The Snail Lady

It’s a whole new appreciation for snails!

I would NEVER eat one.

Although they seem to make cute pets.

They are possibly good for your skin, but I haven’t googled that.

Pics taken by Resa – August 25, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Eye had an epic failure trying to make a Snail Lady of my own.

Still, Eye got to try 3 new colours in a new brand of water colour pencils. What was Eye thinking? A Snail Lady with blue eyes?

73 thoughts on “The Snail Lady

          1. Well, the Professional Moron Festival was a rip-off from Woodstock. Sort of. It went terribly, by the way, the stage burnt to the ground and there was a riot when the houmous ran out. Darn.

  1. Perfect, the way you gave us this snail lady little by little. What a creative piece of art. Made me grimace and grin at the same time.
    Keep on working on your own blue-eyed snail lady. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start a trend!

  2. Timothy Price

    Very interesting mural. Perspective and all is beautifully strange. Eye love your one eyed snail lady. She’s wonderfully fluid with her squiggly hair and captivating gaze in her beautiful blue eye.

    1. I have fun drawing the one eyes. I feel it doesn’t matter what happens, because it’s already wrong. If that makes any sense.
      The Snail Lady is an odd one. I never know what I’ll find on a wall.

    1. I love the imagination, too! This was an exciting find.
      The thigh…. IKR! It demanded its own shot.
      The 1-eyes are fun to draw. They tend to be the last thing I draw, as the music winds down. I can always tell when the musicians are petering out, so I peter with them. 😀 x

                    1. I’ll play the vid for N tomorrow. He ran off to watch boxing with his buds.
                      LOL! He has defaulted to being a veggie, but still watches boxing.
                      Still, I hope you are okay even though the hurricane is skirting by you. One never knows, wtf!

                    2. Enjoy your night, n’s a veggie? As in vegan? Cool! I know, until that storm makes a turn I’m still very concerned. My friend on Merritt Island has decided to stay even though that’s a barrier island with mandatory evacuation. I’m going up to drag her out!

                    3. OMG! Drag her out!
                      Yeah I’ve been a veggie since I was 17. He came around slowly, on his own.
                      Thought about you a lot last night. New idea fro PBH. Working on the gown right now. Okay coffee water boiling. Back to Tango Art Gown!

    1. I’m thinking it’s snail juice, but not because she ate one. I think she loves them, and gives them pets and kisses. OR, maybe she’s a hybrid type of creature.
      I have another piece of street art, and the girl has horns. I wonder if it’s the same artist?
      Maybe I’ll post that next…. maybe not. I’ve got a massive backlog, and I keep finding more art.
      LOL! Could be worse.
      HEY, are you near that hurricane headed to Florida?

    1. Strange is fun… in street art! Yes, the thigh. I have to admit that I did not, repeat; did not model the thigh… or any part of the Snail Lady.

  3. Hi Resa, I suffer a skin condition and during my research I never saw anything about snails being good for your skin, however there was some information about “Doctor Fish” which are the sort used in beauty parlours to perform skin exfoliation on people’s feet!

  4. Snail Lady and her slimy, swirly-shelled buddies is one of the coolest art pieces I’ve seen in ages! I really adore her. Here in France a few people do eat snails and I’ll never get used to seeing them sold in certain supermarkets, usually at Christmas. I couldn’t eat one I’m certain. I like their shells patterns, the way they’re like little mobile homes and can supposedly return back to your garden if you move them away – don’t know if that’s an urban myth?
    Don’t think me too gross folks, but in my old garden I let the snails crawl on my hands and it was one of the most pleasant sensations (hope it was for the snails too as they seemed not to mind one bit).
    As for Snail Lady – I think we need more snail art and stories and poems to celebrate snails. Salut l’escargots!

    1. Maybe I’ll hold one next time.
      I like all creatures. I think man has done them a lot of wrong.
      Don’t see snails in the markets here, at least I haven’t.
      I don’t have any more snail art, but I do have a female face with horns. Wondering if it’s the same artist?
      Okay, it’s a grey Sunday, and I’m working on my next Art Gown. Exciting!
      Salut l’escargots!

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