Resa In Wonderland

So, I found this alley that was like Alice’s Wonderland, in a way.


Then, when I went to post it, the Classic Editor was GONE. Now, I’m in another type of wonderland.


I had a lovely chat with one of the happiness engineers. 


I’m not getting my old editor back, but there is an classic-ish option within the blockhead. I’m using that for as long as possible.


I was quite upset, wanted to cancel my account. However, I’ve made so many pals out here, that I just could not bear the thought of not blogging.


“Mmm, think I’ll ask Frog around the corner if he wants a puff!”


“No Thanks! I’m smokin’ Damsel Flies!”


Pics taken by Resa – August 1 – 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:


The Artists helpers:



Frog & Fly Artist



133 thoughts on “Resa In Wonderland

  1. Wow! What a wonderful comic book, on walls. I hope we will have more of this, making our environment much more happy. Thank you for sharing, Resa. I hope you are well, enjoy life, and maybe were vaccinated. BTW: The only country we are not hearing any regrets and rantings in this crisis is Canada. You seem much more balanced. Best wishes, Michael

    1. Hello!
      We need all the happiness we can find, get or create!
      I am half vaccinated, 1 shot last week.
      No regrets & rantings from Canada?
      Well, we are a balanced bunch, but give the virus time. It will made worm’s meat of us. (Stolen and paraphrased from Romeo & Juliette)

      1. Congratulations, Resa! Good to hear about people not beeing concernd like most of our Germans, and also a parliament is knowing what have to be done. πŸ˜‰ Lol, i am more thinking on the Resident Evil series these days. πŸ™‚ Dont worry, i am sure all will get wonderful. Have a nice rest of the week, Resa! Take care! Michael

  2. Timothy Price

    Totally Go Ask Alice. I think Lewis Carroll would approve. I love the blacklight colors and the painting styles. Totally trippy.

    1. Agree! I saw a pic of this beer drinking Cheshire, somewhere. In the shot was a sliver of a praying mantis. You can see it in the header pic. Lol! I knew exactly where that alley is.
      Street art hunting can be very satisfying!

  3. Beautiful art dear Resa… And loved the Cat…
    Amazing Dragonfly too…. This artwork certainly brought colour to Building…

    Re; Editing….. Yes they did that a while ago to me and when I returned recently I find my usual route into my Dashboard also gone… Why they say these are improvements when things have been working perfectly before..! ….
    I feel it takes twice as long to post in the block edit .. I have experimented and prefer the Classic.

    May the world keep adding colour in drab corners…. and may we all keep creating in beauty..

    Much love your way dear Resa.. ❀

    1. I know, many are frustrated with the constant tech upgrades. It’s not just WP, it’s Apple, it’s hardware as well as Software and internet platforms.
      I’m using the “Classic” option on the blockhead page. Hopefully WP will at least let that remain.
      Right now the blockheads don’t make any sense to me.
      Much love and light your way, dear Sue! ❀

      1. It took a while to get around to understanding the block edit Resa.. Then I was off for a month and I am learning all over .. So went back to what I know.. the Classic.. LOL… πŸ™‚ My brain is just too tired of late to cope.. ❀ πŸ™‚ ❀ Have a wonderful Easter.. ❀

    1. YES, the Duchess! That’s who AGM Shey will be with her otherworld beau in the next episode of PBH & the AGMs. After all, your guy is a Count!
      1,2,3,4,5 ….. I’ll figure something out. Brilliant!

  4. Melanie wrote all the instructions of how to get back to Classic Editor on my blog. Scroll down and find it from a few days ago. I was ready to quit right then and there. I hate that block thing. So she figured it out. I’ll look for it and send it to you. I absolutely LOVE this street art. The Cheshire cat is fabulous, the colors outstanding and the whole thing is just plain great.

    1. Meeces, love you to pieces!
      I agree, these are fun bits, and fun is much welcome right now.

      In spite of the annoying changes, I am not willing to give up my friends out here. If anything, I need them all more than ever.

      Our Premier has put the entire province of Ontario into a shut down. Too many people were sneaking out of the bigger cities, and out to smaller cities and towns for things like gyms, haircuts, restaurants… parties…religious services. So now it’s all shut for 28 days, while we vaccinate more people.
      The 17 variant has taken over.

      I just know the street artists will be busy, and as my ankle reaches 100% capacity, I will go for longer walks to find art.

      In the meantime, I took your advice and went through my photo archives. I found 50 pieces of art I can post!!!!!! xoxoxo

      1. It’s so great to hear your ankle Is getting back to optimum, I knew your archive was probably a treasure trove !
        I’ve been completely exhausted lately and will need to go into mine once again.
        I love the gravatar , lollipop toes!!
        Love you Meeces!
        We’ve overlooked a lot of WP β€œsurprises β€œ to stay in touch with these dear lovable comrades of ours. Our sweet partners in β€œcrime”. I get that for sure!
        Hugs lovely!

  5. Yeah takes awhile to get used to, but I had no choice but to learn to use it when I was Arts Editor on an online publication. I prefer it now. 😁 As always you find the coolest street artist’s up North.

    1. Thanks Matt!
      Well, I’m using the Classic Editor that the Block page is allowing, at least for now.
      I need to find time to try and conquer blocks.
      I’m creative, but not in the block way.

      There should be a slew of new art in the alleys soon! I’m so excited! πŸ˜€

        1. Sometimes.
          When something gets old and faded, or tagged to death, the same artist might paint over it, or they call the person who did it, and ask if they mind.
          Mostly there’s more and more spots, predominantly in alleys.
          gGraffiti Alley is the place where most paint overs happen. Sad, but condos are going up there, so it will probably have to fade away.
          Still, there’s LOTS of spots, and there are scads of people who want their garage doors painted, complete alleys filled with art. It’s a wonderful thing.

  6. Wonderland never ceases to amaze with it’s crazy characters and scenes. Another great find and one that reminds me of my Grandfather once more, both he and my dad were well known for painting Disney and Lewis Carroll characters. They decorated the children’s ward at a hospital once and I’m pretty sure the Cheshire Cat had a place on the walls (I’ve seen a pencil sketch my dad did).
    Regards WP and the editor…I have been using the block editor for quite a few months now and have gotten used to it. I can either type a post on the fly (which I usually do) or I sometimes type up a post in a word processor and cut/paste it into the WP Editor. Then for me it is a matter of inserting the galleries of my saber renders.
    However….I did notice that WP have “updated” my site’s Dashboard and now it can be configured to have preset colour themes such as “Midnight” or “High Contrast” ect. But if I recall correctly I was able to set this colour scheme option before anyway in Settings and Preferences!
    Thanks as always and stay safe and well on your ventures.

    1. How fabulous about your dad and grandfather painting a children’s ward with Lewis Carrol characters!
      Wonderful memory! Do you have the pencil sketch? That would be a treasure.
      Yes, I have the colourfied updated dash.
      When I have time, I’ll try the blockhead editor. However, I’ve got so much drawing, walking to find street art and Art Gown making to do that I’m sure to put it off!
      I will stay safe, and you will, too! Cheers!

      1. Sadly no I don’t have any sketches but I do have a few old faded photos in storage of my Grandfather on the local beach with one of his horse drawn carriage rides that he built/painted. He would give rides out to the waterline and back for around 10 cents. The carriages were animal themed and became very well known in the area – the photos featured in the local newspaper.

  7. Only the Happiness engineer’s smile remained when s/he vanished after a riddle.
    (don’t cancel)
    This new editor is rather stupid but I’ve caught the hang of it.
    The way you ” write”, all you have to dois:
    1) Write your text, title. Enter.
    2) go to the right there is a black + sign Pick on it, there are about 3 steps to load your pix. At first, you will have to scroll the menu for an image icon.
    3) Once you’re in the media library it works as before, select an image
    4) The image is there? on the menu there’s an alignment command, easy to recognize, allows you to center the image
    5) Once the image is there, “enter”. Write your text, go back to 2) to pick another image. (don’t use the captions) Don’t use the paragraph option either, just a waste of your time.
    6) You don’t seem to be doing tags or categories (which you might want to do) So you won’t really need the “Wheel” tools option upper right.
    VoilΓ . Hope it helps. πŸ™πŸ»

    1. Thank you for the tips!
      I’ll copy this comment onto a notepad.
      The oddest thing is that I do have categories and tags. I can see them when I look at my post.Funny you can’t see them. Are you using the reader? Maybe they just aren’t showing up in the reader?
      Just another wrinkle to iron out!

      You are a huge help! I love having you here! xo

      1. No, you’re right, the tags are there. Just a different presentation form my “theme”. Which at any rate is not really for readers, but for search engines. You’re fine.

  8. Resa, I *love* these murals. You did a great job of using them to tell your story — although I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this. I’m happy you decided to stay here in the blogosphere with us.
    As for the WordPress editor, I’ve been copying old posts — and replacing the words and images inside them.
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing these wonderful murals. You’re the cat’s pajamas!

    1. Thank you, Teagan!
      It was lots of fun finding this colourful world in a dark, dank alley.
      It’s quite the creative endeavour the way folks are finding ways to NOT use the blockhead editor.
      It would be difficult to leave this blogosphere. I have found so many wonderful, talented, creative and friendly people here.
      What’s that old saying?….. ah… never give up a gold mine!
      Bee’s Knees to you!

  9. Darlin’ Resa,

    This is a wonderful mural.
    Let me go get the how-to I gave John and Robin and a few others πŸ™‚
    On the top right, in the black line, beside the notification bell is your picture (or whatever image you have chosen). Click on that and it will bring you to your your Profile. On the left you will see Account Settings. Click on that and scroll down and you will see Interface Settings, just below that is a button under Dashboard Appearance. Click it until it is black. Scroll down under the colour options and save. You will have the main editor back and when you click on Posts, at the top you have the Add New and you can choose classic editor.
    Ta dah!

    1. I can’t thank you enough, Dale! The happiness engineers didn’t know that and I’d been really angry having lost bulk changes to my posts and other functions that are obsolete in the new dashboard! You made my day!!!!! THANK YOU! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. How ironic that they call themselves the “happiness engineers” – and they do know this but they choose not to share.
        I am so glad I was able to help out. Who knows if they will keep that option there or not… I would not trust them! xoxoxo

          1. It’s been the same cry heard around the world. Does WP listen? No, they don’t give a F***…
            However, I am so very glad I was able to help! xoxoxo

    2. Thanks Dale! I had another way around it. Then that got cut off. AGM Gi gave me the same tip, as you.
      ODD, but It was on Black… when I changed to Blue, it worked.
      What big surprise is next!
      MOUSH!!!! erm… I mean MOUAH!!!

      1. Yes… we were all using that other way around it… Glad Gigi helped you, too!
        Yeah, this is strange. But hey… at least it worked!

  10. Love the mural and the sheepish grin on the cat. Beautiful colors. The look also fits your thoughts about losing the classic editor. Personally, I saw it coming, so I’m glad I switched to the Block when I did. It’s not that I’m a Block supporter – but I know I saved myself a lot of grief.

    1. Yes, we live in a cartoon world, in some ways!
      Some of us have definitely made the change. The restivus are hanging on! I’ll be by for a Beach walk later! I might have an idea for a topic we can colab on!

  11. I, like Frank, switched to the block editor some time ago. But there’s been a lot of chatter about the changeover and all the issues. Good old WP. I’ve only tried to contact them once and never got an answer. I raised the same thing in the comment section of the latest “help” post but never got a response either. So much for happiness engineers. Sigh. But I love your find. πŸ™‚ Good luck with WP.


    1. Janet,
      It’s great to know some have made the switch.
      I believe could invest the time…. but I’ve got pics to draw, gowns to make and photos of street art to take.
      How much time did you invest to learn it?

      1. I don’t really remember, Resa, because it was quite some time ago when they announced the switch. I remember there were some glitches and plenty of irritation because things “weren’t like they used to be”, but I staggered along and got it, at least at my elementary level. Heck, I’ve never even changed my blog theme, so you can see where I’m at. πŸ™‚

  12. 90% of Torontian (a word?) graffiti appears to be psychedelic. But in a good way. Not that I diss! It’s just, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to just do a great big hamster being cool or something. But in a non-psychedelic way.

    1. Torontonian is used here!
      I think I might have seen a hamster… or something hamster like. I need to check photo files. Any hamsters will be dedicated to you!

  13. I’m blogging with the Gutenberg Editor since two years or so, and I assure you, you’ll get used to it. πŸ˜‰
    Love the imaginative beasts of that wall, especially the Cheshire Cat and its grin – happy, drunk, and somehow malicious…
    Stay safe, dear Resa!

    1. Okay, I’ll believe you about the editor. You might be smarter than me with that kind of tekkie thing.
      The wall art is a lot of fun. The alley is narrow and dark. The art makes the walls come alive. I love it!! Happy Easter, and you stay safe, too!

  14. Oh, Alice’s Wonderland indeed!!!! An instant smile provider!
    On WP… I just saw Dale’s comment and I’ll go try it afterwards. Meantime -eventhough I’ve been using the block editor with only minor problems- tossing the old dashboard really gets on my nerves! My main question is why change something that works well? Then I ask, why replace it with something with less features [example: on posts page, you can’t do bulk changes!] Happiness engineers couldn’t answer that. Like Goya says and paints in an aquatint “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”! How very wise! πŸ˜‰
    Meantime: HAPPY APRIL!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. As someone said above, the murals are very Go Ask Alice! Very colorful!

    And WP is sometimes like going down a rabbit hole.

    Good luck with WP. I had thought everyone was forced to change a while ago. I’m sort of used to it now. . .

    1. I remember you mentioning using the new editor in a post awhile ago.
      I think that inasmuch as WP would love everyone to switch, the resistance from paying customers is still a huge consideration. The old editor is there, but one has to find their own way to it. They also have a classic form within the new editor. It looks different, but works the same.

      Rabbit holes for Easter! Happy Easter, Merril!

  16. Oh OH I just love this, Resa!!! Pictures and the bright colors are all something all of us need to focus upon ….. come on, let’s get back to happiness and bright life!!! As for the editor …. yep, me too, and after a chat with a happiness engineer, who was very nice, she guided me how to use the classic form. It’s still quite not the same, yet it will do. Life is too short to get angry and stay that way. Glad to see you opted to work with what we have now and make it a part of your standard posts. YAY for you!!! xo

    1. I agree about the editor. I also was shown the classic option within the new editor. It looks different, but works the same.
      I don’t like being angry. It gives me heart burn. Also, contentment &/or happiness leads to my being creative.
      Happy you like the art, the colours. It really brightened up the dank alley.
      Cheers to you, dear Amy!
      Happy Easter! πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£

        1. Hppy Easter…it’s still Easter Monday!
          I was on your blog but got called away before I could enjoy it. Things are a bit hectic around here! I’ll be back!
          Much love back to you! xoxoxoxo

  17. “Now I’m in another type of wonderland” 🀣🀣
    I know that feeling πŸ˜‰ There are many kinds of ‘wonders’ when you are blogging!!
    Great you stay, Resa ❀
    Happy Easter πŸ€—

    1. Thank you, Hanna! Have a Happy Easter!

  18. Thank you Resa. I love these playful and colorful murals, especially the cat! I’m with you on not liking the new editors. Meanwhile, I love our community. Thanks for adding so much love and creativity.

    1. Yes, we have a FAB community!
      Happy Easter, or Happy Long Weekend… whatever works for you!

  19. Thank you for staying and bring glamour, art, and fun to our community, Resa. WordPress, like life, is complex and subject to sudden change. β€œI’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.”Cheshire Cat. Sending hugs! P.S. I would follow you down the rabbit hole any day!!

    1. Art Director Rebecca!
      You now have the magic Black Bamboo from Tim’s magic tree sanctuary. I am thrilled!
      The good thing is, that if you did follow me down a rabbit hole, we’d be safe because of the Black Bamboo!
      It’s taking me forever to answer comments. Apologies! Between my ankle slowing me down, my sister almost croaking & drawing Dracula’s in the evenings, I seem to have less blogging time.
      I have a paid commission to do a Dracula pencil drawing. I’m using the practice ones to create a Goth boyfriend for SheyGoth in the next episode.
      I never thought in my wildest dream that I would draw a Frankenstein or Dracula. However, they have challenged my abilities, and that is leading to a good place.
      Happy Easter! πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£πŸ°πŸ’žπŸ·πŸŒ·πŸ«πŸŽΌπŸ£

      1. You have been in my thoughts these past days. I continue to send positive thoughts your way for strength and healing. The Black Bamboo is a symbol of resilience!! It came at the right time. Take care of yourself – I love your comments, but I know that you are with me β€œin spirit” even without your comments. Hugs and more hugs. Oh, exciting about Dracula. I understand completed about challenges β€œleading to a good place.” A wonderful Easter thought!

        1. The Black Bamboo is a stoke of great luck.
          I’m thrilled about how Dracula is coming along.
          Of course for the next episode, I’m thinking more like – Viscount Vile … he’s taken SheyGoth for his wife in otherworld!

  20. Toronto is really become an artists’city . Those murals have a real style and shows a rich imagination.
    Thanks Resa to to show us the wealth of the streets of your town.
    love ❀

    1. You are very welcome, Michel!
      I am excited to see what the artists do this year.
      The alleys are more safe than the main streets now. There are many on the street, only a rare person in the alley.

  21. WordPress; they really know how to upset their paying customers. What was once a simple, quick and even pleasant job to post or edit is now a dog’s dinner. Tried blocks, hated it. Still using the classic editor for as long I can, but aware it will disappear for good real soon.
    Good job, Resa, your post has some wonderful Wonderland art to help take away the sting 😍😍
    Thanks as always for the great share X

    1. I know!
      I found my way back to the Classic Editor thanks to blog pals. The WP happiness engineers don’t tell you how to do that. Although, if you read deeply enough into their new looking format, you’ll find it.
      Even at that, it’s now I have to read more, again, to learn what they are up to.

      It is fun art, and every time I post something fun, I do feel better.
      Did you see my new Art Gown? Her name is Spring Rhapsody, and she made me very happy! xo 😍😍

      1. The new art gown. Oh yes, it’s noted and will give it proper attention on my upcoming days off πŸ™‚ Brilliant you can keep up the creative edge in these bad times, not just with the gowns but the street art showcases :)X You’re right, posting something fun is so good for the soul!

  22. That cheeky cat with the gold tooth can light up the darkest alley.
    I am not yet ready to explore the challenging new WP, seems like a jigsaw puzzle. Keep walking, Resa. How was the first shot?

  23. The cats impish smile is so mischievous but perfect too.
    You find the greatest mural to photograph, Resa.
    They’re always a pleasure to view. Smiling at their whimsea.
    I absorb all comments on WP new format. Its certainly not what we paid for.
    I wasnt asked about changing it. I guess we can pay but not question.
    Have a safe hump day .

  24. I’m still using the classic editor and love it, I’m sorry that you’ve lost it 😭 I’m glad you’re sticking around though because you bring so many smiles with your posts! Alice in Wonderland was one of my faves as a girl, I still love it – Although the Queen of Hearts is scary!

  25. Gray Dawster

    When we lose parts of the publishing aspects, especially when showcasing our love of art it really does dampen the mood but hey, I’m really happy that you’re sticking around and persevering with the tools at hand, even if they aren’t the best, I guess adapting is the only way here 😲

    I must admit, I’m finding WordPress a little strange to navigate once my return but seeing special postings and graffiti art such as yours, it makes the journey worth it.

    Have a fun
    Tuesday Resa.

    Andro x

    1. You have fun, too, Andro!

      Pardon for the late responses, but I’ve been over on my Art Gowns blog, working on a new post there. xoxo

      1. Gray Dawster

        Never worry about late replied, I mean some of mine can be a whole year in the making x

        Keep up the great work, and have fun doing what you love x

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