Pollution Bites

I thought, oh what a nice colorful mural!.

Bites #4

Until I really started looking at it.

If you’ve ever seen a documentary on the ill fate of the beautiful polar bears, I know you are a changed person.

Bites #2

Perhaps it’s because we humans are the polluters that I do not feel sorry foe us, but I truly feel for the animals.

Bites #3

Dundas St. W. just west of Ossington

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I believe we’ve learned a lot, but are we doing anything? When it comes to pollution maybe it’s really humans that bite!

Bites #1

Pic taken by Resa, on March 14, 2014

Toronto, Canada

31 thoughts on “Pollution Bites

  1. Beautiful and full of sorrow at the same time, I would not want to meet face to face any of those two, shark and polar bear, although working up north I’ve been close enough of a polar bear, but it is sad that mankind will probably destroy them both and many others….art could be beautiful and sorrowful.

      1. Yes, they were a few hundred meters from us, I was with a construction crew on a weather station, north of Beaufort sea, it is really a majestic animal, dangerous but so beautiful. One day I have to transfer all those slides I took up there there is some breathtaking landscapes.

        1. Wow! You really should at least transfer some of the slides. Not everyone gets to see north of the Beaufort.
          It’s hard to think Polar Bears are dangerous, especially when you watch them with their cubs.
          They are soooo adorable!

          1. I don’t there was many incident, but I heard of a few in Churchill, Manitoba. the go through that area to go on the iceshield of Hudson’s bay, and before they can go there is a lot of them around the town, so they can be dangerous when they are hungry or feed in dumps and then they come closer and closer from human habitats, so incidents are more likely to occur. but they are mainly a magnificent animal to treat with respect and awe. As for the photo, it will probably be costly but I intend to do that in the very near future. I also have many slides I took while traveling western Europe during a whole year…I must do it.

            1. Is there not some kind of slide scanner to hook to the computer so you can do it yourself? Then perhaps you could control the cost.
              Of course it would be time….

              1. My old scanner could do it, 2 at a time, and I had to dismount the slide, the result were ok, but it doesn’t do it anymore, tried to find the driver, but I think it is broken, but maybe I could look into something, there is a good photography store nearby, I should go there and see and try not buy too many things, like a better camera…I will look into that, among many things I have to look at…

  2. Great shots and great mural. It reminded me of a a print that I bought a few years ago by Kozyndan called Pacific Drift. At first glance it appears to be quite a pleasant ocean scene. Actually it is quite understated but is their comment on the amount of waste plastic polluting the ocean. I found a site which has some images that can be clicked on to enlarge them but maybe you’ll find some better if you google it. The one I found is here: http://aliceisnotinwonderland.blogspot.co.uk/2008/06/pacific-drift-new-kozyndan-panoramic.html
    Kozyndan artwork is often incredibly detailed and often features rabbits or fish that look like rabbits! If you don’t know their work I think you’ll enjoy a visit to their website http://www.kozyndan.com/
    Best wishes… 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      I checked out the sites and see what you are saying.
      There is similarities in style, and the social commentary is along the same line.
      The “Street Art” is far apart in miles.
      The “Street Art” is close at heart.

  3. zingara1961

    Juste c’est nous les responsables !
    L’ homme détruit pollue viole tue trahis et j’en passes … Le pire !! On le sait !!!

    1. Well Bill, it seems we haven’t planned very well at all for our co-products. They are piling up out of order. I know we are getting more organized now up here in Canada with separating and recycling, but it seems we are coming from behind.

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