From Mexico City!

A friend sent me some graffiti pics from Mexico City!

Photo © Michael Sangregorio
Photo © Michael Sangregori
Photo © Michael Sangregorio
Photo © Michael Sangregorio
Photo © Michael Sangregorio


Pics taken March, 2018

Mexico City, Mexico

Artists are unknown at this time.

Michael does not have a WP blog, but he and Fabio have a restaurant in Toronto. It’s called Local Kitchen and Wine Bar. Click on the logo and check it out. You’ll want to eat there!

48 thoughts on “From Mexico City!

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  3. Oh wow, Resa!! These are fabulous! That second mural is haunting! I just cannot take my eyes from off of it. Please thank Michael for me. If I could get to Toronto I would LOVE to eat at his restaurant! Much LOVE to you, dear special friend! 💝🌹🦋

  4. Picking a favourite, Resa, is not easy. My man is in love with the Rhino!
    Well done to Michael; not only for these fabulous images, but, what seems to be a great restaurant with great home grown ingredients when in season.
    Now there’s a lure! 🙂

    1. The Rhino is a definite outsider in this collection. I like the flying pig, which proves that pigs can fly. So, when you come to Canada, and we meet, The Local can be the place. It’s a very intimate place, perfect for friends and family! xoxo 😀

  5. Arletta Ellington

    Oh, wow! This is an inspiring development of your blog! Getting reports from other graffiti documenters over the World. Makes me glad to see.

    1. Thank you! I do have many other guest posts from around the world. Second image down on my side bar is a lady announcing guest posts. Click on it to see an array of street art from around the globe!

    1. Mexico is a wonderful culture. I especially love the ruins. Palenque was the most breathtaking. I saw those ruins in my 20’s. The Palenque Stone was mesmerizing. I have pics somewhere, slides actually. I need to get them converted!
      Sending hugs, dear Aq! 😀 ❤

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