Red Owl Beauty

Part 1 of the Maneli Imports mural.

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

  Find it on Dovercourt on the side of the building.

Imp #1

It’s a masterpiece!

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

And it’s massive!

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Double owl reflection.

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Next post I’ll start on the Blue Frog & work to the center.

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino


Imp #27

Pics taken by Resa, March 6, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Chapeau to the Artists: Shalack & Smoky – aka Clandestinos

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino



43 thoughts on “Red Owl Beauty

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      1. I’m so sorry, Resa, I thought ‘duco’ was known internationally. On investigation I’ve learned it is an Aussie term meaning the lacquer, or ‘car paint’. Hahaa, reminds me of the word ‘chook’! 😀

    1. Not shocked!! Bet you come up with something neat! I have a wall in my home I have been threatening to paint. I’m thinking it will happen when my next assignment is completed. After that is a success (I hope) I will do a door at the outside of my property.

    1. Oh, Charlie, thank you for the photography – presentation compliment! 😀
      It is an almost overwhelming stunner when you actually stand in front of it and look.
      Interesting how many people walk by without noticing it.

        1. I’m shocked. L.A.seems so creative arc ahead, esp. in music. I have photo’d so much street art, I’m about 400 posts behind. Then I find new fresh pieces. Which reminds me…. I saw the most inspiring Hands… mural. Must get back to the east end.

          1. L.A. is creative alright in the sense that L.A. “artist”, create the same generic art I see imitating other artist. I’m picky when it comes to art. I prefer the real deal in art. For example H.R. Giger/ Salvador Dali/ etc…Now that’s art in the face. 🙂

    1. Accessibility is the main thing. There are many people who may never go to a gallery, or never be exposed to original art. Now, its all around them. Same for the artists. Many have been discovered due to their work in the streets.
      I can also say, if an artist doesn’t have to sell the art, they have free range of imagination.

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