Debris Darling

She’s a pretty face.

I can’t believe I hadn’t found this before, on one of my many trips to Kensington Market.

It’s obviously several years old, and I’ve been down the alley a few times.

Ah, but I hadn’t turned the corner in the alley, before.

Why? I figure all those black plastic rat traps put me off. However, now with Toronto’s new mushroomed rat problem, I have gotten used to seeing them run by, in the daytime.

I’m glad I found her. She’s a darling, and there is something satisfying about finding treasure in the trash.

Pics taken by Resa – August 2, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

As I exited the alley, I noticed the shop on the corner had 2 mandala wall hangings for sale. I immediately thought of Graham Stephan – Mandala Vihara

Redemption Wall Fairy

It wasn’t always this glamorous out here in the alley.

“Destination Mammal Cabana” was a quirky mural. I adored it & walked by it almost every day. Click on the pic to visit the post I did 4 years ago. It’s now in RIP

Artists: Birdo, Spudbomb and SKE 1

Then, recently one morning, I walked through the alley and saw:

It was hideous.

Graffiti Art had been obliterated by graffiti throw-ups and tags.

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Using Fairy Power, I got word of the devastation out to the street artists.

Soon after, on Easter Morning, I saw this:

It was like a dream come true!

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So, I  put on a clear plastic garment bag and a gorgeous 10 year old Vera Wang wedding gown. I hightailed it back down to the alley,

… whereupon Tensoe painted me,

… while I took in all the new art.

It had been decided by the artists that they would do predominately Graf Writing, as a means to keep the destroyers away.

Blow me up!

⭐ Sherrie, there’s a rat in this slideshow for you! At least I think it’s a rat. Lol, last rat turned out to be a squirrel.

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After I was finished, I was named Tenesa, and had my picture taken with all the Graf Writing and pieces.

♫ ♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty ♫ ♫

Best time I’ve had since New Years!

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Not sure how this happened? There was only 1 pic like this.

Oh no, it’s time to go! Sniff!

Pics Taken by Resa, November, 2012 & April, 2017

Toronto, Canada

I would like to take a ⭐ fairy moment ⭐ here to thank Brenda Davis Harsham. Her blog,  Friendly Fairytales  is absolutely wonderful. It’s as though Brenda got lost in the woods, as a child, then was found and raised by fairies.

Brenda was one of the first two who said they would contribute to Kids’ Month. She wrote 3 poems. Thank you, Brenda! 

I’d like to add that Brenda’s fairy knowledge of all lands magic gave me the idea for the title, and a centered concept for this post. In my heart I feel she is the “Redemption Wall Fairy”.

The Gown Artist:

Thank you, Tensoe! You are forever etched into my heart!

Toucan Found Living on Fence Jungle

 This pretty toucan is found on a side street near Bloor & Dufferin.

2cann #1

Oddly enough, although it’s totally different from my post found in a kids’ park, I did find them on the same day.

2cann #2

This one has a very colorful beak.

2cann #6

I thought it was appropriate for “Kids” Month”

2cann #3

Pics taken by Resa, December 5, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Although not signed, I suspect Nick Sweetman is the artist.

2cann #5


Invasion of the Giant Termites

Between you & me, I’m terrified! 

Camants #1

See what I mean! They’re giant termites. Or, are they ants?

Camants #8

Just checking! After all, I thought a snake was a lizard & storks were seagulls.

Camants #2

Whatever they are, they are all over my home!

Camants #4

Nowhere is safe!

Camants #5

See what I mean!

Camants #6


Camants #9

No artist signature.

Camants #10

Pics taken by Resa, January 31, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The Cameron House is a long lived, & long loved Toronto bar & home to all artists.

Camants #3

Anser at the Market

On a storage container between the Sorauren Market & ice rink,

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

there’s this fab Anser Graf.

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

The sun was very low on my right. This is one end of the container.

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

The sun is behind the container here, & it was only -3C, approx 28F

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

This artist is turning an art exercise into his brand.

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

At the 2nd end, the shadows from the rods to open & close the container create bar shadows. It looks like this face is in jail.

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

The final side has a frost fence running alongside, about 1 meter separates the container & fence. It creates a veil-like shadow.

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

On the other side of the fence.

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

Pics taken by Resa, January 25, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser
Artist: Anser

Sherrie & Resa’s Pieces

Sherrie captured this fierce Pharaoh in Halifax.

Photo © Sherrie Yager

I captured this terrifying tiger in Toronto.

Shr #1

You will notice they both have stripes!

Photo © Sherrie Yager

You will notice they both head up a graf writing bit!

Shr #3

 We sure make a great team!

 Sherrie Yager pics taken –  August 27, 2015 – Halifax

Resa pics taken – December 6, 2015 – Toronto

⭐ THANK YOU SHERRIE (my favorite)! ⭐

Shr #2

Tiger Artist: