Rhinos’ Playdate

This post is a loving tribute  to all Rhinos.


Gigi made Rhinos for Holly, Beth and Resa. Aren’t they beautiful? They each got to name their own Rhino.

They decided their Rhinos should meet for a playdate in a Flower Fairy Garden.

Of course, where there are flowers, there are butterflies. Hello, Butterfly Boa Lady here! Like me, the Rhinos will be adored by all butterflies.

 Runway belongs to Holly.

Rosy belongs to Resa.

Resa horned in with a little fun with Beth’s fun.

Roland belongs to Beth.

Resa scouted the garden, to make sure there were more than enough flowers for the Rhino’s, and that there would be plenty left for fairies and butterflies.

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Resa photographed this beautiful Rhino & Waterbirds mural in 2014. It’s since been demolished, but if you click on the pic, you can visit the post

Thank you for for taking the time to enjoy our Rhinos Playdate Scrapbook!

Georgiann – Rethinking Life for the gorgeous drawings of Runway, Rosy & Roland

Holly – House of Heart for the beautiful opening poem

Beth – i didn’t have my glasses on for the sweet poems for  Roland, Runway & Rosy

The Butterfly Boa Lady Artist:

Mural, garage door art & Flower Fairy Garden pics © Resa

Toronto, Canada

57 thoughts on “Rhinos’ Playdate

    1. Thank you so much, TVTA! It’s one of those sudden inspiration posts. It all started with a story of Gi’s that has Rhinos in it. Well, one Rhino led t another………… 😀 😀 😀

  1. Timothy Price

    All great poetry, beautiful and fun rhino sketches and wonderful butterfly boa mural. That’s so sad the rhino/water foul mural was demolished.

    1. Thanks Timothy! It was a sudden inspiration type post. Rhinos are like eating peanuts, it’s hard to stop after just one! 😀
      Yeah, I miss that mural. I would pass by it once a month or so. At least I have it recorded here.

  2. Resa, this is absolutely wonderful. It’s just perfect. Delightful and full of whimsy. The mural is amazing and so beautiful. I love this very much. Thank you for all your had work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤

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  5. Dear Resa, I love this, you’ve done such a lovely job of putting this together. The murals are amazing ! Thank you for including me, it’s so beautiful!
    I’ve shared this at House of Heart. ❤

      1. Hyperion

        I think you have discovered the secret to a happy life. The more we celebrate life and our flora and fauna, the happier we become. It’s no wonder I always catch a smile when I visit. 😁

    1. Dale.. Thank you! I think it’s a charming post, and that is largely due to the drawings and poetry.
      I’ve been away on Art Gowns. LOL, I made aa Art Gown for Barbie out of a Schiaparelli tie. It’s been a busy post!

          1. Look, woman! I’m a Manc. You don’t mess with Mancs. Just look at… Robert Shaw from Jaws. He was from Westhoughton! And I bet Quint would beat your ass! Or arse. Whichever you want, madam, I’d go with arse! But then I am British.

              1. There’s actually a wasp’s nest just outside from my flat, which I avoid. But the bumblebee is Manchester’s symbol, I’ll have you know. Literally, it’s the city’s mascot type thing.

    1. We must strive to help animals. BILLIONS are slaughtered each year for food. I’m sickened.
      You are a sweet sensitive person, and I know you will help.
      Please write a poem for them!

      1. I may or may not have a poem about Rhinos. I’ll check and if I don’t…then I will try my best to write a poem about them. I’ll have to watch some documentaries.

        Rhinos are beautiful and adorable creatures of our planet. They need to survive and strive.

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