for a spin, but it’s for owning, bragging rights, polishing and possibly kissing! 😀
      Steve McQueen looked good for kissing, too!

  8. How can you not love Steve McQueen? As for this mural, I definitely will take into account the medium the artist had to work on. So cool.

  9. Steve McQueen was definitely handsome and cool. It must have been exciting to see that car chase in a theater. I’m not certain if I’ve ever seen the movie. The mural artist did a good job on the stucco.

  10. Gray Dawster

    Wow £4,500 sounds like a lot for a cinema poster but then when you mention Steve McQueen it all becomes clear.

    The legend’s movies speak for themselves, and Bullit is definitely one of my favourites.

    It’s funny that you should mention the shared stunt driving as it was the same thing during that awesome motorbike jump in The Great Escape, again shared with a stunt rider, but hey what fantastic movies 🙂👌

    The artist that added this graffiti obviously has / had a passion for Steve McQueen and thank you Resa for sharing his artistry.


    Andro x

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