Boogapony Holly

I found this in an alley, & it made me think of Holly from House Of Heart

Artist: Nicolas Canon

I sent a pic to Holly and asked, “Does this look like you?” She answered positively yes, then mentioned something about ducking lightening.

Artist: Resa

Then I muttered I should be doing graffiti tours in Toronto. Holly said she’d drive the bus. Well, one thing lead to another, and we formed the Boogapony Dancers.

Artist: Nicolas Canon

Of course we would need the perfect outfit to dance in front of graffiti, street art and murals. We came up with the outfit you see here.

UNPLUGGED for acoustic music

Artist: Resa
Artist: Nicolas Canon

PLUGGED for electric music

Artist: Resa
Artist: Nicolas Canon

Alley Art pics taken by Resa –  December 27, 2017

Toronto Canada

Pics of sketches taken January 15 & 16, 2018


88 thoughts on “Boogapony Holly

    1. Hey girl! I’m almost finished my comment for your new post! It’s long, as usual, so I want to proof it in the morning. I’m supposed to be cooking dinner right now! lol
      I don’t know what our gown will come out looking like, I never do, but I forgot I know how to draw fashion sketches.
      Now, I want to draw you, in it! {{HUGS}} up and down our continents!

      1. Please yes, draw me… 😀 ((I can send you a few pics, if you want… No rushes as to comments… I always appreciate your intelligence and enlightening thoughts. You can come over there whenever you can/want!… Hugs ❤

        1. Yay!!! Yes, do send some pics…ones where you like your make up or hair, attitude of pose. It will be very handy to have them. I can hardly wait for Holly to see this post!
          Why did I not draw for so long? xoxo

  1. Ah! Resa! I’m in love with this ! Only you could bring Boogapony Holly to life. Check out those boots, the belt , the upside down heart. You’re a designing genius , hop on the bus, we’ve got places to go, graffiti art to see! A million hugs! XOXO 😘!

  2. “Of course we would need the perfect outfit to dance in front of graffiti, street art and murals”
    I’d luv to see that… Haha… You would both look super! 🙂
    Great art – both!

  3. Carolee Croft

    That’s awesome, ladies! I hope to see the dances one day. I love the costume too. It looks like a flower power superhero. xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Karen! I think I am going to draw more, in the future. I’m not sure why I stopped, but I think it has something to do with the fact that there are so many wonderful artists…. and that my fashion style sketching seems shallow. I might be over that!!!

  4. Tickets for a Holly graffiti dancing bus must be sold out by now. That tour would definitely go viral on YouTube. Keep your pencil sharp dear Resa ! Love Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Yes, dear Ralph, tickets are sold out.
      However, I hear the scalpers are selling counterfeit tickets at a mere $1,000.00 US.
      Cash only! xoxoxoxoxo ❤

  5. Gray Dawster

    This art of yours looks like
    my favourite HQ Harley Quinn
    I didn’t know that you had
    such a fine flair for artistry my
    dear friend. Wow, cool.

    The graffiti art is brilliant too 😉

    Andro xxx

    1. Thank you, Andro! ❤
      I forgot that I knew how to fashion sketch. Well, I remember now, and I have started a few more.
      I think I stopped because it's an odd ilk of art that has almost vanished from the landscape.
      I'm so glad you caught this post! Now I feel like sketching even more! _Resa xxxxxx

  6. Resa, I love your idea of taking Holly and you both dancing to music in the streets while searching for fabulous art murals! Boogapony Holly and what is your “street name?” Bopparocking Resa? Jazmina Resa? You girls made me laugh and giggle! 😊 🤗
    I grew up with psychedelic vans and peace songs with beads around our necks.

    1. So, the group is called the Boogapony Dancers. I’m the lead dancer, Boogapony Resa. Then there are 2 back-up dancers, Boogapony Holly and Boogapony Aquileana.
      I’m really glad it made you giggle! It’s a fantasy whose time has come! 😀 😀
      Hey, those beads are valuable! PEACE!!!

      1. Oh, so sorry I lost the connection! Your band now makes even better sense and hope my silly names were not insulting! Thank you, Resa for helping catch me up on your musical group. I loved Holly’s van photo, too. 💜❤💙

  7. Wow, looks a lot like Holly. I can hardly believe it. 😉
    Resa, your sketch is fantastic. So nice that you gave us a step by step development of your sketch. 🙂
    Yes, please, you should draw more in the future and please share with us.
    XOXO Julia ❤

    1. Aww, thank you Julia! 💗
      I’m working on a couple of sketches of my Art Gowns right now. Aquileana is my model… in the fashion style sketches I do. She will be the Goddess Artemis and Goddess Memnosyne. At least, I hope!
      You must be learning how to sketch at school. I’m glad I took it seriously when I went. I was in college just before computers. I suppose now, on the computer there are templates, etc. but there is nothing like original art.
      Thank you so much, Julia! Resa – XOXO ❤

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