She Stopped to Smell the Roses

Have you ever stopped to smell the roses?

I mean, did you ever see rose bushes, stop and spend some sniff time?

I have. I’ve also stopped to smell: Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Peonies, fruit blossoms and more. I don’t want to mss out.

Pic taken by Resa – May 25, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

117 thoughts on “She Stopped to Smell the Roses

    1. Okay, ‘Oron!
      This is a Canadian garage door.
      She fell onto a garden painted on a garage door, and it turned out to be a Twilight Zone door. She’s going to be smelling the roses for a long time!
      There is NO kebab art in the entire city!

  1. My dear Resa, you and Georgia O’Keeffe understand the essence of art and colour. When I read your first line – “Have you ever stopped to smell the roses?” I heard Georgia’s response in my head: “Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” Thank you for reminding us to take the time, to reflect upon the beauty around us, to appreciate the artists who bring out to where we live. Sending hugs and love!

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment, Rebecca!
      I was thrilled when I found this. It’s so lush, and sent a message.
      What a compliment to be thought of in the same vein with Georgia O’Keeffe! WOW

        1. OBOY!!!
          I found a neat one after this. It was in parking lot for a tavern. It was totally empty, as the tavern was closed due to… you know id! The alleys there are rat infested, and not art rats.
          Anyway, it’s by a tattoo artist. It’s a somewhat demented face, but still beautiful.
          I got dementedly artistic shooting it! I’ll post it next!

      1. I’m going with that!
        When I walk around… it’s like a world full of hunchbacks, on cell phones. 21 year old hunchbacks.
        In 40 years they will be so hunched over, they will be rolling around as human balls on cells, or whatever they have then.
        Not that I’m posturepedic!

  2. I stop at every flower bush to smell on it. Especially at rose bushes. And I even stop at animals of many kinds to talk to them. Some people then look at me as if they think I’m crazy. But I don’t care. Since my childhood days I wish to be like Dr. Dolittle, and to be able to understand all animals languages and talk fluently to them. 😉
    Stay safe, dear Resa!
    By the way – that’s a wonderful mural! Love it! 🙂

    1. We are alike, Martha!
      I’d rather hold a flower, than a cell phone!
      Animal languages? I wonder if they have that on Babble! (where they teach languages)
      It’s a sweet mural. You take care too! xoxox

  3. This is gorgeous, Sorceress. Oh yes. I stop to smell the roses, lilacs, lily of the valley (sound familiar?) and even tulips – some actually give off scent! and honeysuckle and whatever flower comes my way – just to see if they do carry a scent…

    Beautiful. Just like you.

        1. Well, I also have an acute sense of smell.
          If you lived where I do, you’d wear 3 masks. I feel like I need a hazmat suit just to get out of my area. xx
          I want my second shot!

            1. It’s crazy! I’m surrounded by homeless encampments.
              Also, some of the roughest areas, have some of the best art. Not a 100% rule, but I have to travel to better areas where they like street art. Right now, I won’t ride the TTC, so it’s where I can walk! xo

                    1. Ah! I adore living in the core, and I’ve always taken the good with the bad. However, Covid has exposed society’s and humanity’s failings& disregards. The best and/or worst in all of us has been exposed.
                      I keep hearing the Prince at the end of Romeo and Juliette “All are punished.”

                    2. I’m sure you do! Covid has really shown us a lot, hasn’t it? I hardly went into Montreal in the last year. Only a handful, if that many, of times so yeah, I don’t really see the situation.
                      All are punished, indeed.

        1. Almost finished the scribble Art Gowns!
          AGM Holly came out so great, I think I might have to put red in her hair and turn her into RR. Then, I’ll do another AGM Holly.
          RR needs 2 gowns per post anyway.
          Going to do Lala in scribbles. Hope she likes it! As always, will send link when it’s roughed up! xoxoxo

  4. I do stop to smell roses and other flowers–but this woman–wow! She revels in it. Such a sensuous work of art. Thank you for sharing, Resa!

    I like what Clanmother wrote, and I agree. 😀

    1. I’m so pleased that my blog pals are flower sniffers! Yes, good point; she is revelling in it!
      Clanmother’s brain is filled with gems! 😀

    1. AH! — CHOO!!!
      Sorry to hear that! Next time I smell the flowers, I will do double time, and think of you. Then, I’ll make a wish, and send it through!

    1. I know what you mean! The smell has been bred out of roses for looks.
      Same with tomatoes, and many other veggies. Except they’ve traded taste for looks.

  5. I cracked myself up looking at this! Before I read the title the woman looked as if she was making-out with the rose!! Something about art just awakens the humor in me I guess 🤷‍♀️😂
    Besides that I love this picture!!

  6. Beautiful artwork and I’m so sorry you have to live with all the noise outside your window…day and night. Horrible. Blah. It’s like winter here, except for no snow. Hugs.

    1. Thanks, Gi! Yeah, it’s nuts here. At least they aren’t working this weekend. They worked last weekend. It’s quite cold here, too. It’s warming up tomorrow. It’s going up to 90F next weekend.
      Yoyo weather!

  7. Yes, I do and how wonderfully portrayed as she ‘loses’ herself in a sea of beauty. What a find, my sweet friend. Powerful enough -I hope- to erase all that noise!

    1. Thank goodness they are not working this weekend! I was able to focus on the bodice of the new Art Gown.
      Yes…. in a sea of beauty…. so restful looking.
      Seems everyone here w/o allergies, smells the roses! 🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹

  8. I stop often to smell the roses, because life is short. This garage door mural is remarkable. Real beautiful work, sensual, with a pleasant and inviting message to enjoy life and all the beauty that surrounds us. Great photos, too, Resa. Thanks!

    1. Jet!

      Yes, life is short. The older I get, the more it appears true.
      The artist painted a very pleasant image, with a great message.
      So glad you got to see it!

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  10. I don’t know how I missed this post, Resa… but I’m happy to see it today. Yes, it’s so important to stop and enjoy the simple things. LOL, maybe that’s how I missed it — not stopping long enough to smell the roses. Hugs on the wing.

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