Jimi & Jimmy

I have only posted one other piece of what looks like street art, but it’s actually advertising something.

Obviously this mural is advertising Jimmy’s Coffee. Jimmy’s Coffee is a local Toronto business that began in 2009. It has several outlets now.

It’s a well done black and white mural, with the coffee cups in bright yellow. I am presenting the mural both as is, and through different filters.

I like the all black and white best.

The portraiture looks fab to me!

Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Page …. 2 fantastic guitar players!

Pics taken by Resa – April 5, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

There are only 3 other indoor murals in my collection. Oddly enough they are portraits of famous people. They decorate a pool hall in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Photo © Sherrie Yager

They are: Bogey & Elvis, Marylin Monroe & James Dean and The Duke & Brando

Photo © Sherrie Yager

They were posted in 2015. Click on the pics to visit the posts!

Photo © Sherrie Yager

82 thoughts on “Jimi & Jimmy

  1. Hi Resa, the Two Jimmys is a fantastic mural, and it reminds me of my old days studying Media Studies. We had to analyse different forms of media and “deconstruct” images to work out the ideology/messaging hidden within images. This happens a lot with advertising and Jimmy’s Coffee using the colours the way they do is clever as the overall image is striking but the added dash of colour on their coffee cups draws your attention to them and subconsciously suggests that greats like Page and Hendrix would drink Jimmy’s! (I studied cigarette advertising images during my course and one particular brand used the colour purple as their corporate brand colour as they hoped it would suggest the product was “royally” approved or upper class). The company used images like a Rhinoceros wearing a straw boater style hat with a purple silk hat band and the Rhino’s horn had ripped the brim of the hat – hoping that people connected the puple silk and the cut hat brim to form the brand name Silk Cut.
    And one final thing…this also reminds me of Michael Winslow, who does amazing impressions of both Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin – if you haven’t already seen them I’d check out his YT videos – it’s unbelievable how a human voice can recreate those guitar sounds! Thanks as always.

    1. Although I have done B&W Art Gowns drawings (pencil) then added 1 colour, it’s always been red. (Lips, nails, odd accents). I have thought of other colours, but yellow is not on my list.
      You are right about what the mural suggests. I worked doing wardrobe in TV commercials for years before getting into film. It was all about “images like a Rhinoceros wearing a straw boater style hat with a purple silk hat band and the Rhino’s horn had ripped the brim of the hat “.
      I’ll check out Michael Winslow!
      Cheers and be well!!!

    1. It is a wonderful work.
      Relaxed and peaceful, that is Jimmy’s Coffee to a T.
      He chooses old places, and fixes them up in a comfy, organic way. Interior brick walls, cozy seating, low lights and great coffee are all that’s needed!

    1. The mural fits the mood, as well a sets it… in a way.
      Way better than Starbucks, which has a corporate mood.
      Each Jimmy’s is different, but they are all in old buildings.

    1. Yeah… stop giving me ideas!!!!!
      Now I’ve added Tartan gowns to my list of shows for the AGM’s.
      I have a map of Tartans, and I would have to make each one as authentic as possible! Love ya! xo

        1. AH! I checked it out! Cool!
          A tartan gown show it shall be.
          To quote Holly….So many drawings, so little time.
          I’ll have to ask Shey what her family Tartan is!
          Thank goodness I have that Tartan map. {hugs}

    1. Lol!
      I can actually see Jimi in Tartan. He loved colour.
      I was thrilled to find this! I can only wander as far as I can walk, yet there’s always 1 more piece of art.

        1. Uch, rain will keep me home a lot of this week! I plan on using the time to finish up with Drac, then the drawing floodgates will open. FIRST, I’m going to go right now and finish that Boogapony! ❤

                1. I’m sure!! I sent 2 mails now. I like the second Boogapony poster better. I think your roadie is very cute. She won the best time for loading & unloading the van, plus fastest equipment set up & strike down!

    1. Impressed?
      Is that like when one is ironing a shirt, and inadvertently presses in a crease? Then the crease won’t go away, unless you rewet it?
      Have a great Sunday, dear TOF!

      1. ‘Impressed’, young Resa, ’tis a genuine compliment. I was taken with the layout and the subject matter. Art works in strange ways. Hendrix and takeaway coffee, a marketing gem…odd, yet still a gem, that is. You have the gift. By the way, only once in my life have I attemped to iron a shirt. I ruined the iron when the buttons melted and got stuck on said iron and my wife called me bad names. Have a splendid day. Regards, TOF

        1. Aww, thank you dear TOF!
          Lol, the whole iron thing …. I used to iron my socks, as well as everything else in my life that was fabric based.
          I ruined an iron for the first time when I ironed a pair of synthetic socks. Melted onto & into the iron. Plugged up the steam holes. Who ever heard of synthetic socks?

          1. ‘Synthetic Socks’ could read like a name. Lord Synthetic Socks OBE or something similar. ‘Tis good to know even professionals can destroy irons. My mother all those years gone by never ironed. She would send me off to school in nylon shirts, even on a summer’s day. I often collapsed in a heap. Regards, TOF

    1. AGM Dale! Invasive is the right word. Even making the pics B&W doesn’t get rid of them.
      Still, the art is FAB!
      So, how do you feel about Tartan Art Gowns for the AGMs? xo

  2. I marvel at how mural artists are able to capture the soul of a society, a longing to be connected by ideas and actions, art and music. These portraits are truly monumental. Your positioning and captures are brilliant, Resa.

    1. First, thank you for the compliment on my captures.
      When I started taking pics of murals and street art, I WAY overshot.
      For one like this, I would have taken 200 shots. I’d try this, that, others and more. Never just 1 shot of an angle, but 3,4, 5 ,6.
      In film (not digital shooting, but real film) you get a great shot. The director says “it’s a print”!
      Then you do 1 for safety. Of course the director calls that, too.
      None of the superfluous shots get developed, as the costs of developing film are astronomical.
      Digital…. shoot away all day! It’s free! However, now the editors and powers that decide what to use are taking days to figure out what to use.
      That’s how it was for me. Then I learned from what I shot.
      Now, I took about 30 shots of this mural. I’ve become the wise director who knows when they have it.
      I take 1 for safety.
      This mural encapsulates what you say about the soul of a society, connected in an arts mode.
      I do have murals that encapsulate other sides….. war, religion and just plain fun with no real depth.
      Love your comments!!!!

  3. Gray Dawster

    Wow, love this so much and I agree, the monochrome version is the best, but even with the splash of yellow on the coffee cup really sets the mood. You’re the best Resa, giving us all these awesome treats, I’ve certainly missed your choices on graffiti artistry, and this one, well it’s an instant favourite 👌🙂

    The artist has captured the likeness so wonderfully and is an absolute treasure in my opinion.

    Hugs Aplenty Resa.

    Andro x

    1. Agree! I was thrilled to fid and shoot this. I’m very happy it is in my collection!
      So happy you got to see it!

      1. Gray Dawster

        (((Hugs Aplenty)))
        Right back at you, it’s always a pleasure calling in on you because your sense of adventure and creative thought spills over into a multifaceted joy. I love your Space.

        Andro x

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