More Paint!

When I found this in Graffiti Alley, I had a good chuckle.

I mean how much more paint until the walls from each side touch?

Paint over paint, some neat, some not.

Below, is a beautiful face I posted November 2017. I call her “Blue Eyes”. Check her out! Just another piece to move to R.I.P. I guess the artist with the red and white paint knows their paint is better.

Sometimes the artists paint over all the tags and throw ups with black, then do fresh art on top.

Many of the artists who paint & write here are very talented.

Others are ________(fill in the blank)

Graffiti Alley is a bit of a misnomer. It’s actually a series of alleys and lanes, that go for longer than most can walk. I only shot a few pics of it, so you could get an idea.

Uber 5000 is an artist who frequents the alleys. I’ll be doing an individual post for the mural of the chicks above. His chicks and other animals survive the taggers. 

So does most of Elicsr’s work. Both have become in demand artists for murals, underpasses and private commissions. 

Some of the more amazing writing survives time.

Most of this will all be rewritten, tagged or adorned with fresh throw ups in a week.

Love the RatFink by the trash! He’s going to live on for a bit.

I keep hoping for a major rework of this wall below.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, ALL are allowed a visual voice in Graffiti Alley. Art here comes in the form of tags, throw ups, bits, pieces, writing and all out seriousness.

I discovered Graffiti Alley in 2012. This is one of the first pieces I shot, a stunning face by Jarus, and SKAM writing, together.

She was my first header, ever. This work still survives, as does a few Uber 5000 works. There is at least 1 other that I can think of.

Pics taken by Resa – September 19, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Many of the street artists I’ve come to love are always repped in Graffiti Alley.

The Artists: SKAM


Art Child


BSM (Body Soul Mind)

Uber 5000

DMC was here on the left, almost obliterated now.

There’s more for another time!


73 thoughts on “More Paint!

    1. She is so gorgeous. Are there bigger, better words? She’s lasted 6 years. Amazing!!!
      I adore her, and I check she’s still good every time I’m in the Alley.

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    1. I’m sure the point of the unsavoury taggers is to destroy what they are not capable of. Sure, some of the great street artists tag, but they do not tag over sincere works. They tag lamp posts & mailboxes, etc. sometimes. Some don’t tag at all.
      They do it for street cred, not art destruction.

  2. It’s fascinating to imagine all the artists who’ve left their mark here and continue to do so on and on. They are overflowing with creativity and thus is their canvas and s glorious canvas that morphs over time but remains beautiful. You are a searcher of that creativity and I thank you so much for sharing it 🌺♥️

    1. Graffiti alley is all about what you say. ❤ The walls here in Graffiti Alley welcome, all. Cripes, I could do so a piece there. I would not be stopped, or arrested. I could be painted over in a day…. but "You want to travel with her" 😀 xoxoxo

        1. And just when you mean to tell her
          That you have no love to give her
          Then she gets you on her wavelength
          And she lets the river answer
          That you’ve always been her lover

          So Shiveringly immortal
          I love that you love this! xoxoxo

          1. that’s a crying shame! But I know it does happen to young artists, and to make it worse that had so millions of copies and to me is the most beautiful and brilliant lyrics ever written. sick too! xoxo

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  4. Does it seem pathetic to you, that so many of our most talented contemporary artists are not showcased officially, don’t get the media space they deserve?
    It annoys me that I am constantly blasted by images of kim kardashian’s ass, which has millions of followers.
    And I am annoyed by all media stories about gwyneth paltrow’s blogs which mostly tells women to buy expensive fake stuff to stick up their vaginas to make them more appealing. Gwyneth has millions of followers and is obviously uncomfortable with vaginas.
    I would so much rather see your dress designs, and these street artists brilliance, and other artists, who are not focused on themselves.
    But these folks don’t get the light back they generate.
    And they should.
    Do you think there might be something wrong with our world?
    The good news is, there are artists, like you, who generate genuine light, regardless of what gets reflected back to them. All because of the love of the craft.

    1. Wonderful comment, Cindy!
      First, what is kk doing with such a huge butt? Is it a deformity, or an implant? Not into it!
      Second, why is gp’s vagina so unappealing? There’s nothing like pandering to the insecure women of the world, many of who are made insecure by the industries’ who want to sell the products she’s pushing.
      Third, thank you for loving the arts and crafts we, the under reflected produce!
      Every once in awhile one of the street artists gets a showing in a gallery. I’m trying to find one for the mixed media paintings I’m doing of my Art Gowns.

  5. I guess it is turning a back alley into an art gallery, even if some are trying to cover it with their ‘expressions’, some very nice portraits, extraordinary portraits, it is difficult to do in the comfort of my studio, can’t imagine the effort required working on a building wall.

    1. I call it the Alley Gallery! It is amazing what artists can do. You should try your art on a wall. Maybe it works better for you? You know how your painting start out, like an abstract feel/vision of what you are doing, that on its own would be fab!! Did you get a new cat, yet?

      1. No new cat..yet, not sure maybe an occasion will come or someday I will go to the SPCA and get one…I miss those fluffy paws and prrrr prrrr 🙂 Painting on a wall, maybe I should try my inside apartment wall first…

          1. A few times I had so many painting hanged on my walls, it was almost like a mural…or more like a quilt…:) I was going through many pics taken last few years, some nice murals, if you want to show them, it would be ok with me, I am not posting as often as I would like, so if you want I can put them on a drive and give you access. let me know if you want

  6. Loved the Wild Horses post, Resa; and yes, your style was definitely quite different back then.
    I can only think how wonderful it is that you, Dear Resa, have a catalogue of beautiful art tucked away for prosterity! 🙂

  7. I’m amazed at how creative these street artists are. They’re all fantastic.
    Are these locations near you? When I was living in New York the only
    areas with graffiti/street art were in unsafe areas. I’m never disappointed
    with the ones you showcase. Nicely done …
    Isadora 😎

    1. Yes, this alley is an hour’s walk from me, or an 15 minute streetcar stint.
      Toronto has been using street art & other ideas to make unsafe areas safe.
      Example. Under one of the on ramps to the highway was … a camp town. There had been a bit of a building boom of townhouses and condos recently in the area.
      They had artists paint the underpasses, put in skateboard ramps, basketball courts, toddlers and children’s playground areas … all monitored and with lots of lights for darkness.
      It’s not like a green park, but it is a park in its own right. ❤

    1. Yeah, lots of paint. It’s a very unique alley. I went there for the first time 6 years ago. It was empty. Now, it’s a tourist attraction in Toronto. Sundays see 100’s!

  8. Paradise for graffiti lovers… ⭐️✨ I love it … So much creativity pouring down those walls. The little yellow birdies are awesome, BTW… They seem to enjoy their beers 🐥🐣🍺🍻 ! Much love and happy weekend dear Re 😘✨

    1. It’s the weekend! You have a fab one, too! 🦄💜Last week was a very busy time.
      It is a really a graffiti paradise. 🦋☀️(I don’t have a neat purple star like yours)❦❦
      The chicks are so sweet! I’ve got 2 chick posts to do, when I get some time. Cheers & beers! 🐥🐣🍺🍻

  9. The stunning face by Jarus is indeed stunning, as is it all. The idea of walking and walking taking it all in, that is cool and I suspect at times overwhelming to see so much talent. Loved it all as I always do.;)

    1. I love the network of alleys with graffiti. It’s not overwhelming at all, but it is very exciting. At times I feel peaceful in the alley, like I’m home!
      I suppose that has something to do with the fact I’m there, and in other alleys, walking, a lot! 😀

  10. Hi there in Toronto! 🙂 🙂 Absolutely love your Header. I came late to liking street art, regarding most of it as just scrawl on a wall, but I have seen some magnificent work too. I was in Newcastle on Saturday and spotted a couple new to me. At some point they’ll make the blog (probably on Sami’s Colourful World- Monday Mural)
    Thanks for stopping over at mine, and I’m glad Drake is ok. 🙂

    1. Getting to know the artists’ works better all the time. I cringe at a few of the mistakes I made early on. I’m trying to correct them. It’s a matter of time! xxoo

  11. Oh these …(fill in the blank)! I know how you feel. When I saw that the Birdo’s work was painted over with doodles, I was almost screaming 😦 But a family sponsored the doodles and put their plaque on the wall. People just have no idea how wonderful it was to have a Birdo’s wall in our city.

    1. Doodles is a kind way of putting it. Tags and throw ups by RAT PEOPLE… no wait, … I think I like rats better than the taggers.
      Okay… a family sponsored the “doodles”? They put up a plague … umm, I mean plaque?
      No one would dare put up a plague of bravado, erm, plaque in Toronto. That would be dangerous.
      My head is spinning. Got to lay down. xx

      1. It happens that the doodle man is an artist from the capital, Resa 😦 … But painting over a perfectly good mural of Birdo is something I cannot justify, especially in the city where there is no shortage of old walls. Birdo is a name. We should have been proud to have his wall in this city.

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