Chicks, Beers & Cheers

Aquileana commented how cute the chicks toasting with beers on “More Paint” post are, and she’s right! They are adorable.

I made the mistake of going on a Sunday. The alley was filled with tourists, all taking pictures. 

I had a hard time focusing on my shots, especially waiting for no one to be walking by.

Uber has done a piece promoting St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. It is a wonderful Canadian city on the Atlantic coast.

Uber 5000’s chicks & other animated characters are very popular there & here.

You can see there is an entirely different Uber chicks mural around the corner. That’s still coming, a few posts from now.

Cheers to Aquileana, and all!

Pics taken by Resa-  September 9, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Uber 5000


48 thoughts on “Chicks, Beers & Cheers

  1. Aqi has nailed it, an overload of cuteness. I love when walls are covered in sweet and humorous art. You did so good Resa. I adore this one and OMG, this click with the binoculars, precious!!!❤️😍🌹

  2. On a side note Gigi and I have decided the threes of us should party among the petals of her gorgeous flower over at HIT AND RUN but need tiny ball gowns. Cking out your collection for fairy gowns. 🧚🏿‍♂️🧚🏿‍♂️🧚🏿‍♂️

    1. Cheers! Love Uber’s chicks! They are very popular in Toronto. 😀 True, if Aq had not said something, who knows what the next post would have been? I’ve actually got more than I can count in the kitty! xo

  3. Timothy Price

    I love these. I think we need a chicks and beer mural in Albuquerque since we are the like the brew pub capital of the USA since we have a brew pub to total population ratio of about 1 to 3000.

    1. Oh, the brew pub capital of the USA! I agree, you should have a Chicks, cheers and beer mural! I’m quite amazed at how many craft breweries are around now. It seems to be a local type of business that can survive corporate strengths. 😀

      1. Timothy Price

        I’m amazed that we have so many brew pubs in the Albuquerque area. There were 30 last count I did, and there are only about 800K people or so in Albuquerque. We will soon have three brew pubs/taprooms in addition to two bars in Corrales. There are only around 8500 people in Corrales.

    1. Adorable chicks and you and me raising a cup of cheer! It is a wonderful sentiment. TY for all the great blog fun! 🦄💜(working on a bd card post) xoxo Much love back!!

    1. They are adorable! there’s a big mural around the corner from this with the Chicks, and other of Ubers sweet critters. Will get that up in about 4 posts. I’m doing this 30 story mural (quite unique) next. Then a guest post. xoxoxo 😀

  4. So cute! Chicklets!!! I love this one. Adorable. And Holly’s right. She’s going to be Biker Fairy, you’re going to be Graffiti Fairy and she said I could wear a blue dress. LOLOL We are going to have Fairy cake and all kinds of treats. We need a magical device to shrink us and that might be a problem.

    1. Okay… Listen up Gi & Hol… We’re busting out! Hol will drive the MC w/sidecar. Gi you’re on the back w/blue wings. …. Resa in the side car working on device. … cake in the meantime?

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