My Tree

That’s my tree under the centre of the rainbow. It lives on Tim’s place in New Mexico, with others’ trees under the rainbow. 

My tree has inspired me for several years now. Perhaps because Tim & I get a kick out of music parodies, I can’t stop singing “My Tree” to the tune of “My Girl”.

I’ve got sunshine

On a cloudy day

And when it’s cold outside

I’ve got the month of May

I guess you’ll say – What can make me feel this way

My tree

My tree

My tree

Talking bout my tree

My tree

For those of you who don’t know the song, or who would like to hear it again here is – My Tree .. ahem Girl. “My Girl”

I call it Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary. The trees come in especially handy for the “Gowntoons”. Thank you dear Tim, for my tree!

All photos © Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even

133 thoughts on “My Tree

    1. That song has been in my head for daze!
      Hopefully when I do the Biker Gowns post, another song will take its place.
      My tree is looking for a career as a tree model. However, there isn’t a lot of positions available at this time.

        1. True, but there are hardly any tree walks around.
          We will have to settle for the Art Gowns catwalk, and the magic trees in the “Gowntoons”!

          So happy you like the Biker Gown drawing. Holly and I have a cool post planned.

    1. Thanks Robbie!
      You can’t go wrong
      With a tree and a song!

      (Finished reading the book. Now, to reread & watch all the videos as I go along!)

  1. Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary or Paradise, as I call it! I’ve enjoyed seeing YOUR Tree thriving in every scene! …and now I’m expecting to hear the Tim ‘My Tree’ song too! 😉
    Brilliant post, dahling! Aren’t we fortunate for having our Trees in this Tim’s magical garden?!

    1. The song is a natural for My Tree.
      We are most fortunate to have Our Trees in Tim’s magical garden.
      They work out well in the “Gowntoons Adventures”, too!

              1. According to our government, yes, all the problems are causes by lazy people being too lazy to work. True, dat.

                I got some new man slippers recently and they’re super nice. Better than loafers.

    1. Thanks Dave.
      I suppose genius just happens.
      I was thinking what kind of post can I do with My Tree… hmmm… My Tree … My Tree… Then it happened…Talkin’ bout my tree… the music kicked in!
      The images lined up in my mind.
      Of course after daze of singing “My Tree”,I’m hoping it will kick out!

  2. Timothy Price

    You really showed off your showy offy tree. She is beautiful, magical and very imaginative — Like Resa, like Resa’s tree!

    1. Aww, Thank you, Tim!
      I always knew she was special.
      Of course all your trees are special. That is why all of the AGMs have one.
      The Tangle-Heart is outstanding. It might be a dead tree, but that only adds to its poetry.
      It’s perfect for Holly! xo

      1. Timothy Price

        I need to go check on the Tangle Heart Tree. Now that the owls are in the opposite direction, I haven’t been down by Shey’s tree or the Tangle Heart Tree.

        1. Oh! Well, then yes! Do check on them.
          Hopefully all is well there, and some new pics of both are in order. xo
          Still, the owls are worth the detour!

    1. I adore My Tree, and Tim takes fab shots of all the trees and wildlife (including insects 😵‍💫) on his place.
      LOL! That guy poses like a tree!
      The song is a classic.
      I’ll be shooting you an email in the next day or two!

  3. I love that you have put all the images of your tree in one post because she really is spectacular! She photographs beautifully and yes, that song is perfect 🙂
    To have a special tree in Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary is a wonderful thing!

    1. Agree, dear Thunder!
      My tree is glamorous. All of our trees are.
      I’m quite happy that all of the AGMs have a tree.
      Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary is a wonderful place. I feel lucky.
      However, I’ll resist going to the casino. xoxo

      1. Yours and Holly’s really stand out!
        I love my tree, too. It’s the coolest thing to each have one in Tim’s sactuary.
        Smart idea. The house always win when it comes to casinos. xoxo

  4. A singularly special tree made even more so by your outstanding post
    which not only includes year round (seasonal) photos of it but a unique
    song that makes it even more special as a very beautiful tree! hurry Resa!

    1. I’m lucky. to have this tree on Tim’s place.
      It’s a unique Cottonwood tree.
      It picked a special place to grow under the dramatic New Mexico skies.
      The tree, the song, the thank you are all part of a certain feature of nature…. love.
      Big HUGS, Eddie, and happy May!

    1. Thank you, Tiffany, and I agree!
      I knew she was special when I first laid eyes on her. Time has borne this out.
      Tim has captured her beautifully over the years. 😍

      1. I love that you have a tree, and that it gets photoed. We have a gnome tree, but it’s hard to capture because it’s in the woods. 🙂 There’s always treasure buried between the roots.

        1. You live in a wonder place.
          Not that I know what a gnome tree is exactly. I looked it up and saw pics of small conifers with gnome hats. LOL!! xo

    1. Lol.
      I can carry a tune in a basket, but not in a key!
      Yes, Tim captures my tree, beautifully. The skies are crazy wild where he lives in New Mexico.
      Thank you, Bruce!

        1. Okay!
          6 (⭕️❌)
          “Now if 6 turned out to be 9,
          I don’t mind, I don’t mind”

          It’s the quality of the OXen that counts.
          Adore you!

  5. This is absolutely fabulous! I am smiling big at your and Tim’s “ My Tree” creation . No one has a better sense of humor and wit than Tim ( and you of course) . Suddenly I’m inspired:
    🎶I’ve got sunshine on a Cloudy ⛅️ day, I guess you’d say what can make me feel this way… My Meece, talkin bout My Meece “ 🎶.
    A fine and well served tribute to Time and his amazing trees. Cheers 🥂 To you both !

    1. LOL!!! 🎼My Meece!🎼
      Love it dear Meece!
      Cheers all around 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂
      Tim deserves praise for his love of nature & cats.
      We have done well with his beautiful trees!

      Finished the drawing with the mic dropping. I’ll take a pic tomorrow, even though it’ll be dark all day.I can always reshoot it on the sunny day they say we are getting in 4 or 5 days.
      I got caught in hail today. Sigh!

      1. Tims trees are magnificent! So much beautiful nature at his place. So much talent too.
        I can’t wait for the mic drop… it’s been nasty here too , we had some hail. I did get a great video of the Space X Falcon 9 launch at Cape Canaveral yesterday. It’s on IG. xoxoxo

        1. Ahh IG
          I’ve been not allowed back in. I won’t give them my birthday. I could lie. But… I suppose I am annoyed big time by all the data THEY gather on us.
          I might have to reconsider, now that Twitter and WP are divorced.
          I’d love to see the shot!!!! xoxoxo
          If you think of it when we are mailing, throw it in the Meecebox. 🐭📬🐭

            1. Just liked and RT’d on Twitter.
              Okay… going to go draw.
              Will send some pics tomorrow and ideas/info re: the post.
              Frank got back to me. PLUS I’ve got to throw Rebecca’s outfit by you. If ever there was a hard drawing, it’s RB in a Palazzo Pants biker look! 🐭🐭🙃🙃

  6. Omg I’m cracking up! I can’t get that song out of my head now! Lolol. What a fun post and gorgeousssssss pics! I do love your Tree pic. ❤ xx

  7. I have a tree but she is a two hour drive and a two hour hike away from my house. I don’t get to visit her often. She stands alone the only tree above “tree line” at 9,000 feet and her center has been burned hollow…. She is the only tree that high in the surrounding mountains. She is very old and has lots of small children growing in a circle around her base. She has seen so much and still supports bird nests and life in her branches during the warm months… in the winter the winds are strong and the snow probably reaches well into her lopsided canopy 10 feet high. I love her and understand why you feel connected to your “my” tree. One day I will write a book about my tree.

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