Gimmie Shelter – It’s Just a Kiss Away

I’ve always enjoyed the Rolling Stones.  I was saddened to hear of their tour’s cancellation, due to Mick needing a valve procedure.

The musicians below me jammed a lot to the Rolling Stones a few nights ago. It put me in a purist pencil & paper mood. When they went into a 20 minute jam on Gimmie Shelter, I went scribble crazy.

You can find Gimmie Shelter and Kiss Away in the hair. Ran the sketch through a couple of filters for this post.

Mick begins singing at about 2:25… the backup female vocals are AAAA+++++

Sending healing vibes out into the universe, for Mick!

Scribble Art © Resa

❦ The Chicklets’ Poetry Party Scrapbook ❦

Holly & I were honoured to be guests at the Chicklets Poetry Party. We are the first humans to visit the Coop. It was such a wonderful event, I decided to make a Scrapbook.

I found some vignette sleeves for the pictures, and painted a cover. The painting expresses the movement of the Beat Generation into the Hippy generation.

Joyce and her little sister, Sandie, opened the party. They want you to know if you click on the pics of the party, you can read the poems!

Holly, one of the best poets, ever, wrote a stunning piece. She was accompanied by tambourine. Holly is so cool. She can snap her fingers. I’m still learning how!

Kathy wrote and read 2 poems.

Flicka and her mom were rescued from a factory farm. She read 2 amazing poems by Melanie.

Albert and his best pal Ducky wrote and read a poem each. Albert was rescued from a bunny farm.

Tommy read a poem my cat Johnny wrote for Gi’s cat, Em. It’s called Für Emily.

As I am not a poet, I performed “The Egg” to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, which is poetry in motion. I spent 2 weeks practising hatching, pecking, hopping & strutting.


No expense was spared. In the “Making Of” slideshow you’ll see: the multiple committee meeting, a nest being made & lit for my Egg dance, mikes being adjusted for Chicklets & humans, the tent where Holly & I slept, the special Bunny & Duck slippers that Rosy made for Holly & me, and the Welcoming Committee.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There was an after party, or as we say in film the Wrap Party.

Holly and I send a huge Thank you to Georgiann!

Holly has written this most beautiful poem for the scrapbook. It is especially for Gigi.

All Chiclets Art © Georgiann Carlson

Poem Gigi © Holly, House of Heart

Scrapbook Art © Resa


Crazy Free Art to Music

Once or twice a week, varying professional musicians jam in the space below me. The music pours up through the old wood floors, and fills my apartment.

Holly Lightly

My Art Gown sketches are a bit stiff these days. To loosen up, I decided to draw with the music. No erasing! Just do and go and paint and flow.


These are a few of what I’ve done over the last several weeks. Some of the titles involve special friends!

Georgiann Era

They take 1.5 hours on the average.

Cora Nebulas 

Most are pencil w/ watercolour pencil. Holly Lightly is black sharpies w/watercolour pencils. Cora Nebulas is water colour pencils, only!

Little Richardesque

Dolly Flowers

Amalia Argentina

All images © Resa McConaghy

Toronto, Canada

Ballerina Mustavseena

Madame Madiglipoe

Art in Profiles

I drew my niece. It came out pretty okay. I repeated her profile, & got arty with it.

Aural Essence

20th Century Pop Culture

Woman within Woman

The Watchtower/Thick Jam

Wanna Be

First Experiments

Permanent Wave

All images © Resa McConaghy – December, 2018


SATH – Visual Communicator


Artist: Sath

“The wall with the judge was painted in the village of Son Servera, and it talks about the freedom of speech. A Spanish rapper was condemned to jail just for the lyrics of his songs… ridiculous.”

Artist: Sath

The wall “Congreso De Los Imputados” is about politics.

Artist: Sath

“At the entrance of the Spanish parliament (congreso de los diputados): I changed the word diputados for imputados, (that means imputed). There are 2 lions, so I painted 1 of them (changing the ball for a prisoner ball), to criticize the government and the corruption.”

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

“I also attached the image of the last wall with my project “Som-Riu”. This week I’m gonna start another “Som-Riu” project in another village.”

SOM – RIU is a participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities. Learn more! Visit a previous GLaM post: SOM – RIU. 


Artist: Sath

Sath’s sense of humor is precious, whatever he decides to say with it.

“By the way, this wall painting is the new Spanish gastrobar Broken Eggs by the Galician Chef Jacobo Astray, in Ekkamai. Great selection of wines, craft beers, amazing food and service. All for affordable prices! Buen provecho!”

The CANVAS below is titled: UNI-CORN

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

For the live painting shows, I paint in front of the public during music festivals. They can get tickets to win the painting with a raffle at the end”.

Sath paints B.B.King

I asked Sath about the above shot.

 “The organization in that case was called “renou col-lectiu” that in Catalan language means “collective noise”.

All art © SATH

All photos © via SATH

Sath hails from Mallorca (Spain). He uses spray & acrylic paint to create colorful pieces, slightly surreal.  He uses figurative elements, & impossible situations or actions, but he never neglects the message.

Check out Sath’s Website!

Follow Sath on FaceBook!

Sath sent me a FaceBook link to a short sweet video of himself painting the wall below. I can’t seem to embed the video. It’s not on YouTube, but if you click on the pic below, it will take you to the video. If you do not have a FB account (like me) just click on “Not Now”. You will be able to view it!

Watercolors by Eunice Miller

Eunice Miller is blooming as an artist!

Artist: Eunice Miller

After driving big rigs for many years, at 50, Eunice has done a 180. I was always thrilled to hear one of her tales about being on the road.

Artist: Eunice Miller

Now I’m thrilled to see another work of art from her.

Artist: Eunice Miller

Her painting skills have evolved quickly, and her eye is wonderful.

Artist: Eunice Miller
Artist: Eunice Miller
Artist: Eunice Miller

I am extremely smitten with this painting! Wow, Eunice!

Artist: Eunice Miller


Eunice is a very interesting person. You can learn more about her on her blog: Living and Lovin

As well as painting, she takes a mean photo! Check out some of her photos and paintings, or book a private painting class at: Folsom Mill Studio

There is a cool bio on Eunice’s  Shopping Site where you can buy everything from a-z with her art on it! OR: you can purchase a print from SOCIETY 6 by clicking on the S6 Logo!