So, I found this 30 story tall mural, with Pinocchio-ettes on it.

This is the best head on I could do with my IPhone. It’s taken from across the street.

Another tall shot, different angle. See how tiny the people in the street are?

I’m starting at the top, and working my way down from the Pinocchio-ette angel.

The angel was spotted from the park. I was about 2 blocks away.

It kept getting better, as I closed in.

As I’m posting this I’m thinking; 🎵🎶In A Gadda Da Vida🎵🎶.

Pics taken by Resa – September 19, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

77 thoughts on “Pinocchio-ettes

  1. Timothy Price

    It’s really a fantastic mural. I really like the Cubistesque style using the triangles on the building’s block’s stripy grid from. The world map makes me think of the creation of the world from the primordial cow, Audumla, in Gylfaginning (start on {p. 18} VI. at if you want to read about Audumla and the the world came to be).

    1. Yes, fantastic is a good description. It was quite neat to find it. It is interesting how many people walk by this art monster, and don’t even see it. People would look at me taking the pics, then look at what my subject was. Some did double takes when they saw the mural for the first time. Others couldn’t figure out what I was taking pics of. I think its so big people don’t see it.
      Anyway, I checked out the link you left. I never heard of Gylfaginning, but I have heard the term primordial cow. I read a bit. It seems interesting.
      In all honesty, I didn’t see the world map until you pointed it out. I love it!!!

      1. Timothy Price

        Interesting. You would think that everyone would see it. But then again a lot of people tend to be zoned out. I do a lot of mapping, so I notice maps, and that map has a nice Guernsey primordial cow look to it.

    1. Yes, I’m sure the artists were “high as kites” (lol) I know I was very excited taking pics of it!
      It seems Akismet is over active lately. I found you and 4 other of my faves in the SPAM folder.
      I have set you all free. Please remember to check your SPAM folder regularly, in case someone you like is trapped in it! 🌺🌸

  2. This one sure would ‘wake you up’ if you were feeling a little ‘foggy’, Resa… Hahaaa.. I luv it.
    I do enjoy really bright colours; I do, I do… I’d love to see this mural any day; it is quite amazing!
    And yes; the people look teeny tiny in comparison.. 🙂

    1. It was a real treat just to take the pics! I adore it. Okay, I’ve set you and 3 others free from my SPAM folder. Akismet has been over active! 😀 A SPAM folder reflection could be interesting?
      Just a crazy thought off the top of my head. xoxoxox

    1. Yeah, AGREE! It seems Akismet is over reacting lately. I found you and 4 others in my SPAM folder.
      I have set you al free, lol. We should all remember to check our SPAM folders regularly. It’s WP housework. 😀 😀

      1. How DARE Akismet do such a thing… 😉 It’s happened to me more than once, and occasionally was my fault as I hit the trash button by accident… But yes. Ironically, not five minutes ago, I checked and emptied my SPAM folder…

    1. It’s crazy, I know, but I think they did it like window washers, on those scary platforms.
      Did you see the map of the world in that white bizarre face in the centre, the one with a Pinnoccio-ette on each side. Honestly, I didn’t until Timothy pointed it out! 😜🙃❤️

                    1. He was right. Like many poets and artists were and are, their words cling to our intellects, like honey in the throat of one of your exceptional poems. “Much Ado About Nothing” It’s amazing what he and Dickens penned. The greats are great because they are. Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez and more in contemporary life. I relish the messages they provide, and the words, special words, exalted and penetrating.

  3. Wow, stunning, Resa. An eye catcher in the sky. Really a master piece if you look at the height, but also that there are no flaws for the bricks are equally covered with paint. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

    1. Hugs back, dear Belén! ❤ Our duck family flew over it together for a special outing with Lluvia! They flew along the lake, then flew briefly inland and circled over the mural and then back to the lake. It was the biggest family outing to date!!!! ❤

      1. I am so proud of our little L luvia, the first flights are very important, it is necessary to lose the fear of heights to feel completely free … I think she will be a girl with high flights !!
        This deserves a very high note in the school of life, herr parents should be so happy … sometimes, it is difficult to be parents without experience, I think your advices has been the best help 😉 😉
        Kisses and big hugs for everyone !!!

  4. Blimey, that is one heck of a big mural. Nice and bright though, we need more colours on our boring, blank walls. The large coloured face reminds me of a harlequin.

    1. I know what you mean about the harlequin face! Someone pointed out that it is a world map… it’s a globe, and the mouth is in Africa. I love that I live in a painted city! It does break the drab monotony of cement!

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  6. Carolee Croft

    Pinochio-ettes sound like a wonderful new fairy tale character! Well done on photographing and naming them. I love this one! xoxoxo

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