Dali in Dizzy Land

Poor Resa! I saw her approach this mural, and I thought she might faint. She sure fooled me.

 She started taking pics, immediately. I mean, it’s insane here with Dali and all of the Krazy Kartoons! I’m the only Kool one, the only Kat.

Blow up any of the Pano shots, and blow your mind!

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Blow me up!

Pics taken by Resa – 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Chichen Itza w/Leopard Bonus

I can’t help myself. I’m starting with the leopard, although the post’s header is Chichen Itza.

Artists: DOH Crew

I seem to find a lot of these larger, hard to photograph murals.

Artists: DOH Crew
Artists: DOH Crew
Artists: DOH Crew

We’re all fortunate that I am not showing more pics of the cat’s head. I was out of control photographing it!

Artists: DOH Crew

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artists: DOH Crew

Urban Hummingbird

This fabulous hummingbird is part of a massive mural in Toronto’s east end Chinatown.

How perfect to thank Cindy Knoke for her contributions to Kids’ Month.

After all, Cindy is the winner of the best and most hummingbird posts, ever!

This shot blows up beautifully!

Of Course the mural is not all about the hummingbird.

There are more aspects to this beautiful work.

Such as this flower at the opposite end, or are they leaves that look like a flower?

Mountain peaks and

… and mountain  terraces to a shrine.

It was very difficult to shoot this with my IPhone.

The pic above is cropped. I had to stand quite far away to capture it in 1 piece.

Well, maybe it is all about the hummingbird, and its flower!

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

0acd8acf1e33598ca9971304aaca47e4A big “thank you” to Cindy Knoke, a fave blogger of mine. She takes fabulous photographs, and shares them with us. Her blog is visually gorgeous and educational. Click on her pic, or name to visit her blog.

The Artists: It’s in the writing on the wall (which I can’t read)



Hallow’een Fright Fest



Dedicated to Sherrie, the Hallow’een Queen!



How horrible & hideous is this?


OMG! Skull after skull!


It’s from this awesome crazy B&W mural.





Scare you next year!!


Sherrie found a skull in Winnipeg. She took a pic of me taking pics of it. I’m terrified!

Photograph © Sherrie Yager
Photograph © Sherrie Yager

Pics taken by Resa – 2014 & 2016

Toronto &Winnipeg, Canada


The Artists:


& en Masse


Featuring: BirdO