Shark in the Alley

This is a shark… I think.

Looks like it’s about to gobble up the boats!

It looks like a double garage, with a single beside.

OMG! I so adore the bird on the turtles back!

And the Octopus rocks!

Pics taken by Resa – May 28, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist is unknown at this time


45 thoughts on “Shark in the Alley

  1. This is charming and I think it has a great point. Eat the boats and everyone will be alive and happy. The characters are so sweet and colorful. I love their expressions and the octopus is just adorable. This is wonderful.

    1. My dear Ralph,
      I hope when you say “something about this post which is a bit fishy ” you don’t mean “it stinks” LOL! xoxoxoxo🌹🌹🍷

    1. Trust you to come armed with a disarming comment! Big hug! I got silly busy, recently, and totally want to get over to Moonshake Books! See you there!

  2. Beautiful mural, I love the turtle-taxi, flying over the sea is very hard for the birds and you can not always find a free turtle …
    The shark also transports several birds … maybe he is a shark-bus?

    1. Ah..hahahaha… lol, yes, a free turtle is very difficult to find! LOL! OMG! I did not notice the birds on the shark! Yes, for sure a shark bus! Kisses. (will write soon!) xoxo

    1. OHHhhh! I was sure I had it this time. The teeth, the size of it all said shark to me. It’s only now I notice the goatee.
      Nonetheless, in spite of my inability to recognize many species within the realm of street art, I thank you for your ability. Someone must know the facts, as you do. Also, I adore that you appreciate the cuteness! That’s what blogger friends are for.
      (I really thought I had it nailed this time!)

  3. Carolee Croft

    Looks like some kind of prehistoric fish/shark. Scary! It looks like it’s going to swallow up all the little ships. Reminds me of those ancient legends of the kraken or other scary fish creatures.
    I like the bird and the turtle too! xoxo

      1. Carolee Croft

        It’s in the Greek mythology. You could also see Clash of the Titans, where Liam Neeson shouts: “Release the Kraken!” 😉

        1. I’ll search Kraken in Aquileana’s blog! 😀 Although I’ve learned a lot there, I was a late comer! Clash of the Titans… think I’m scribbling that up with Gladiator!

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