She’s Not There

I saw a pic and had a rough idea where this was. Still, she wasn’t here, she wasn’t there! She was elusive. It was my last try. Ankle was giving out at hour 2.75.

Above: Taken from up on a fire escape. Below: Taken from the ground. This face is a wonderfully distorted beauty.

She’s guarding a parking lot for a Covid closed tavern. Around the corner is a lot of garbage and rat infested alley. (& I don’t mean rat art… hmm just noticed rat is an anagram of art)

She inspired me to go crazy, shoot her wildly.

Close-up on the ground.

On an angle, from the fire escape.

Fire escape


Fire escape

Fire escape

What a hectic presentation! Reminds me of my life right now, living through loud heavy construction. Timothy Price & I did a parody about it. Hopefully keeping a sense of humour about it all will help me get through it!


Pics taken by Resa – May 26, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

90 thoughts on “She’s Not There

  1. Timothy Price

    I think she expresses your feelings very well. What a beautiful distorted face as you mentioned. “She’s Not There” by the Zombies would have been a good one to parody also. So many choices. But you did such a fab job with on “All Day And All Night Through”. You definitely made the right choice of song to parody.

    1. Thanks Tim!
      There’s certain songs I feel better than others.
      I like She’s Not There and Time of The Season for Living. Simple, with a strong beat!
      For some reason I sing Under The Boardwalk a lot. Sometimes I turn it into Under the Catwalk.
      Anyway, thanks for taking the time for having some fun with me!

        1. I know you are! xo
          Right now I’m focusing on pen scribbles, and an Art Gown. Got a good chinkle done on the bodice yesterday. Another hour and I’ll be in a position to sew the wildly tricky darts!

    1. Socratis!

      I think the shock and awe you hear is simply in that fact that I’m singing, more or less. 😀
      Kidding aside, there have been days I just want to run away… but where? The city is shut down tight as a drumhead. I can’t even go have a coffee somewhere and spend some time using the wifi.
      Dahling, I will ‘ave courage! xo

  2. Resa, I am glad you completed your quest. She is intoxicating, especially from the various angles. Thanks for sharing your treasure. Keith

    1. This piece was a “must find” for me! Happy you got to see her. The artist is actually a tattoo artist, which I believe accounts for her exotic looks.

      1. Now that is interesting. Your catching her from different angles gives the illusion she is following you with her gaze, which may have been the artist’s intention. Keith

        1. Resa, I was rereading Tim’s comments, so I thought I would post the first verse and chorus of “She’s not there” by The Zombies. Cute story, I was watching one of those British invasion retro shows and The Zombies were on, probably at my age now. While playing this song, my teen daughter asked who they were and I replied with their name. She thought for a second and said “they look like zombies.” Oh, well. Keith

          Well, no one told me about her, the way she lied
          Well, no one told me about her, how many people cried
          But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
          How would I know, why should I care?
          Please don’t bother tryin’ to find her
          She’s not there

          Well, let me tell you ’bout the way she looked
          The way she’d act and the colour of her hair
          Her voice was soft and cool
          Her eyes were clear and bright
          But she’s not there

  3. Such a striking piece of art, Resa, and photographed at all kinds of evocative angles. Greatly enjoyed your commentary, too. And your post’s title also reminded me of the old Zombies song. Last but not least, impressive video by you and Timothy! Inspired by one of the best Kinks songs. We drove up to Toronto back in November 2019 to see family, and one of my clearest memories was all the damn construction we drove through and around. 😦

    1. Dave,
      You are sweet and funny. My commentary… Fire escape / Ground/ Fire escape
      Okay, there’s a tad more. lol
      It is truly a fab song by The Kinks.
      You know, when a street artist finishes a wall art, his art pals often say “You killed that wall – You killed it”. Well, guess I killed that song! 😂
      Yes, the construction in Toronto is never ending. They say there are 2 seasons in Toronto….. Winter & Construction.
      Okay, guess I’ll go now, before I kill this comment! Lol!

  4. Bushwa! Resa, I so feel for you about the noise. Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to having jackhammers right outside the window.
    Spot-on parody from Tim.
    I can see why you were so determined to find this terrific mural. But take it easy on that ankle. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Teagan,
      You were quite right about ankles taking time to heal..heel… heal? 😀
      Anyway, I’m not living in pain at this point, but once the ankle gets tired, like an ankle headache, pain follows swiftly.
      So, I’m going to limit my walks to 2 hours, for now!
      How long did your ankle take to forget it was sprained?
      Tim’s parodies are fab!

  5. I am so glad you found HER, Resa. Her face holds, angst, determination, and the look of an angel of retribution. Underneath it all, the power of compassion. A brilliant artist. Please take care of that ankle!!! Sending hugs!

    1. Rebecca,
      I quite like this piece. I find it fascinating. The artist is actually a tattoo artist.
      Did you see my musing on that RAT is an anagram of ART?
      That would be my blockbuster intellectual notification of the day. lol
      HUGS back at you!

  6. However illusive you caught her!!!!! In multiple ways and all brilliant too!
    I can imagine why the ankle would have an angle problem! 😉
    On the video, you & Tim already know how much I enjoyed it!
    Hugs and love your way, dahling!

    1. Dahling!
      Thank you!
      The artist is actually a tattoo artist.
      I can hardly wait to post my scribble Art Gowns.
      It will be a TY post for Tim for sending me pencils. Currently, the pencils are strapped onto the back of a turtle. He has been pointed in the direction of Toronto.
      Should be here, shortly! LOLOL
      xoxoxoxoxoxo 🐢

  7. I’m glad you were able to find her (before you ankle totally gave out)! The artist is quite talented, and her face is captivating, but she also looks tortured, so I’m not sure how I feel about the mural.

    The parody was a lot of fun. I can’t imagine what you’re going through having to listen to that day and night. I’d definitely be crazy by now!

    Hope your ankle feels better soon!

    1. Understood! She is demented. However my life is demented, so I feel a kinship.
      The worst is the EVAC machine. It’s sucking the sewers while they work on them. It’s a steady humm/buzz…LOUD… non-stop, 8 hours, very little undulation, a white noise from hell. I call it Black Noise!
      Enough of my crazy. The ankle is a slow heal. I’m not in pain, but it tires easily, then pain follows.
      Of course easily means 2 and a bit hours. Yet, when you want to not be here all day, and walking is the only option, 2 hours is not enough.

      Thank you! You are lovely!

      1. I can certainly understand wanting to walk and get away from that noise! Perhaps during your next walk, you’ll also find some places where you can sit outside for a while. You are lovely, too. 😀

    1. Ah, just watched the video. I think I’d have some Kinks in the back trying to sleep through that going on all day and all of the night! Hope they are done soon.

      1. Good news! The finish date is August 2022.
        Fortunately… around September 2021 they will be advancing 1 block east and 1 block west.
        Hopefully, the stay at home/ lockdown orders will be lifted in 2 weeks, so I’ll be able to go out more. Still, sitting indoors at a cafe with a coffee and using the wifi is a bit away… mid July.
        Even the pigeons aren’t coming around!

          1. We are waiting for the big announcement on relaxing restrictions. “They” have a plan. It is dependant of falling cases and increased vaccinations.

    2. Agree! She is demented. I adore her, but I am living a demented life right now, so it’s nice to have a pal. The artist is primarily a tattoo artist. I see the connect.

  8. She is beautiful and captivating and I have to agree with Merril, somewhat tortured looking. I want to see her upright!

    Love your parody (again 😉 )

  9. The artwork is incredibly sad in a bad way, young Resa. Sometimes that form of art is best. Reaction to angles of positioning frightening, yet still an artistic message whatever it may be. its cause…only a know-all would claim readable others interpretations, the honest ones would say otherwise. Remarkable art. I like it. Regards, TOF

    1. TOF, yes! I thought I was sending a message with my demented photography. 🙄
      The artist is actually a tattoo artist. He is amazingly capable, so whatever he did, he did on purpose.
      I stand by (fully clothed) in my adoration of this piece of art! -Resa

  10. I love this surreal beauty Resa. Esp her bottom lip. You have done her justice by taking shots of all of her gorgeous angles. Hats off to this fab artist and to you for bringing here to us! Loving your parody. Lol. Still smiling.

    1. So excited to find her and shoot her!!!
      The fire escape was a bonus.
      The artists is a tattoo artist, and it feels it. Lol..the parody!

  11. Another awesome image and fascinating that the artist picked this orientation. I would have thought her hair would fall towards the ground if she was indeed laid sideways but it hangs parallel to the ground – certainly catches the attention. And I feel for you with the construction projects around you, at least here in the UK building work in built up/residential areas has to stop at a reasonable time!

  12. Thanks for your sacrifices to being us this art, Resa. 😉😂😊. Now I have the Zombies’song on my head. Oh well, could be worse. Hope your weekend’s been good and your week is even better.


    1. Yes… I sacrifice … not much. Nonetheless, I get to see the art.
      Enjoy the Zombies.. they did some cool songs. Have a fab week, Janet! 😊😊😊

    1. She is an abandoned beauty… good description.
      Thank you about my photography. I’ve learned a lot taking pics of street art, and my Art Gowns!

  13. I found the mural beautiful, Resa. At first. Then scarier and scarier! She’s doing a good job keeping that parking lot safe though And the parody cracked me up, though the construction must get on the nerves. I hope the coming week is more relaxing!

    1. I’ve got a mild perma-headache from the construction.
      I don’t find her scary, but then all the rats in the alley were more scary that day.
      The artists is primarily a tattoo artist, so that explains part of the look.
      I’m happy the parody cracked you up! My mission is complete.

  14. Gray Dawster

    You did an amazing job photographing this most beautiful of faces, she is definitely worth all the effort you put in to showcase her here, wow.

    It proves that art, even in Rat Alley doesn’t need to be in a Gallery to be fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing.


    Andro x

    1. Darling Andro!

      Apologies taking so long to reply, but I’ve been over on my Art Gowns blog.I did a collection of my AGMs in ballpoint pen scribbles gowns. LOL! Talk about ef-u in the face of fine art, but I believe it all counts!
      I find some of my fave art in rat Alleys!
      Resa xo

      1. Gray Dawster

        Hey now worries, I’m guilty of late replying myself but I am hoping to get better as I start adding more to my space. I always love viewing your spaces, especially your amazing graffiti finds, and you really do go the extra mile in getting them photographed.

        Happy Friday evening and weekend Resa 🙂

        Andro x

  15. Oh my I could sing my heart out there with all that din to cover it up! I don’t know how you are coping into the night too 😱. The mural looks like Mortia Adams a very talented artist, I hope you have some noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs? Loved getting my e-mail, I’ve been hectic this week because family visited London for the first time since last August and I had to fit in all my practice too.

    1. Charlotte!

      Sorry I didn’t see this sooner.
      I’ve been over at Art Gowns, as you know!
      I had a lot of fun doing the scribbles post, and everyone is thrilled that you are playing Lala!
      Glad to hear you are busy, and you got to see your family.
      I get my second dose in a week, so hopefully I will be seeing family soon.
      Keep up your practicing! You have a million dollar voice!
      Resa xo

    1. LOL!
      Thank you, Charlotte! Tim and I had lots of fun.
      Cripes, the backhoe and jackhammer are back under my window.
      They are ripping up the sidewalk now. There is a huge trench, and I can’t get out the front!!!
      However, seeing you here brings me much happiness!
      I’ll crank up the volume on your album!!!!!

  16. That construction is terrible, I feel so bad for you. But at least you can poke a bit of fun at it! Terrific collaboration from you and Timothy to bring some light into your construction-filled world right now. The woman in the artwork has big eyes because she is adapting to the chaos (if that’s possible)!!

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