Rose & Red Stag

In the beautiful, inspiring and fun Ossington alley running North from Queen West, every garage door, space in between and back of the building is painted.

R&Stag #1

I start with the IPhone panorama shot, rose centered, to minimize the effect of a giant red tag on the gorgeous rose.The Stag garage is on the rose’s left as you look at your screen.

R&Stag #2

 This shot looks South to Queen W. Behind me, the miles of painted alleys run all the way to Bloor Street.

R&Stag #3

Yes, there are a lot of tags. In the summer, many artists will return to touch up their tagged pieces.

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I searched what to call a male deer. It said “Buck” for North America, and “Stag” for Europe, especially when referring to the Red Deer.

R&Stag #10

Amy Pinkrose popped into my mind when I saw the rose. Her flowers are beauties that spring from the dark earth. This rose is a flower that has sprung forth from the dark grey of dirt and garbage in a very urban alley.

R&Stag #4

Pic taken by Resa, on May 9, 2014

Toronto, Canada

12 thoughts on “Rose & Red Stag

    1. The artists and art fans put up with a lot of tagging. While I have seen tagging whose message is of social import, much seems to be restless youthful scribbling. In their own way, by caring, the artists impart a strong message to what may well be the next generation of artists.

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