❦ The Chicklets’ Poetry Party Scrapbook ❦

Holly & I were honoured to be guests at the Chicklets Poetry Party. We are the first humans to visit the Coop. It was such a wonderful event, I decided to make a Scrapbook.

I found some vignette sleeves for the pictures, and painted a cover. The painting expresses the movement of the Beat Generation into the Hippy generation.

Joyce and her little sister, Sandie, opened the party. They want you to know if you click on the pics of the party, you can read the poems!

Holly, one of the best poets, ever, wrote a stunning piece. She was accompanied by tambourine. Holly is so cool. She can snap her fingers. I’m still learning how!

Kathy wrote and read 2 poems.

Flicka and her mom were rescued from a factory farm. She read 2 amazing poems by Melanie.

Albert and his best pal Ducky wrote and read a poem each. Albert was rescued from a bunny farm.

Tommy read a poem my cat Johnny wrote for Gi’s cat, Em. It’s called Für Emily.

As I am not a poet, I performed “The Egg” to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, which is poetry in motion. I spent 2 weeks practising hatching, pecking, hopping & strutting.


No expense was spared. In the “Making Of” slideshow you’ll see: the multiple committee meeting, a nest being made & lit for my Egg dance, mikes being adjusted for Chicklets & humans, the tent where Holly & I slept, the special Bunny & Duck slippers that Rosy made for Holly & me, and the Welcoming Committee.

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There was an after party, or as we say in film the Wrap Party.

Holly and I send a huge Thank you to Georgiann!

Holly has written this most beautiful poem for the scrapbook. It is especially for Gigi.

All Chiclets Art © Georgiann Carlson

Poem Gigi © Holly, House of Heart

Scrapbook Art © Resa


Violeta’s Guardian

In the narrowest of alleys is a testament of love. This shot is captured using the IPhone Pano setting sideways.

Clandestinos had a baby. The baby has a Guardian, a very scary and handsome one at that.

Nonetheless, the alley is almost impossible to shoot in, with my IPhone. So, I show it in dribs and drabs, beginning with the title above.

First up is this stunning violet coloured flower. Then some sweet flower buds.

The violet below is up so high I was only able to shoot this one pic.

This is the most I could capture in 1 shot, even using the Pano setting.

At the top end of the alley is the Guardian with a golden orange flower beneath.

No matter where I stood, this is the tallest I could capture. Yet, there is more on top of the purple mountains. Then I thought, why not use Pano sideways?

That is what resulted in the opening pic. It was difficult, as I had to use an upward arcing movement, which is a foreign sensation of movement.

Many times I began, then my wrist/fingers reacted oddly. This resulted in a split exposure.  (above and below)

Pics taken by Resa – February 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Watercolors by Eunice Miller

Eunice Miller is blooming as an artist!

Artist: Eunice Miller

After driving big rigs for many years, at 50, Eunice has done a 180. I was always thrilled to hear one of her tales about being on the road.

Artist: Eunice Miller

Now I’m thrilled to see another work of art from her.

Artist: Eunice Miller

Her painting skills have evolved quickly, and her eye is wonderful.

Artist: Eunice Miller
Artist: Eunice Miller
Artist: Eunice Miller

I am extremely smitten with this painting! Wow, Eunice!

Artist: Eunice Miller


Eunice is a very interesting person. You can learn more about her on her blog: Living and Lovin

As well as painting, she takes a mean photo! Check out some of her photos and paintings, or book a private painting class at: Folsom Mill Studio

There is a cool bio on Eunice’s  Shopping Site where you can buy everything from a-z with her art on it! OR: you can purchase a print from SOCIETY 6 by clicking on the S6 Logo!


Blind Artist Seeks Audience for his Fab Art

My friend Vernon went blind 20 years ago. Yet, he still paints! I asked him if he remembers colors, & uses that memory?

Artist Vernon Milette at work on “Primary Squares” – Photo © Sal Buccellato

“Yes”, was his answer. He added “And I always paint in oils”

Artist: Vernon Milette – Photo © Sal Buccellato

The above oil painting titled “White Glads at Night” is my fave. It blows my mind that he painted it, blind, with a knife. Vernon also designs gardens to this day.

Vernon told me, ” I can show you the exact spot in my garden where these Glads grow”

Artist: Vernon Milette – Photo © Sal Buccellato

Above in mixed media, is  “Soup”

Vernon said, “I used several stencils from the Dollar Store for the background. The word SOUP & the A & Z are on raised wood blocks (about 1/8th of an inch). It’s an homage to braille, in that it is tactile.”

Artist: Vernon Milette – Photo © Sal Buccellato

There are lots of colors in the above painting, “Tenements”. I asked Vernon how he knows which tube of paint is what color?

Vernon answered, “I have a bar code reader, that reads out loud to me. On the tubes of paint, the color is listed in the code. I line them up accordingly. Tenements is done in 3 colors, mixed in variations and applied very thickly”.

Artist: Vernon Milette – Photo © Sal Buccellato

“Rhapsody in Blue”

This painting was inspired by a jazz evening w/Molly Johnson at the Soul Pepper Theater . Molly is an amazing singer, & friend of Vernon. He sat in a front row & is still inspired by the love and recognition Molly showed him when she sat at his table.

Vernon noted, “thoughts inspired by Molly were: “cello note”, Molly lead, ultra marine.  All other singers = other blues. The shades progress to a light turquoise for depth. It’s painted using a cardboard template, with a brush. Check out Molly’s Kensington Jazz Fest

Artist: Vernon Milette – Photo © Sal Buccellato


Vernon told me, “this painting is based on a construction site’s nails, screws, black nails, rot & climaxes in rust. All colors represent something  at a construction site.

Vernon at the beach with his seeing eye dog, Jewels. Photo © Sal Buccellato

Visit  Vernon’s Website where you can read his bio, inquire about showing his art at your amazing venue, or simply buy, or commission one of his works of art. A direct email link is available on the site.

Photo © Sal Buccellato

❤️ ❤️ Vernon, I love you! ❤️ ❤️

It’s Showtime Baby Girl, Own It.

I found this on a delivery door in “Graffiti Alley” today.

I was out buying fabric for a new Art Gown, and couldn’t resist a quick peek in the alley.

I found 4 new girls. This alley might be a tourist destination, but it always delivers.

Pics take by Resa – September 25, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: I’m not sure, it could be GRUMP/I checked Instagram, no luck