Holiday Scrapbook

The Easter Party at the Coop was so wonderful, that I have made a scrapbook to remember the festivities.

As always, upon arrival we a were met by part of the Welcoming Committee.

However, Preparations Began Days Before.

“As you can well imagine, the kitchen was a very busy place. But the problem with chocolate bunnies remained.  The Chicklets really tried not to eat them right aways, but they couldn’t seem to help themselves.”

Easter Eggs were dyed, and so were some of the Chicklets, by accident, of course! All staging and rigging was checked and rechecked.

Then the guests began arriving. After a hearty breakfast of Holly’s corn bread and treats, those who live at The Coop, as well as their guests, had a rest period before dinner.

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“The night was filled with a variety show, Story Time (Beth), a coloring contest and a pyjama party, which was be held in the horse barn. As for the adults, there were meetings outlining the next Factory Farm raids and updates form the other Coops.”


Chicklet Mary and Peppercorn

“Each year Mary and Peppercorn reprise their Mary and a Lamb skit.  This year they were back with a new version of the old story.”


Honey, Lester, Lois and Wings recited poems they had written. You can pause the slides, & lower the icon to read them.

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The Sun Is Almost Down, and the Easter Ballet Begins

“The Chicklets, along with Beth, Holly and Melanie, danced the Easter Bunny Ballet. It was a free form ballet, to music by Queen. The women not only danced with the Chicklets, they picked them up and twirled and leaped with them in their arms, for 37 minutes.”

The final act, the spine tingling, EGG DANCE, by MOI!

Every year The Resa’s Egg Committee, makes a different Egg for me. It’s a dance of rebirth and new beginnings.  It takes about forty-five minutes.

The next day, the weather had warmed up, so the Chicklets and their guests had a picnic at the Rubber Duck Pond.

Chicklets & Chicklet art © Georgiann Carlson – Rethinking Life

Dear Gigi, as an extra added thank you filled with love, Holly  will recite the special poem she wrote for the poetry slam a couple of years ago. I’m sure Melanie and Beth second the emotion.

I wrote this poem for you.

I want it to be perfect,

its verses soft as  bunny ears

and chicklets sweet as candy corn

beneath the star lit tents.

Let’s shake our tambourines

to Resa’s famous Egg Dance

and float some feathery  kisses to Gigi

For bringing us all here.

72 thoughts on “Holiday Scrapbook

    1. Agree, the Chiclets are adorable! Hey, Gi drew the hatchlings, too!
      I’ve done the Egg Dance for many, many years. lol….. I usually do it to Stairway to Heaven.
      It was an idea presented when I took free form jazz dance classes. 💃🏽🐣

      1. Timothy Price

        Free form Jazz is a lot of fun. I was in a modern dance class at the university many years ago, and we were doing leaps across the floor. All the girls in the class had done their leaps and I, the only boy in the class, only took two long leaps to cross the floor and crashed into the girls at the other end. There was a lot of screaming, laughing and girls scattering every which way.

          1. Timothy Price

            I’ve done all kinds of dance since I was a teenager. Had I mentioned to you that I almost became a professional ballroom dancer when I was 18?

  1. A beautiful scrapbook and tribute to the Easter Fiesta At Gigi’s. The entire party was sensational from the delightful food to the dancing and poetry slam. The Chickets were adorable as always in their tutus and egg coloring . I held my breath when the Egg Dance was announced. It got very quite and a magical hypnotic spell fell over us all. Gigi was able to bring us back to reality with some cornbread and honey. I felt the intense desire to recite poetry in honor of the party and the awesomely talented guests, Beth’s story had me in a dreamy mood so I began to read the tribute poem to Gi for making us all so happy and the great escape into Chicklet land for the day. 💛😍🐣🐇🌼🌽🍰🍿🐓🐥

    1. It was a resplendent event!
      Yes… the Egg Dance. It’s my signature movement. In the end it’s about the hatching.
      I love the poem you wrote, and think I could do a mini-hatch thing to it.
      It was a sweet holiday! Thank you to Gi & the Chicklets!

        1. Yeah! 🐓❤️🐓❤️🐓❤️

          Pardon for taking so long to reply. OMG… we are now going into a Stay At Home order.
          I had to batten down a few hatches. Need to do a few more.
          What a Ship Show!
          I wore 3 masks and a shield to shop today. The 17 variant is now dominant in Ontario, and the Brazilian menace is in 3 provinces. 19-39 year olds are now in the ICU’s.

          Thank goodness for you, all my pals on WP and my Cats…. and Norm! LOL!

          1. Batten down dear, the 17 variant is the main one here as well. Of course we don’t do lockdown, money comes first here. Esp in the Republican run states.
            It’s heartbreaking, the younger people are getting sick now. 🥲

    1. Well, you could want me to finish drawing the episode where SheyGoth gets rescued.
      Okay, I am working on it!
      I’ve got half the pics drawn.
      So happy you come here and enjoy the posts! xoxoxoxo

    1. I know, right! The Chiclets are uber adorable.
      We had a fun Easter, and I look forward to your Easter!

    1. Lol!
      Yes, treats are a HUGE part of the festivities. We are just fortunate that the Chicklets don’t eat them all before we get there.
      The hens do a good job raising the Chicklets.

  2. Resa and Holly…This is amazing. I love it so very much. Thank you. Resa, I appreciate all the work you did to make this happen. I’m so grateful. Thank you for your Egg Dance, which was a smashing success. Holly, the poem is so beautiful, gentle as the touch of a bird’s wing. How lucky I am to have wonderful friends like you. The chicklets send their love, with many chirps, peeps, and wing flaps. Word press will not let me reblog anything, but I will try and find a way to do it. I haven’t been able to reblog for over a week. No idea why. Thank you again. Both of you. ❤

    1. We love you, G! ❤

      I am so honoured that my Egg Dance was the finale performance in the Variety Show.
      The Chicklets really know how to live things up.
      I can hardly wait to see next year's egg.
      Holly's poem is so sweet and gentle and loving, as are the Chicklets, warming bunnies and animals that are lucky enough to live at the Coop.
      Thank you so much for letting me part of all of your holiday festivities. Holly, Melanie and Beth are all lovelies, and I am so happy to know them!

  3. What a party! The feeling of warmth and welcome came through the WIFE the moment I opened the post. Holly’s invitations to “shake our tambourines to Resa’s famous Egg Dance” has me up and dancing through my living room. I loved the Welcoming Committee and Chicklet Mary and Peppercorn performed the best rendition of Mary and a Lamb. The Easter Bunny Ballet was a magnificent success. Beth, Holly and Melanie – you were amazing. She spine-tingling Egg Dance was a wonderful way to embrace rebirth and new beginnings. Thank you Gigi for the joyful Chicklets and Chicklet art. Resa – you are the best archivist and most brilliant scrapbook maker. Sending many hugs to all for a fabulous party with friends.

    1. I adore that part about shaking tambourines… I’m so honoured to do the Egg Dance at these special events at the Coop.
      It was a big line-up this year. Gigi must have spent 2 moths drawing! (Thank you, Gi!)
      The dancing has kept us all in top health.
      My niece Sherrie taught me about scrap books. She’s the bee’s knees on that one.
      So happy you made it to the party! We have lots of friends, at both our homes.

  4. It was a wonderful party Resa and the chicklet was at the centre, is it you who drawned them ? ‘ excepted when it is you the “chicklet ” going out of the egg!
    Love ❤

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