Is this Muhammad Ali?

When I found this, I thought… OMG! Muhammad Ali!

I showed it to someone who is a boxing fan. They said maybe not.

What do you think? Muhammad Ali, or not?

Pics taken by Resa – October 8, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

81 thoughts on “Is this Muhammad Ali?

  1. Timothy Price

    It does look like a young Ali. When I was 6 years old our neighbors had a party where I met a young black man named Cassias Clay. I didn’t know who he was at the time, and then he changed his name.

    1. Wow!! What a great memory. I remember the name – Cassias Clay. I checked with Don and he agrees that it does look like a young Ali. I especially like the halo above the head.

    1. I have tried other artists… on line.
      I don’t often get replies.
      Now, when I bump into artists, while she/he is painting in the alley, the conversations are very cool.

  2. Hi Resa, yes I think this may be a young Cassius Clay. I think the tilt of the head throws off the proportions of his face but that “open guard” stance (gloves held approx shoulder width apart as opposed to a peek-a-boo position) does look like the technique Ali used.

    Ah’m the greatest in all of history
    The best there is the best you’ll ever see….
    Ah’m the champion….and I beat ya all…
    Ah’m so pretty they’ll paint my face on a wall!

    1. I like the halo, too. Not sure what it means. It feels poetic… like he’s an angel in heaven, now! Love ya! Working on that email. I’ve had a massive distraction! Ah… big question for you, too!

  3. I see you have been out mural treasure hunting, Resa. And you came up with gold, as you always do. I remember Muhammad Ali’s discussions with Howard Cosell and his famous quote “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

    1. Gold… yeah!
      I got that thrill is here felling when I found it.
      I was never into boxing, but know many who are. Still, his name goes before him…. and that, I’ve always known.

  4. Definitely! It’s his classic stance, the tilt of the chin…. also the mage that immortalized the words “ float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”…. possibly Time or maybe Life” magazine cover🤔

  5. Not Muhammad Ali but surely Cassias Clay 😉😊 I was a student when he’d become famous and in spite of my antipathy for Box as a sport I liked him and I have tried to watch his fights even when I had get up very early in the morning in Tehran because of the time difference 😅 👍❣

    1. … on the radio…. very cool!
      Ancient is good. You are a wealth of history and knowledge. The way things get rewritten, especially on internet, us older guys who were there can correct things.
      I have corrected a few …. misinformations.

  6. It’s obviously Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali at a younger age. There are photos of him almost at the same pose. Given the halo [like Holly noted], it couldn’t have been anyone else. Artists don’t have to get a photographic resemblance in order to paint a portrait. What an artist paints is what they ‘see’. Brilliant find, Resa! I love it! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Yay!
      It was one of those alley paintings that made me shiver when I found it…the thrill of discovery!

      I agree about artists, and that each have their own unique eye. It’s a beauty of art.
      Whew! Somehow when I embraced that idea, I began drawing the Art Gowns Models.
      Okay, I’m no Picasso or Rembrandt, but I’d like to see them draw you in an Art Gown!

      1. Now, that would be something wouldn’t it?!!!!🤣!!!
        But they’d be too late because YOU have and that’s a privilege enough!!!!
        Can you imagine though Rembrandt painting your Art Gowns?!!!!!! What a ball he’d have!!!!!!
        Sending huge hugs and love love love

  7. It looks like Ali to me. I got Susan an Ali boxing bag and gloves a few years back because she has a mean punch. 😉 Anyway the outline of his silhouette on the bag looks just like your wonderful pics.

  8. It does look like him, with that classic stance. I saw a book the other day about Ali, it didn’t even bother with a title or author name, just had him on the cover. There aren’t many people who could sell a book just by their appearance alone.

            1. I SEE IT!!
              Will do a repost soon.
              I find videos don’t always work on a reblog.
              Hmmm, I’ll try it on the blog I don’t use much… see if it works.

      1. Dahling, I lost my mind trying to get the amazing pic posted on my phone! It wouldn’t show up without an URL. Hope it is rectified now. I need a glass or two of wine now. 🍷🍷 what the heck 🍷🍷

  9. Got a cramp scrolling down to get to the bottom to post my comment 😉 Stopped reading the other ones about halfway
    All that to say that I think this is definitely a very young Muhammed Ali. Beautiful!

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