Mini-Mural Magic in Little India

It’s old, crumbling and wonderful!

This mini-mural runs along a 2 foot high cement support for a wrought iron fence.

This tiger is the first image. All images are separated by wheels.

As it was ground level, & only 2 feet high, a lot of crouching and hunching was involved in capturing this.

I am presenting these images left to right in order, except for the opening peacock pic. Peacock was the perfect showy piece to open with.

Then, the mini-mural wrapped the corner with elephants.

Now the Peacock.

The lotus was the final image.

The very beginning and very end had these guards.

Pics Taken by Resa – March 11, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist is unknown at this time.

This is the front end. I just could not do panos as I went along. My back was not happy with the crouching and hunching, nor were the Sunday strollers.

51 thoughts on “Mini-Mural Magic in Little India

  1. Reblogged this on My Life on the Chicago # 36 Bus and commented:
    Here is another reblog from Resa. I believe that the wall art label as from Little India is from Toronto. I believe that the who and why of the artist would make it much more interesting. Is it folks that lived there or their kids that never saw it and yearn for the experience?

    1. I adore the peacock, too….. and the tiger. (I’m a cat person) I believe I replied to this earlier, but who knows where it went? The cultural aspect is a huge bonus!

  2. You did a great job taking difficult pictures, that’s for sure. I love the tiger. The whole mural is so interesting, with so many different images, all protected by guards at each end. Just wonderful.

  3. All very sweet, Resa.
    The peacock, tiger and lotus flower are all national emblems of India. Of course, the elephant is revered highly, especially in the Hindu religion. It makes me think the occupants must love their treasured homeland enormously to surround themselves with such loved symbols. It would be so interesting to hear from someone with this connection. 🙂

    1. 😀 Interesting about the emblems! I knew about the reverence for elephants, as it should be.
      Little India in Toronto is a wonderful and colorful place. I always adore going there. 😀 😀 xoxoxo

  4. I think your gymnastic exercises have been rewarded, the photos are beautiful, a small … but very nice mural.
    I adore that exotic country, its people and its millenary culture.

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  6. Delighted to see India through you. The artist has shown almost everything one associate with India.
    The wheels could be representing Ashoka Chakra which is seen on the national flag. The sculpture depicts an Apsara ( celestial nymph) writing a love letter.
    Wah India! Wah Resa!

    1. Ahh.. an Apsara! I was wondering about that image.
      I was hoping you would have positive words for this post. I totally thought of you when I found it!
      Thank you, and Wah Sidran! Wah India!

  7. Arletta Ellington

    As always, I so much value your documentation of this ephemeral art! And in addition today, I love geting the insight you give into the hardships you need to master in doing this highly important and inspiring job.

    1. Thank you, Arletta! I appreciate your visits. I do visit your blog occasionally, but it’s not a WP blog…per se, and there is no Follow button. Nonetheless, I appreciate! _resa
      Hmm… should I be calling you Ellington instead of Arletta?

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