30 thoughts on “Elicsr Toronto

    1. I know, hey! I’m constantly impressed with how people cross major intersections, shop for food, visit with friends and tightrope walk without looking up even once!

    1. I think this was not sponsored by the city, although we get quite a few new murals sponsored by StART every year. This appears to be funded by Bell Media, whose parking lot and property it graces. Elicsr has been one of Toronto’s fave street artists for years now. Six years ago, when I began my addiction to street art, he was already very popular.

    1. I think the fact that it’s in an employees only parking lot with 24 hour security guys and cameras galore is why it’s not tagged. 😀 😀 Elicsr is a fab artist.:D xoxoxo

        1. In this case, yes. 🙃 There are quite a few surviving pieces, though. They seemed to have earned a street art cred. 🧐 The street artists try to teach the taggers, but just when it seems all good, a new young batch of defacers enters the scene. 👹xoxoxo

    1. Okay, I had to look up Thomas Hart Benton. Yes, the composition styles are very similar. The way they paint individuals is a bit different. Interesting. It is difficult to to be in any of the arts and be totally unique.

  1. Love it. So much to look into. I like all the sources of light – the cell phone, streetlights, wrist watch, apartment windows, the moon. The vehicles are interesting too – one has speaker systems, another has a turntable I think, and the other is a house. Very cool. Thanks for sharing X

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