Black & White Blues

It was at least a half block away.  I was shaking. Black & white street art is a bit rare.

I was impressed with how great it looked painted on a peeling tin sheet wall.

When I got there, I realized it was not art for art’s sake, but an ad. That made me blue.

OMG! There’s Leonard Cohen’s head just up over the trash can.

I get there, and it’s not art for art’s sake, but an ad about Leonard Cohen’s memorial stamp. I didn’t feel so blue, because I adore him.

I drew this b&w pencil sketch of a famous person, in a couple of hours. It’s a sort of  copy of a b&w photo. I think it looks like the person.

I got all cocky. I thought I would try another famous person, from a b&w photo. I used a technique where I didn’t draw an outline first. Rather I shaded(scribbled) my way in. I spent many nights shading away. In the end, it looks nothing like the person. I was heartbroken, after all that work.

I did a Blue Heron post a couple posts ago. A couple of comments later, Trent writes this song. He has a fancy synthesizer, and does some cool music on it. However, he actually sings the blues in this. He’s good, got feel.

He followed up with “For Her Heartbreak”. I know Trent got a new synth, sort of recently. He’s been working with it on his new pieces. I asked him what the name is. I got this answer:

“I use a Sequential Prophet Rev 2 polyphonic analog synth as my primary poly-synth and I have been using a Behringer Poly D for bass lines, leads, solos, etc. – the Ploy D is a MiniMoog clone.”

This could be of interest for the musicians out there!

The Heartbreak might be in Red, but it’s blue. You can visit Trent on his blog – Trent’s World

Last, but not least, I share this b&w drawing of a blog pal, that I have never met. Her Poetry & Writings can make me feel anywhere from Powder Blue to French Navy and every blue in between. There’s other colours, but this is about B,W & Blue.

113 thoughts on “Black & White Blues

  1. Timothy Price

    Excellent B&Ws. The “last, but not least” of Holly is especially nice. The Great Blues Blues is, well you know, Great! Nice heartbreak.

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      It’s crazy. I draw Holly all the time, but as RR, PBH, AGM Holly and Boogapony.
      This is the only tome I actually just drew Holly.
      I’m glad you like that one. It’s the one that means the most to me.

        1. Thank you, Tim.
          I’ve never met her. I have only seen the pic on her blog, and one other she sent me a year or so ago.
          I think you have it right. It is a portrayal.
          It was done by feel, in a way.

  2. Oh Resa, you have out-spectacular’ed your hot self with this one! I can imagine that blue funk lifting when you realized it was a memorial to the legendary Leonard Cohen. And your talent, it’s positively boundless.

    1. You make me feel like dancing!
      This whole drawing thing is a revelation to me.
      My hot self?
      Well, in my youth I would agree, on a physical level.
      Nonetheless, on another level, I agree (hope hope it’s true) with it now.

      (OMG, the story about when I was sent to visit Charles Bronson) Don’t let me forget any of this!

  3. It’s rare to find black and white street art , shadows I call them. You know I love LC and that Suzanne is one of my favorite songs. The music from Mitch is beautiful, he has a wonderful blog. Thank you for that gorgeous sketch dear Resa, you touch my heart. I Adore you. ❤️

    1. …. and I adore you!
      We have found something profoundly creative, between us.
      I see us, as dancing in the night to music from the band under my bed.
      I see long hair and GoGo boots.
      I see a super strong female hero that we have created.
      I see a wealth of ideas, that we own.

      1. You are a wealth of creativity and in addition you are incredibly fun ( we need to go back to our initial interactions, so funny! ) and Boogapony came alive and the flower children and on and on in the most beautiful outfits of your wildest imagination. You’re a darling, darling. Love you so much !

        1. I might draw these imaginings, but it’s our ribaldry that makes it happen.
          We are a lot of fun together. Boogapony is hot on my drawings list.
          Okay… beautiful zombie girl tonight.
          Darling, darling … you are my only Meece….forever!

    1. Matt! You’re good!
      You got Jean Harlow.
      Mary…not… but it’s the exact same era!
      I figured some would get the first one, but not Jean Harlow.
      I am enjoying trying, and comments like this encourage me to keep on drawing!
      Thank you!

            1. AH!
              She is credited with being the original Vamp, and creating the Vamp look. She is from silent films. Her name is an anagram of Arab Death, so the publicity of her days says.

  4. As always amazing images…but my ears were drawn to the wonderful tunes of Mr McDonald. I swear I could hear elements of Rick Wakeman and YES in Trent’s solo lead sounds (Rick famously played Moogs). Then “For Her Heartbreak” it just needed a steady beating bass note and it would have sounded like a Vangelis theme from Bladerunner (the Roland Jupiter string pad type sounds and the brassy chords). I used to teach music for the local Government’s Youth Services (the department provided youth centres for 12-24 year olds) and the Youth Services Music Department held workshops travelling around various youth clubs. It was well supported by the local musicians and they loaned equipment for the workshop to use and we had the honour of looking after a vintage Minimoog for a couple of weeks. I could have spent years playing on that instrument. (I think my rendition of “Fanfare For The Common Man” sounded quite passable on it!)
    Anyhow enough of me, thanks again for the post/art and I’ll take a look and listen on Trent’s site.

    1. It’s so wonderful that you had a good listen to Trent’s music. He is quite talented, even though he isn’t a musician for his living.
      I see a tech kinda crossover between the 2 of you.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I know you will enjoy Trent’s blog. You must check out his “House of the Rising Sun”! It is in a recent post.

      1. Hi Resa, I already ventured over to Trent’s World and checked out his Rising Sun interpretation and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Winter. Trent has been quick to reply to my comment too. I have to say though his current “studio space” looks much better equipped than my laptop and keyboard!
        Will check out more from him as and when I have the chance..

    2. Thanks again, Tyeth! Rick Wakeman is one of my keyboard heroes. I think when I do that type of solo I just automatically go for a similar sound – it’s what I grew up with and I just love it. I also way too often go towards my other Rick W. hero’s sound – that’s Rick Wright from Pink Floyd – it might not be obvious, but the “horn” sound on The Great Blue’s Blues was inspired by his sound on the song Wish You Were Here. I wasn’t thinking Vangelis as much (I have done a few songs very inspired by him) on Heartbreak, I was going more for an Alan Parson’s sound, or maybe some of Manfred Mann’s keyboard work from the mid 70s. A little more minimal, but….
      I’m sure having the Moog to play with was a blast! The Behringer does sound very close, and the controls are all the same, but there is something about playing the real thing…
      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by my blog.

  5. you’re right, it is so rare to find when looking at street art. it seems to be all about pops of bright colors. I had my pre-k class only use black paint, markers, crayons, glitter, etc. to create a piece of art on white paper. at first, some kept asking ‘where are the colors?’ finally, they relaxed into it and made some really cool pieces.

    1. How interesting, Beth.

      I’m glad the kids did settle into the b&w. I’ve been quite into it lately. It teaches a lot about light and shapes. Then when one goes back to colour, one is an improved artist.
      You students are lucky to have you.

  6. The best blog post I’ve read for a very long time, young Resa. Such fine art, a storyline supporting said art, indeed the whole piece, wonderful…the opening shadows especially your own artwork also. Just what I needed upon my return from the place where doctors use weird weapons and laugh. Regards, TOF

    1. TOF!
      You slay me. I’m trying to get an appointment with said laughing doctors. It’s not that easy right now.
      I’ve turned into a drawing fool….. that’s drawing, not drooling!
      I’m quite happy you enjoyed the post.x

      1. Oh what I time I had with the laughing doctors and, I must say, the wonderful laughing nurse from India. The lunacy of my abject fear upon visitation to said hospital turned out to be more fun that the agony I’d thought likely. From the moment I arrived all, to me, was a confusion of wandering thoughts. In the beginning the lovely nurse lead me to my room; told me to discard my kit and put on a gown of sorts. For reasons of modesty she left the room. Upon her return she burst into laughter. ‘Do you realize you put it on back to front and inside out? If you don’t mind I’ll put it on properly for you.’ I said OK. It was only then I thought, there’s me, dressed in just a mask and glasses that have steamed up. No wonder she was laughing…as was I. From there onward the lunacy of life that has always been my best friend took hold. I really must write a book about this one day. By the way, young Resa I’ll be sending you the Mayday book this coming week. Regards, TOF

  7. Oh, Resa dahling, what a post!!!! I adore how you did Jean… you brought out her figure beautifully from the dark! First one I didn’t remember the name, however I remember seeing her photo. Very very well done, dahling! That shadow man is a great find and of course L.C.! I’m so glad you added Trent’s music here. He’s a brilliant musician [painter, photographer & writer] and a good friend.
    I also love Holly’s drawing! She’s perfect [as she is truly is!]
    Mouah, my talented friend!!!!! Love and hugs your way!
    …from Hera too …. yep, sponges out!

    1. Thanks, dahling!
      Theda Bara (an anagram of Arab Death) is credited with coming up with the Vamp look. The say she is the original Vamp.
      Yes, I caught Jeans body, but the face evaded me.
      I thought Trent did amazing with the singing! Impressive.
      It was interesting to draw a Holly, not an RR, or PBH, or AGM Holly or Boogapony.

  8. You are so talented Resa! I wouldn’t have come up with Theda Bara, but yes, of course. Beautiful sketch of Holly-Rene.
    And what a great post with all your work–plus Leonard Cohen and blues!

  9. Street art for an ad… I can see why that black and white leaves you blue, though I do like the Leonard Cohen, and it is an ad for a stamp celebrating his life, not for money, so, yeah, can’t be blue about that…
    I like the new drawings – I actually love the negative space one, even if it doesn’t look like the famous person you were aiming for.
    And thank you so much for including my music in the post! I will go back through later this morning and read comments and answer any directed at me.

    1. OK, I see the identities. Theda Bara is someone I have seen often, but don’t know. I should have guessed silent era because of the makeup. I was thinking the right era for Jean Harlow and when I saw here name I knew it was her, but didn’t guess it. (I like the drawing of Holly as well, but that is different…)

      1. Theda Bara is accredited with being the original Vamp, and creating the look.
        I wish Jean would have come out looking more like her. I got the body good, but the face is not hers.
        Holly is my fave to draw. I suppose as I’ve been drawing all of her characters for 4 years now, it’s easy just to pick up a pencil and go there.

        1. I don’t care if you don’t think it looks enough like Jean, it is a great drawing 🙂 Even though Holly is herself here, all of the AGM (did I get that right?) drawings are fun.

          1. Thanks Trent. Yeah, I agree it is a great drawing. I just wish I could have taken it all the way. I will try something else just as difficult. I’m working on a b&w pencil commission, so everything helps me understand.
            Yeah.. the AGMs…Art Gowns Models.
            I adore them all. They inspire me. Your singing really inspired me!

            1. Yes, we have to push ourselves and do difficult things to get better – I’ve done enough drawing to know that is very difficult, though I’d love it even if I didn’t. Hope the commission goes well 🙂
              Glad I inspired you, as you very mush was my muse for those two songs.

    2. Trent, I’m thrilled you like the post. Thank you for your your lovely comment.
      Even better, thank you for your fab music. I know it made you hoarse, but you sang the blues, beautifully.

      1. Thanks, Resa. Oh, I plan on re-blogging this tomorrow – I was going to today, but ended up doing other things beside the blog all day, so… (I ripped apart my “studio” and rebuilt it so it will fit my new mixer when it comes 😉 ).

        1. Hahaha!
          Sorry… Norm is like that all the time. It’s quite crazy how much gear is involved with music.
          Yes, I know Garbage Band & other programs work, but once a musician gets into the nitty gritty…..
          You must play piano? Or, some other instrument. You seem far too, developed to only program.
          NOT knocking programming!
          I guess I’m a tad old fashioned sometimes. Cripes, I get to hear live music by some hard core players, a lot. Unfortunately recently it’s scheduled around Covid outbreaks.
          OMG!!! A new mixer! Cool.

          1. lol, must be something with musicians and tech…
            I do play the piano, though I’m not great. For the most part, if you hear something recorded that I did, I played it by hand on a keyboard. I often cringe when I listen, because I hear all of the mistakes I made 😉 I also am awful at saying, “close enough!” when I record something and not doing a better version – I’ve been working on this a lot and re-recording more, but things like the lead of For Her Heartbreak, that was first take, no rehearsal, but there are a few places where I forgot what chord was coming, so I cringe at all of those moments….

    1. Eddie, yes, the blues are here with us until we are no more.
      I’ve been drawing up a storm using only pencils. I’ve been learning a lot about light and shape.
      I think when I go back to colour, I’ll be a better artist.
      Hugs and smiles for the miles, Eddie! x

    1. Yes, it is noon somewhere! I’m waiting unto 1 today! Lol. Pre- clink!
      I’ve traversed the frontier of my desktop to answer this, while commenting on your frontier post!

  10. Oh Sorceress! Is there no end to all your talents? I love your drawings and while you might be disappointed with that blonde bombshell, I think she is gorgeous. Makes me think of a Marilyn Monroe type. You capture beautiful Holly spectacularly!
    As for that street art – ads or not, they are both stunning.
    Trent’s music is a great addition to this multi-layered post.
    You are amazing 👸🏻✨

    1. Thunder! I love the new look on my sorceress emoji!
      Lol! Gotta get Marc’s scalp outta my imagination.

      I’ve always been fascinated by Jean Harlow. She is the original blonde bombshell.
      I got her body right on, but I would have loved to capture her face better.
      One of the aspects of her beauty is that Hollywood had not defined beauty yet. A woman’s facial character was an asset.
      No nose jobs, lifts, boobs, etc. Real people….
      Glad you like the entire post. I’ve been a bit remiss lately. I can’t stop drawing, and the next Art Gown is under way. ⚡️💥

      1. Thanks! I’m about to update it again!
        And LOL! too funny.

        Jean Harlow was definitely that. And honestly, I really feel like you captured her essence.
        Women were natural women back then.
        I really did and how fabulous that you are feeling compelled to draw. we are all luckier for it! 👸🏻✨

            1. I put a drawing in a comments box on Marc’s blog’s most recent post. It’s a drawing I did, and he was in the back of my mind. I hope he likes it! xoxo

    1. I can see why the first image gave you chills.
      I could be Dustin or Cody walking through the catacombs.
      I have to say drawing is keeping me sane. I wonder what Madlyn’s gown looks like here, and then there.
      I’m on chapter 16. I might be a slow reader, but I am a steadfast retainer of the info.
      You are a fabulous writer.
      I look forward to reviewing The Sorcerer’s Garden…….. eventually!
      PS. If I don’t come by right away to visit, it’s because I’m spending the time in the tower.

      1. LOL. I love your comment, Resa. And so glad you’re enjoying the crazy book. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m traveling a bit and won’t be home until Tuesday, but had to pop by and see what you were up to! Happy Drawing, my friend. Whatever keeps you sane. Hugs.

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  12. I am delighted that you introduced me to Trent, Resa. I have just subscribed to his YouTube Channel and have the settings to receive all of his updates. Trent – love how you brought the Blue Heron alive. And I LOVE your sketches, Resa.

    The Black and White street mural has a dystopian feel that is so relevant now. I felt a dramatic response to the positioning of light to body, the hands by the side, the head tilted down. The emotional content is riveting. And our dear Leonard Cohen – a light in music.

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