Indulging Conjecture

I can’t think of any poetry more perfectly drenched in metaphor & as sensually delightful than Holly’s.
I can’t think of something more perfect to follow my previous post, Frank’s “Beach Walk Reflections”. I’m closing comments, so if you want to say something about the poem, do it on Holly’s blog!
Here’s reflecting on you, kid!

House of Heart

Pink sand pulls away

from the glistening shore

melting fondant in the

sticky heat

Minute ecosystems inhabit

tiny grottoes in tide pools

of wet sand

Some days I stroll the coast alone

escaping into secret realms of lovers

where there is no logic but

an aching crush I hold to my breast

a passage betweena heart and the

mountains where I left you

Allow me to come undone beneath

tender hands on eggshell

the gentle quake of a sigh upon your

unshaven cheek

Let me   drown in the green river of

your eyes where there

is no threat of war hard silence

or the burden of forgiveness

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