Welcome to My Alley

I’m not that pretty, but wait ’til you see the scary face at the top of the alley!



Lots of great Artists have had a hand in these works: DMC, ACK, RASR, BARFO, PEANUT, MOPES and more!


I’m around the corner, on the way to the really scary face.



Well, you’ll have to wait for part 2 before we reach the scary face at the top end of the alley! And believe me, it’s plenty scary! I’ll pick it up from here next post!


Pics taken by Resa, December 15 – 2014

Toronto, Canada


26 thoughts on “Welcome to My Alley

    1. OMG! Happy Birthday Ralph! ❤
      Well, you know giant chihuahuas are chi wow wow!
      Kidding, but not kidding when I say have a wonderful week!
      _Resa xoxo ❤ #< #<

          1. No ! Don’t be jealous. She wants me in there the day after tomorrow for a drip. Oh boy !
            I hope you are keeping warm my friend and not out there in the alleyways freezing.
            Love Ralph ❤ #< #< xoxox

            1. A drip… hmmm. Rhonda’s a drip!
              Yes, I’m freezing quite nicely, but I don’t have to go into an alley as anywhere works just fine. I’d give you a list of what I wear when I go outside, but there’s no comments box big enough anywhere on the internet to fit it all in.
              Love Resa
              ❤ xoxoxo #< #< #<

    1. I agree! I love it when they go out and paint in crews. It’s such a neat world. I can hardly wait for painting weather so I can troll the alleys and meet some more artists!

    1. Oh yeah! I’m scared of that face at the top of the alley, too!
      BTW, you have inspired me to draw again. (pencil sketches only) I haven’t done much in years, but I decided if I feel like it, even if it’s just a fantasy in my mind…go for it!

      1. Oh, that is such a good decision Resa! I’m more than happy to hear that, I would love to see your pencil sketches! I have an other blog with fashion and the base of all that is always done with pencil, actually all my illustrations are done just like that! Go for it…you must do what feels right…never give up your pencil, is an important, most important tool! Please let me know when you will post your creations, I’m excited to see them all!

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