The Dirty Bird

Elicsr has built a lovely flirtation into this mural.

Artist: Elicsr

In an area of Toronto heavy with street art, Elicsr holds fast his creative style,

Artist: Elicsr

…while making some coin doing a commercial mural.

Artist: Elicsr

He has put eons into painting the streets & alleys of Toronto.

Artist: Elicsr

Oddly enough, The Dirty Bird is a waffles & chicken joint.

Artist: Elicsr

I like waffles!

Artist: Elicsr
Artist: Elicsr

I imagine this is made from fresh frozen strawberries & almond milk. In reality, a classic milkshake.

Artist: Elicsr

Lots of maple syrup.

Artist: Elicsr

Waffle sandwiches?

Artist: Elicsr

Pics taken by Resa – January, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

I have a new category: Commercial Murals

Artist: Elicsr

35 thoughts on “The Dirty Bird

    1. Howdy!Yes it looks fab! I was on your blog looking for a street art article. Is there one? You had mentioned having written something. Let me know where to look!

        1. Found the post! Well done! I sent you an email to the email address attached to your blog. I would like to feature the post and your blog in the near future. I explained how I would like to do it, and that it is completely fine if you do not want to! The mail is from Resa Swork. If you don’t get it, check your emails SPAM. Many times the first mail from someone can go into SPAM. 😀

  1. A wonderful artist and great shots Resa. I never considered the possibly of commercial wall art. I don’t know why! It’s a great idea to make a living doing what you love. Thanks for introducing me to Elicsr. And I look forward to seeing future shots of commercial arts. Totally intrigued! ♥️🌺

    1. Goodness knows many of the artists could use the income. Elicsr has been beautifying our alleys and streets for a decade. I didn’t know any of the artists when I started this blog, so there are none of their names in the categories. I’ve got a page in the menu with a drop down with some of their names. Of course I’m totally behind, as it is a lot of work to catch up now. However, there is an Elicsr page up there. Sending a big hug! ❤

  2. An interesting concept, Resa; commercial wall art. I can imagine the city councillors will see revenue clinking a toast… 🍷 if advertising/promotion is involved… Do you know of this?
    The mural sure is a lot of fun; the faces are gorgeous.. 🙂

    1. The City may have paid for the paint, as Toronto has a program in place. The restaurant would have to pay the artist. Sometimes, people give a wall to an artist, the city donates the paint, and the artist donates his/her time for free. However, as this advertises the restaurant, I’m sure the Artist got paid, handsomely! 😀 xoxoxo

      1. This is a great program! I love that people ‘donate’ walls; it’s a win/win for all. And the artist gets recognition as well as earning a living… It’s kind of like ‘sign painters’ only with a free flow of creativity…. Fabulous! 🙂

  3. I love the detail on this one, right down to their sneakers peaking out under the table! The dripping syrup on those waffles has my mouth watering… 😉

    1. I love waffles with maple syrup! 😀 Elicsr has a unique style, and always lots of detail! Hope you are having a wonderful week! ❤

      1. OK when I visit there or you visit here then we’re totally having brunch –>> waffles and smiles 🙂 Thank you, I was away last weekend and had a nice time. Now catching up. I hope you’re doing well too xo

  4. Very cool, dear Resa… That sandwich is huge!… With this rainy, cold day, sounds like something I could eat right now 😀 Love & best wishes, my friend 🙂 ❤

    1. Haha! Yes, the sandwich is massive. They make them from waffles, not bread. I can eat 1 waffle with maple syrup. LOL! Is rainy part of the weather for Buenos Aries winters? Love and best wishes to you too! ❤ 😀 ❤

      1. Sandwich made from waffles!…. Sounds great. I´ll have to try it at home one day (never did, but have a waffle maker! 😉 !). I don´t know why it is raining so much ☔️💧Rainy streak, for sure. 🤨 It tends to rain more during summer though!… 😘 💕

  5. Carolee Croft

    This makes me hungry for chicken and waffles. Maybe not together, although you never know, what if they taste surprisingly good together?

    1. Waffles are delicious! Chicken… well I’m a veggie, so I’ll just go with the waffles!
      I think waffle sandwiches might be unique. They do good business at The Dirty Bird, so it must be a tasty trip!

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